Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно на скорую руку.Cakes, muffins, cakes, cookies and other quick, tasty recipesfor tea

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Нужно что-то быстро приготовить for tea? Easily!
Here are the most interesting baking recipes and desserts that
do not take much time, but it turns out very tasty and

Быстрые рецепты for tea — общие принципы приготовления

There is a huge number of assorted desserts that
cook without baking. These are mainly cakes, biscuit cakes,
curd mass, fruit. The taste of such dishes will directly depend
from the ingredients used and their quality, it is easy to guess.
Assorted desserts are usually cooked in 10-20 minutes, but sometimes
it takes a little more time to get soaked.

Quick baked recipes take a little longer, usually
30-60 minutes, but it all depends on the selected dish. There are options
cupcakes that can be baked in 5 minutes, and in 30 minutes to make
puff pastry cakes in a hurry. Unlike national teams
desserts, baking taste in advance is difficult to guess, as they are used
raw ingredients: flour, eggs, butter. Very important to stick with
prescription proportions.

Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно готовим пирог

Очень удачный рецепт for tea, чтобы быстро и вкусно приготовить
the pie will need a puff pastry packaging of about 500 grams. For the whole
The process will take a little more than half an hour.


• dough packaging;

• 300 grams of jam;

• 1 apple;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon (can not be used);

• egg.

Cooking method

1. • Put the dough on the table, roll out quickly and cut around the edges
stripes, you need 2 pieces on each side. Simultaneously turn on
the oven, let it warm to 220 degrees.

2. • Place a piece of dough on a baking sheet, brush with jam,
Sprinkle with cinnamon.

3. • Apple quickly peeled, cut into very thin slices and
scatter on top of jam.

4. • Lay the net out of previously cut strips. Can
set diagonally. Edge to stick to the bottom piece of dough.

5. • Brush the strips with a beaten egg.

6. • Bake the cake until tender. Since the temperature is high,
The process takes only 15-20 minutes.

Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно готовим печенье

If there is no oil, then it is possible to cook such cookies on vegetable
margarine. The taste will not differ much. Honey – compulsory
ingredient, it will make baking soft, fragrant, it will cook
very fast.


• 2 eggs;

• 100 g of oil;

• 3.5 Art. flour;

• 180 g of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. soda;

• spoon of honey.

Cooking method

1. • Smash two large eggs into a bowl. Add honey and sugar
sand. If the eggs are small, then we take three things. If honey
candied, then quickly melt, enough to warm up
a few seconds in the microwave.

2. • Immediately throw soda and rub with a spoon until smooth. Put out
soda is not necessary, honey will do it perfectly.

3. • Lay the softened butter or margarine, send three
cups of flour and knead the dough.

4. • We lay on the table, sprinkle with flour on top, quickly
roll out the piece to a thickness of 0.5 cm.

5. • Cut out cookies with a glass or special cuts. Can
save time and just cut into squares using
ordinary or roller knife.

6. • Transfer to a laid baking tray, bake at 200 degrees.
Preparing honey cookies very quickly, the process will not take more
8-10 minutes.

Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно готовим пирожное «Картошка»

This is probably one of the easiest cake recipes, which
can only come up with. Идеальный рецепт for tea, получается быстро и
tasty, everyone likes, you can put any stuffing inside: nuts,
marshmallows, candy.


• 300 grams of cookies;

• 200 grams of condensed milk;

• 150 grams of oil;

• 3-4 tablespoons of nuts (optional);

• 2-3 spoons of cocoa.

Cooking method

1. • If cooking a cake with a food processor,
the process will take no more than five minutes. Grind cookies. Can
add nuts. If the combine is not, then just mnemy hands or
roll several times with an ordinary rolling pin. Pour in
a bowl.

2. • Add softened butter and cocoa powder. Carefully

3. • The most crucial moment is the addition of condensed milk. Not necessary
lay out all the milk at once, as the mass may turn out to be thinner,
what is needed. Pour half, stir and add more. Must
make a kind of dough.

4. • Blind potato cakes. Inside you can put some
sweet surprise, for example, candy.

5. • For 5-7 minutes, put in the freezer. Oil podstnet, cake
will not get my hands dirty. As an option – roll potatoes in crushed
cookies, in breadcrumbs or nuts.

Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно готовим кекс

Подобных рецептов for tea много, быстро и вкусно можно приготовить
wonderful cupcakes. But they are tasty only fresh, therefore
do not need much. Here is a simple variant with cocoa powder, for
baking need a microwave.


• 3 spoons of milk and butter;

• 4 spoons of flour and sugar;

• cocoa spoon;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• egg.

Cooking method

1. • Shake the egg with sugar and milk, pour in vegetable

2. • Flour with the remaining ingredients is desirable to mix separately,
then connect with the total mass. At will we throw a little washed
raisins, nuts, chopped marmalade or small candied fruits.

3. • Mix the kneaded dough into a silicone mold or into several
forms for cupcakes. Often cooked in mugs, but not always muffins of them
taken out. Can просто смазать миску или тарелку подходящего

4. • Put in the microwave. At maximum power
bake five minutes.

5. • After the signal, leave the cupcake for a few minutes, then
gently take out. Decorate with powder or smear jam, you can
cover with icing or just sour cream with sugar.

Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно готовим шарлотку

Charlotte is a very simple cake that has a lot of advantages:
prepares quickly, it turns out tasty, few ingredients, you can
make your own changes.


• four eggs;

• a glass of sugar;

• стакан с горкой flour;

• 400 g apples or other fruits;

• 0.5 bag ripper.

Cooking method

1. • Turn on the oven for 180, let the stove warm up.

2. • Send the eggs to the bowl, fill the sand with the recipe. Beat up
a few minutes, the mass should brighten, “grow” in volume.
It usually takes 6-7 minutes at maximum power.

3. • Add flour with ripper, stir.

4. • Slice apples or other fruits. Can
use berries. They simply wash, dry. Pour in the dough,

5. • Pour out all in the form. If it is not silicone, then a better bottom
lay a piece of parchment.

6. • Bake until tender. Thin charlotte is preparing for 15
minutes If the shape in diameter is less than 22 cm, then time may be a little.
to drag on

Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно готовим творожный торт

Variant of delicious cottage cheese cake. Instead, the cakes will be
used cookies like “Anniversary”. It is advisable to choose
square or rectangular, then there will be no gaps.


• 24 cookies;

• 400 g of cottage cheese;

• 150 g sour cream;

• 4 bananas;

• 60 g of sugar;

• 50 g chocolate;

• 200 ml of milk.

Cooking method

1.•Beat up творог со сметаной, добавить сахарный sand. Can для
improve flavor poured vanilla sugar.

2. • Cut bananas into thin circles.

3.•Молоко просто налить в a bowl.

4. • Soak biscuits in milk, shift to the dish. Keep long
it is not necessary that it is not too early. Dampen one more
biscuit, repeat. Lay out the first layer of eight pieces.

5. • Cover with a layer of curd cream.

6. • Lay out a layer of sliced ​​banana.

7. • Put the moistened biscuits, cottage cheese and bananas again. To finish
Biscuits with curd cream, do not stack bananas on top.

8. • Cover the cake with grated chocolate, let it soak for
пятнадцати minutes

Recipes for tea: быстро и вкусно готовим медовый пирог

You can not replace honey with other ingredients, it is mandatory
component. It affects not only the taste, but also the quality of the dough.
The cake is very soft, springy, it smells great, but
it is easy and quick to prepare.


• two eggs;

• 150 грамм flour;

• 0.5 cup of nuts;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 80 grams of honey;

• 1 tsp. soda;

• 100 grams of kefir.

Cooking method

1. • You can not melt the honey;
mixer. Beat eggs and granulated sugar until frothy, lay honey and soda.
Beat up повторно. It is advisable to use a large bowl, because
the reaction will go.

2. • Add kefir. Теперь не взбивать, а просто stir

3. • Add flour. It is better to sift it, you can immediately into the general
mass of

4. • Fill in chopped, but not ground nuts.

5. • Stir the dough, put in a small mold about 20-22

6. • Put on baking. Oven honey hazelnut pie
Prepares 35 minutes at 180 degrees. Can выпекать в мультиварке,
it will take a full cycle of the corresponding program.

Быстрые рецепты for tea — полезные советы и хитрости

• Many recipes require softened, but not melted
butter. Just keep it warm for a long time. Output –
use the microwave but program only
defrosting products.

• To gently rub chocolate and do not smudge everything around,
tile need to hold a little in the freezer. Finished chips also
It is undesirable to keep warm.

• Sponge cakes are beautifully stored frozen. Can испечь
a few things, cool, wrap cling film and remove to
necessary times. On hand there will always be a homemade cake base or
пирожных for tea.

• If nuts are added to the dough, they can be pre
fry, the baking flavor will be more pronounced. If
nuts are needed for sprinkling cake or cookies, then pre them
you do not need to fry, otherwise during the main baking they just
will burn

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