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It has long been believed that the most healthy and healthy bread is
it is rye. Sometimes under rye bread understand some varieties
black bread: Borodino, Moscow, zhitny and others. The main
The ingredient in rye bread is rye flour, which, according to its
properties very useful and rich in vitamins of group B.

The taste of rye bread can not be confused with any other. Many people,
those who go abroad miss exactly the rye edge of the bread.

Rye bread is good for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
diseases, has problems with the digestive system, besides
It strengthens the immune system and reduces cholesterol. But for those who
gastritis and ulcer, rye bread is strictly contraindicated.

General principles of making rye bread in a slow cooker

Use when cooking rye bread in a slow cooker
only rye flour is needed.

The main program used in the preparation of rye bread
in a slow cooker, Baking.

Despite the fact that the multicooker itself sets the necessary
time, make sure that the bread does not burn and does not fall off.

Rye bread can be prepared in three ways: on sourdough, without
fermentation, on yeast.

It is preferable to use wholemeal rye flour,
then there will be more benefit in bread.

The most healthy rye bread is prepared with sourdough. From what’s in
the cooking process is lactic fermentation, the taste of the fry
unique, and the aroma is so dear and smells like childhood.

Rye bread refers to medium-calorie foods, provided
what he prepares at home, without impurities and additives.

Despite the undoubted benefits of black bread, its
It is recommended to use in reasonable limits and quantities.

Rye bread goes well with soups and borsch, with smoked
products and bacon.

Rye bread contains a little over 80% rye flour,
the remaining share falls on the flour of another grade, recommend
Many mistresses wheat flour.

Rye bread in a slow cooker: kefir and flour – a piece of bread

This recipe for rye bread in a slow cooker suggests yeast
way to. One of the ingredients is a fitness mix that is helpful
for those people who care about their figure.


• a glass of wheat flour

• half a glass of rye flour

• pack of yeast

• a glass of kefir

• a pair of spoonfuls of sugar

• Spoon olive oil

• a pair of fitness mix spoons

• spoon of salt


Kefir mixed with sugar and yeast, while it is impossible
use cold kefir, it is better to take a little warm.

Add kefir olive oil, fitness mix, good

In a separate bowl, pour the flour, carefully
sifting it.

Salt and pour the kefir mixture into the flour.

Knead the dough. According to its consistency, it should be soft and

Leave the dough ready for an hour, covering it clean.

An hour later, knock him down and leave for another half an hour.

After that, put the dough in a multicooker bowl. It is necessary that
there was another 30 minutes distance.

After this time, you can close the lid and
set Baking mode. In an hour the bread will be ready.

When the timer stops, leave the bread in the slow cooker for a minute
10. Only after that it can be got and is.

Airy and saturated: rye bread in a slow cooker

The rye bread for this recipe is very fragrant, it is not
crumbles and does not stick together, all proportions are strictly observed, therefore
the bread is exactly as it should be.


• a pair of glasses of water

• spoon of sugar

• vegetable oil

• pack of yeast

• a spoonful of vinegar

• a couple of tablespoons of salt

• stack of semolina

• one and a half glasses of rye flour

• slightly more than half a glass of wheat flour


In non-cold water, dissolve the yeast from the bag, add sugar,
salt, vegetable oil vinegar. Stir.

In this mixture, pour the semolina and all the flour. Stir well and
knead the dough. It should not be tight if it is a bit
sticks to the palms, it means the desired consistency.

Leave the dough for a couple of hours in the heat, covered clean.

After that, put the dough in the multicooker bowl and set the mode
Bakery products.

In an hour the bread will be ready. Keep track of time.

Rye bread in a rustic cooker

Bread in this recipe turns out very tasty and homemade.
It is perfect for the soup, you can just anoint it with oil or
garlic mixture. When cooking rye bread is used
malt, and then rye bread is considered very high in calories.


• spoon of cumin

• a handful of raisins

• coriander

• a pair of malt spoons

• two and a half glasses of rye flour

• a glass of wheat flour

• one and a half glasses of water

• salt

• vegetable oil

• half bag of yeast

• spoon of bread sourdough


Boil half a glass of water. Add there malt, raisins,
cumin and coriander, salt. Mix well and leave until all.
cool down

In the second bowl pour the yeast and bread sourdough, pour
the second half of a glass of boiling water.

Add four spoons there ржаной муки и mix. Leave
about 20 minutes. Mix again and add vegetable oil, malt.
Хорошо mix.

Add the rest of the rye flour. Knead the dough. It should
get sticky and very soft.

Half a cup of wheat flour to pour on the table and on it
knead the dough. Leave его под чистым полотенчиком на 40

After the remaining wheat flour knead semi-finished

Pour a small amount of flour into the bowl of the slow cooker and put
туда наше dough. Leave минут на 40. Потом сделать парочку
cuts and leave for another half an hour.

Through это время установить режим мультиварки Bakery products. An hour later
turn the bread. Continue to bake for another half hour. Bread is ready.

Rye bread in a slow cooker: yeast-free way

This recipe differs from the others in that
cooking rye bread in a slow cooker does not use yeast.
Therefore, its caloric content is less, and for the stomach such bread is much
healthier and easier. Yeast is used instead of yeast,
cooked at home.


• two glasses of rye flour and two glasses of water for ferment

• glass of water

• two glasses of wheat flour

• slightly more than half a kg of rye flour

• salt


Let’s start with the yeast. Fill glasses of warm water with a glass of rye
flour. Mix and leave until morning, covering with clean gauze.

In the morning, add another spoonful of flour and water to the mixture. Stir.
Cover with gauze and leave until next morning. So doing in
for three days. After the sourdough is ready.

We start baking bread.

Mix a glass of cold water with five spoons of sourdough.
Add wheat flour, then rye flour, pre-sifting
both that and another. Salt and mix well.

Knead the dough, it should turn out smooth and soft.

In the bowl multicooker pour quite a bit of oil and lay out
dough. Set the Heater mode and wait for about 20 minutes. Then
Leave the dough in the multicooker off for a couple of hours.

Когда тесто немного поднимется, включаем режим Bakery products. Through
hour we get bread from the slow cooker and cool it.

Rye bread in a slow cooker: no worse than white wheat

When making bread for this recipe used wheat
and rye flour in equal proportions. Thanks yeast dough good
It is suitable because we advise you to take a large pot for his


• a pair of glasses of rye flour

• a pair of glasses of wheat flour

• spoon of sugar

• salt

• bag of yeast

• vegetable oil

• half a liter of water


We dissolve the yeast in cold water, add sugar and salt to it.
and vegetable oil. Stir. We pour out the same flour,
предварительно sifting it. Замешиваем dough.

Leave it covered with a clean towel for an hour.

After this, we spread the dough into the bowl of the slow cooker, brushing its bottom
vegetable oil. We leave for another hour.

Устанавливаем режим Bakery products. An hour later хлеб переворачиваем и
bake another 40 minutes.

Bread is ready. You can get it and let it cool, after which
serve up to the table.

Crisp and amazing smell: rye bread in

Rye bread is prepared using malt, and therefore
calories. Maximum baking temperature does not reach 200
degrees, do not forget to keep track of time so as not to miss your


• quarter bag of yeast

• a pair of glasses of wheat flour

• one and a half glasses of water

• a couple of spoons of rye malt

• salt

• spoon of honey

• vegetable oil


Dissolve the yeast in cold water, add salt, honey,
vegetable oil, malt. Mix everything thoroughly.

Добавьте просеянную муку и knead the dough. It should быть очень

Оставьте его на пару часов под чистым towel.

Put the dough in a slow cooker and let stand for another 20 minutes.

Установите режим Bakery products. An hour later переверните хлеб и выпекайте
another half an hour. Bread is ready. Cool it and serve.

Tips and tricks of cooking rye bread in

To check the readiness of the bread, pierce it with a toothpick.
If it is dry, then the bread is ready.

Rye bread is best consumed warm. You can smear it
butter and add cheese – this breakfast will appeal to children
and adults.

If you do not want to use bread dough, add instead
her yeast.

Yeast must be dissolved in warm water.

Лучше всего дать тесту постоять в чаше multicooker некоторое
time for it to come as it should and distance.

Bread is preferable to bake from two sides: one about
hours, from the second – no more than half an hour.

If you are using rye malt, then add flour

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