Red New Year’s manicure – more than 50 ideas witha photo


  • Advantages of New Year’s manicure in red tones
  • Red french
  • Red with gold
  • Santa Claus or Santa Claus
  • With sparkles and rhinestones
  • With Christmas trees
  • Sand Design
  • Performance technique
  • Tips from experts

Already on the verge of great and long-awaited New Year holidays,
that promise us a good time with friends,
family and loved ones. And, of course, corporate holidays are just around the corner!
The time has come to decide on your image for the holidays and pick up
suitable New Year’s manicure, which will be combined with your

Modern trends in the world of manicure provide such a flight.
fantasy that you can easily find the perfect option for you.
Moreover, you can design your own using
good varnish, and contact a professional salon to the master.
Let’s talk about what is in fashion now and how to choose an option
Manicure for the New Year holidays.

New Year’s manicure in red

Shades of red are always associated with holidays
especially New Year’s. Red manicure not only looks fresh and
feminine, but also attracts attention, complements make-up and outfit.

A very beautiful contrast creates the use of a red base and
White patterns: dots, stripes, lace and so on. Can add
manicure originality, making a flat or volumetric knitted

Not just beautiful, but a red manicure with gold looks gorgeous,
decorated with rhinestones and sparkles.

The simplest and most popular variant of red
Manicure – the use of sliders, that is, special stickers.
You can also use shiny elements for decoration: rhinestones,
foil, silver or gold sand.

Red french manicure

One of the most common ways to decorate nails
is french. Although it is rather classic
manicure, for the holidays it can be made more daring by decorating
Christmas patterns or drawings. To create a decor well
Colored faces, acrylic paints, sand and glitter are suitable.

Depending on your desire, you can decorate only one nail
or all. Now popular is not only classic, but also oblique
service jacket, with the creation of which there is a lot of space for

Gold patterns

Three to five shining gold stripes perfectly decorate one nail on
hand, and on all the nails would be more appropriate to look at one such
lane. Moreover, in the New Year holidays you can safely alternate
golden and silvery shades.

A luxury option for a holiday is black and red.
gradient decorated with gold painting in combination with rhinestones and

Santa Claus or Santa Claus

Festive New Year’s manicure completely allows the image on
the nails of Santa Claus and other popular thematic characters.
You can safely give vent to fantasy.

Brilliant powder and rhinestones

Shiny decorative elements are very relevant and relevant when
creating a new year’s manicure. The most popular – shiny powder,
imitating frost shining in the sun, as well as classic

Christmas trees

Christmas trees красного и зеленого цвета – один из модных трендов
New Year’s manicure 2018. However, as in any other year,
the main symbol of the coming celebration will look great on
your nails.

Sand design

Sand Design – очень актуальный вариант декора ногтей. WITH
With the help of this wonderful material you can create not only
simple coverings, but also unique patterns – lace, ornaments,
snowflakes and more. You can combine lunar design and
classic french manicure using white and wine

Manicure Technique

If you can not register for a manicure to the nail master
service, do not worry. You can perform this task and
on their own, at home.

Want to achieve a sustainable and beautiful manicure? Run it
using gel polish. Such a manicure technique is impossible without:

  • manicure set (either for classic or for
    hardware manicure);
  • clear basecoat;
  • varnishes required shades;
  • good fixer;
  • accessories (if necessary);
  • special ultraviolet lamp.

All this will have to spend a lot of money, but
materials enough for a long time. If now you can not
afford such a purchase, while you can do without the usual
nail polishes. Another compromise option – varnishes with
marked “Gel” – they are more expensive than usual, but freeze without a lamp and
hold on the nails for a long time.

Fixers and basecoats should be used in combination with
ordinary classic varnish. It will strengthen the coating, improve
color rendition and protect nails.

WITHоветы от мастеров маникюра

On the untidy nails do not create a beautiful manicure. Outside
Depending on the design option you choose, nails should be
clean, neat and properly treated.

Apply a shiny varnish and glitter must necessarily on the base
coating, since such varnishes have abrasive particles and can
harm the nail plate.

WITHпециалисты рекомендуют use nail polish remover
funds without acetone in the composition. They cause less damage to the nails and
skin around them, and coping with their task – no worse. BUT
removal of gel polish is better to entrust a professional master, since
special equipment is used for this.

If for some reason you cannot get to the salon,
the coating can be removed independently, although it will take more
of time. Saturate the sponge or cotton pad with a remover.
varnish, attach it to the nail and wrap a finger with foil. WITHпустя 10-15
minutes gel polish softens and it can be carefully removed
orange stick or a special metal spatula.

To look perfect in the New Year holidays, do not forget about
the aesthetic beauty of your hands. Even according to the great Coco Chanel
hands are the calling card of a woman. You do not spend on
good manicure a lot of time, but it will allow you to look great
and feel confident about yourself.

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