Qigong for weight loss. Novice Program

tsigun-dlya-pohudeniyaQigong is mainly associated with
smooth movements, breathing rhythm and stretching exercises,
but not many of us know how effective the therapeutic
применение Qigong for weight loss.

Qigong is a form of independent practice of performing
exercises that cultivates qi (vital energy) and actively
rebuilds all levels of the body, creating a new internal environment.


Benefits of Qigong for weight loss

Qigong is one of the most successful methods of removing
stress and tension in the body. Under stress the digestive system
the body turns off, and the body begins to store and retain fat.
Qigong converts this voltage into positive energy and helps
the digestive system back to return to a balanced

Qigong not only increases the body’s metabolism, but also
reduces cravings for excess and unhealthy food, the source of which
usually the same stress. And overweight is paramount
indicator of the development of disharmony basic functions of human

Through deep breathing exercises, activating the inner
energy, Qigong will not only allow you to lose excess
pounds, but also helps you find inner harmony.

Basics Qigong Slimming

Qigong slimming classes are available for people of all ages and
levels of fitness. No matter what stage
the path to a healthy body you are, qigong offers you many
ways to restore your body.

This Qigong program for weight loss is divided into three parts and
offers a variety of exercises that you could perform
no matter what form you are in.

  • The first part of this program warms the body, forms
    deep and full breathing, relieves stress, activates
    energy of the digestive system to speed up the metabolism.
  • The second part aims to develop deep abdominal muscles through
    proper breathing and exercise.
  • The third part starts to activate large muscles in the body.
    and causes an even more powerful metabolism, increased strength and


So, the program Qigong for weight loss includes:

2 minutes before meals

A simple exercise that will help “wake up” your
metabolism – deep breathing. The reason for this is
that the stomach consumes more oxygen than any other tissue in
the body. Over 90% of all the energy that is generated in the body,
comes from a simple combination of “oxygen plus food.” Here is
why breathing is such an important part of the qigong program for
losing weight

Before you start eating, take two minutes to
proper breathing, concentrated in the lower abdomen. Also
It will be useful as a small massage for all internal
bodies and relieve tension. Start with a deep abdominal
breathing. Place your hands on your lower abdomen and make
several slow and deep breaths. Feel like
maximally fill your belly while inhaling and relax on
exhale Duration 90 seconds.

Next, proceed to the quick breathing exercises for
speeding up the metabolism. Concentrate on the exhale and “squeeze”
all the air out of you, so that there is a feeling that the stomach
�”Sticks” to the spine. Do not worry about inhaling, it will happen
by itself.

Continue this breathing pattern, but accelerate the pace so much
fast as you feel comfortable. It takes practice
therefore, start slowly at first and do not force the events.
Duration 30 seconds.

2 minutes after meals

After eating, the stomach needs energy to process and
digest food. After you have eaten, try a simple qigong
massage to facilitate the process of digestion:

  • Put your hands on the bottom of your chest, wherever
    is the stomach.
  • Perform circular movements with your hands, about 50-100 times.

Qigong program that this exercise is great for
digestive system and increased longevity.

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Reduce cravings for food

In the acupressure program of qigong for slimming ears,
due to its strong connection with the nervous system, closely related to
impact on excessive cravings for food. By stimulating the ears, the brain gets
signals, with a calming effect on the nervous system.

This method is also effective for getting rid of all sorts of
addictions, including smoking and drug use.

When you feel that you begin to experience excessive
craving for food or just want to reduce the amount of food that
you eat, just massage your ears. To do this, grab the ear
sink the thumb and forefinger of both hands and massage
every part of the ear for at least one minute.

Video exercises Qigong slimming

(больше видео занятий в категории Полезное видео для
, статья «Цигун. Exercise videos “)


These exercises are contraindicated for pregnant or having
diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys. Program
Qigong for weight loss is not recommended for those who are experiencing symptoms
dizziness and weakness.

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