Psychologists have named factors affecting schoolacademic performance

Thu, Jan 29, 2015

It is no secret that success in learning depends on the whole complex.
factors. And diligence in doing homework or
regular attendance of classes is far from decisive among them.
American psychologists conducted a large-scale study and found out
what is actually fundamental to a successful
teaching a child at school.

A total of 6,600 children were examined. Using special
комплексных тестов оценивалась academic performance малышей от рождения до
admission to kindergarten. Important indicators were also
material wealth of the family, level of education and professional
parenting skills.

It turned out that children born to poor families are worse than others.
coped with various puzzles. Strong motivation to
development of intellectual skills were the hopes that parents
pinned on your child as well as the potential
his enrollment in higher education.

It turned out that children whose parents had a mathematical or
economic education, better than their peers decide
simple math problems.

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