Purple coat – fashionable, stylish,original!

Purple color, and all its various shades, are not capable
just to attract attention, and for a long time chained male views to
to the woman. One single item of purple in the female
wardrobe allows her to transform from a stylish vamp, into
young and unsophisticated beauty.

Trendy Homes, offering their fans jackets and coats
purple, know exactly about the “magical” properties of this color
in the field of reincarnation, and therefore for several seasons
clothes are full of all shades of purple, enticing and attracting not
only women’s views, but also men’s.


What can I wear with a purple coat?

This question torments many fashionistas living in big cities and
small villages. After all, a coat of purple color is capable of
highlight from the crowd and emphasize his individuality
owners It will make any woman even more elegant and
brilliant, stylish and unique, sexy and tender.
Evoking the fantasy of the opposite sex, purple hue
makes men know their partner better. In the same time
women, this shade relaxes, allowing you to experiment not
only in the selection of accessories and clothing options, but in creating everything
new and new images.

You may also be interested in what to wear with a purple bag and
How to choose accessories for a purple dress.

Those who really learn to skillfully create color
options in which the nail will be purple will be able to create
incredibly stylish combinations.

Black – this color is universal, and therefore in tandem with purple
The coat will look harmonious and elegant. This combination
refers to the classic options, and therefore suitable for almost
any life situations. If someone considers a combination
purple – black is somewhat gloomy, you can always
diversify with bright accessories and shoes.

сочетание фиолетового с черным Soft beige – suitable for
modest and gentle persons. He skillfully mitigates extravagance and
the brightness of purple, creating the effect of warmth and lightness. Fine with
coats will be harmonized tight pants of any beige shade,
purple batilions and a bag, always sand.

сочетание фиолетового с бежевым Green and all its shades –
it’s best to choose not just green, but mint, emerald or
malachite. However, this color is worth being careful because
it should not be too much, otherwise it will hide all the beauty

сочетание фиолетового с другими яркими цветами

Colors of autumn – for young and self-confident persons, ideal
the combination will be violet with raspberry or yellow.
You can also choose not a long coat model, which will be good
Look with a sheath dress. The last wardrobe item should be
Made from mother fuchsia.

сочетание фиолетового с малиновым Fashionable cell – special
attention of fashionistas and fashionistas should deserve a coat of material in
cell. The undisputed trend of several seasons is recommended to wear
with a turtleneck or plum shirt blouse, slim jeans and
textured handbag.

Pearl Gray – in this version it all depends on the shade.
purple. Paying special attention to this fact can be beneficial
match combinations with gray. Having made your choice, you can create
spectacular, elegant and discreet image.

сочетание фиолетового с серым и белым

Purple jacket – what to wear and match?

When buying a purple jacket, it is important to consider not only her
length, style and style, but also the color and type of its appearance. After all
it depends a lot on what color you can wear
together with a new item of your wardrobe.

When choosing a dark purple jacket, remember that
can be combined with neutral not bright hues, allowing
purple dominate.

сочетание фиолетового с зеленым Long jacket is more profitable
just looks with a pencil skirt, the length of which reaches the knees.
They need to pick up boots on the elegant heels.

A short jacket is almost a universal option, since
it can be worn both with jeans and trousers, and with skirts of different
length and style.

сочетание фиолетового с белым Both the first and second option with
ease of accessory complements any bright colors, including
red, yellow and light green. In the same time украшения должны быть
small in size and not too catchy. Just emphasizing the style,
but without attracting special attention.

Purple in contrast

Violet, like no other color looks perfect in
combined with yellow. This combination is perfect for anyone
wants to quickly cheer yourself up after a frosty winter. If
you think the kit is too bright, you can always
supplement with a neutral gray or beige shade, giving a bright
an image of a little restraint and strict elegance.

сочетание фиолетового с желтым

Carrot and orange, raspberry and hot pink – such
The combination is suitable for confident and selfish young ladies. Those who do not
afraid to attract close attention and able to show
yourself from different sides.

сочетание фиолетового с желтым и цветом морской волны By
Essentially, purple can be combined with almost any color, the main thing
Do not overdo it and leave it dominant.

Photos of successful combinations of purple hues

сочетание фиолетового с фиолетовым

сочетание фиолетового с нейтральными цветами

сочетание фиолетового с джинсами

сочетание фиолетового с черным и белым

сочетание фиолетового с черным с ярким шарфом

сочетание фиолетового с розовым

сочетание фиолетового с голубым

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