Roasted garlic – oriental cuisine, as histo use correctly? What are the benefits and harms of roasted garlic?

Пн, 26 мар 2018 Автор: Анна Лунина

Garlic is a very popular seasoning: marinades, pickles, sauces,
canned vegetable salads or summer fresh vegetables,
holiday snacks, chops and bacon with garlic – you can list
infinitely long! But there was always a clear distinction:
raw garlic is a definite benefit, and the past heat treatment is
it’s just fragrant and tasty, without any benefit. Is it so
really? Why ancient Oriental and Asian cultures are so eager
used in cooking roasted garlic, is it good or harmful?

The first mention of garlic can be found in the Bible when the Jews
complain about the lack of this product while traveling with
Moses. The mention of garlic and its amazing properties
found in ancient Egyptian scrolls. The ancient romans also
did not ignore this “fragrant” seasoning.

Since ancient times, not only the vegetable itself is known, but also its
wonderful useful and healing properties. But now, spending
deep research and analysis of the beneficial qualities of garlic in fresh
the form and various culinary performances, scientists do not cease
marvel at the new discoveries.


Chemical value

The main distinguishing feature is a sharp, peculiar smell, and
also pronounced antibiotic property of garlic due to
the presence of allicin essential oil.

Interestingly, allicin in the clove of garlic is missing, and
it is formed from a special enzyme alliinase and alliinovoy
amino acids present in vegetable cells but separated
membrane. At the time of the garlic clove destruction, these substances
interact, and allicin is synthesized.

In the Israeli Institute. Weizmann were held
extensive research on the properties of allicin, which, in fact,
garlic and owes its good qualities. It turned out that garlic
capable of much in the human body:

– dilutes the blood, normalizing its lipid composition, cleanses the blood vessels
from harmful cholesterol, thereby preventing atherosclerosis and

– helps to lower blood pressure;

– prevents the formation of blood clots, dissolves
atherosclerotic plaques;

– boosts immunity;

– cleans the body, removes toxins;

– serves as a natural antibiotic;

– destroys cancer cells, metastases, promotes
liver detoxification after chemotherapy.

In addition, there are phytoncides in garlic – substances that
capable of killing germs and bacteria, both in the body and in

Most importantly, the heat-treated roast (or
baked) garlic remains very beneficial to the body, losing a sharp
smell and some properties.

What is the use of roasted and baked garlic

Many cuisines of the world have known about the benefits of roasted garlic
use this amazing product not only as a seasoning,
but also as independent snacks. Under the influence of high
temperatures are breaking down some amount of essential oils, and garlic
loses its bactericidal properties.

But the rest of the unique qualities in fried garlic is quite
enough to benefit the body. Fried
garlic does not have a pungent odor, leaves no unpleasant
long) aftertaste in the mouth, does not irritate the mucous membranes
stomach and the entire gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it can
use even with gastritis and hemorrhoids.

Fried чеснок более калорийный, чем печеный, но особые
the enzymes contained in it promote the breakdown of fats. how
nutritionists say, roasted garlic will not harm the figure. Highly
useful wonderful vegetable stew, along with other vegetable

Fried чеснок чистит кишечник от шлаков и выводит свободные
radicals, thereby putting in order the immune system.

how сильный антиоксидант, жареный чеснок не теряет способности
resist acidification of the body at the cellular level

Interestingly, garlic is one of the 5 products that
the cooking process not only does not lose, but also increases the useful

Recent studies have proven that there are a number of useful
properties possessed by roasted garlic. Vegetable after
The processing becomes softer and more palatable. Magical 6
slices of garlic, baked in the oven or roasted in vegetable
oil, have a beneficial effect on the body in continuation of 24
hours after use:

– within 1 hour, digestion of garlic in the stomach occurs,
like ordinary food;

– for 2 – 4 hours the active substances come to grips with
free radicals and cancer cells;

– from the 4th to the 6th hour, the metabolic processes are activated, it increases
metabolism, burn fat and remove excess fluid;

– 6 – 7th clock – garlic kills germs and bacteria;

– 8th – 10th hour – useful substances already at the cellular level
start work against the acidification of the body;

– starting from the 10th hour until the end of the day, there is a deep “cleaning”

And even after a day, biologically active components continue
work until fully absorbed at the cellular level.
Regular consumption of roasted garlic will clean and heal
intestinal microflora, will help to get rid of excess weight, will help
liver remove toxins, toxic and carcinogenic substances.

how правильно готовить и употреблять чеснок

For the general improvement of the body, cleansing the intestines, reducing
blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase
immunity, and just for a vigorous, healthy state of health
It is recommended to eat 6 slices of roasted or baked garlic 1
once in 3 days.

And if, among other things, it is necessary to intensify the exchange
substances in the body for the purpose of safe and stable weight loss,
The same 6 slices should be eaten once in 2 days (i.e. every other day).

It is necessary to use such means in the morning, before a breakfast. Soft
garlic cloves have a slightly sweet taste, they are easy to spread
on a slice of black bread.

After a couple of weeks, noticeable changes occur in the body:
increases efficiency, felt a surge of vitality,
the intestine is cleared of toxins. To detox
held more effectively, during this period must be respected
drinking mode – at least 2 liters of water per day.

Prepare the garlic as follows: the middle head (usually it
consists of 6 large cloves) without cleaning, washed under running
water, dried, cut off the top to bare slices. Then
they are lightly sprayed with corn oil and baked in the oven until
Readiness (the softness of garlic check with a toothpick). For
roasting slices are cleaned and pasted in corn oil until

For кого вреден жареный чеснок

how любое сильнодействующее средство, чеснок имеет и
contraindications. It is known that it contains
sulfanyl-hydroxyl ion, which is a toxic substance and
may affect clarity of thinking, causing drowsiness,
lethargy Vegetable irritates mucous membranes and therefore
harmful for gastritis, colitis, hemorrhoids. Although most likely it
refers to raw garlic, and roasted garlic does not harm the body
renders, since it acts much softer.

The application of this wonderful product will help to rejuvenate and
get rid of a number of problems without pharmaceutical drugs.

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