Protocol tabata for weight loss – only 4 minutesto the goal!

protokol-tabata-dlya-pohudeniya-vse-li-prostoIn the last
time is increasingly being heard about such a training technique as
�Tabata. And someone on the contrary only now will do it for themselves.
discovery, because she recently received distribution in our

This is the development of Dr. Izumi Tabata, a professor at Tokyo
university. A one-time workout is only 4 minutes, but
this time is enough to get
enormous strain on all muscle groups.

People call this system “prison training.” Such
she received an interesting name because no sports
shells for training is not necessary – enough floor area in 2
square meters.


What is the uniqueness of the tabata protocol?

This technique is truly unique. It should start with the fact that
Tabata gymnastics does not require physical training. Do it
everyone can. Just for the first time you need to choose the most simple.

Six weeks are enough to achieve the first visible effect.
occupations. During this time, the muscles will get stronger and even gain some
relief, the body will become much sturdier, reduce fat
deposits, heart muscle will get stronger.

Exercises on the tabata system do not require any devices.
The only assistant in the classroom is the stopwatch, using
which training is divided into stages. You can conduct classes in
any place convenient for you – at home, on the beach, on

Many use the tabata system for weight loss and achieve
very good results. You can not train every day –
quite enough 4 times a week.

And, of course, the main uniqueness of this training system
is that without the presence of sports equipment, without
need to go to the gym, with a minimum amount
elapsed time can achieve amazing results.

Tabata system for beginners: good or harm?

Tabata method for beginners may not be able to. Therefore, on
the first time you need to facilitate the exercises as much as possible, otherwise
harm and not benefit the body. And of course it makes sense
See a doctor. You may have diseases that
will be a contraindication to this kind of practice.

If you start training with small loads, gradually
increasing them as the stamina increases, then the complex
Exercise Tabata will only benefit. The main thing is to count
my strength Then in about a month you can proceed to
full training.


Tabata training: time goes on for minutes …

So, the training time is only 4 minutes. During this time
You should have time to complete 8 full exercises. This is where you and
need a stopwatch. Each exercise duration
makes only 20 seconds, breaks between exercises – 10
seconds So counting replays is not necessary.

After you complete all the planned exercises,
definitely need to do a little stretching. That’s the whole point
Tabata Exercises for beginners should be easier
load, but not in intensity. Otherwise, training will not bring
no result.

You must immediately warn that the 10 seconds allocated to rest –
should be a good rest, that is, at this time you can not drink,
разговаривать и вообще отвлекаться от occupations. Timer tabata you
will not wait.

Approximate scheme of training tabata:

So, at your disposal there are 4 minutes and 8 exercises. In this
article we give a set of exercises for beginners.

Exercise first

Twenty seconds of intense squats. Squatting should be
deep and fast.

Exercise two

Deep intense attacks, alternately on each leg.

Exercise three

Place a chair, lean your back against it, arms back
and place your palms on the seat. In this position, perform
reverse push ups.

Exercise four

Lie down, bend your knees, put your feet flat on the floor, arms
hook up behind the head. Perform several intense ascents.

Exercise Fifth

The starting position is similar to the fourth exercise. Intensely
lift your back and buttocks.

Exercise Six

The starting position is similar to the previous two exercises.
Intensely выполняйте отрыв головы, плеч и ног.

Seventh exercise

Do intense deep pushups.

Exercise Eighth

Pose “focus on the forearm.” Belly retracted.

Such a system of training tabata, despite the apparent ease,
gives a very serious load. So do not be alarmed if by the end
workout your heart rate will be inflated. Again, precisely in
intensity of employment and lies the secret of this system.

Tabata exercises for women who want to lose more
weight, no different.

Are tabata exercises suitable for weight loss?

According to the results of sports research, it was proved that in 4
minutes of lessons on the method of tabat slimming occurs 9 times
faster than with normal fitness workouts designed for
45 minutes. So the answer suggests itself. Yes exercise
Tabata are ideal for weight loss.

In these 4 minutes the metabolism starts working in enhanced
mode and retains its activity for two days after
workouts so 4 workouts per week in order to lose weight
quite enough. Tabata Protocol – exercises for the abdomen,
Exercises for legs, arms, shoulders and back are all provided for.
short four minute workout.

Tabata Protocol: reviews and results

In order to confirm all of the above, we give below
several reviews found on the internet.

For example, a girl from one of the forums under the nickname Tonya,
writes: – engaged tabata about 4 months. Have to work
making the most of your body. But the result
pleases – the tummy is tightened, the settled cellulitis disappears,
tightened buttocks. But be sure to perform warm-up
before classes, and after classes – stretching.

But the girl under the nickname Chimera from the same forum writes: –
Started to study from two times a week for 4 minutes. Was amazed
results – a relief appeared on the tummy very quickly. But with
Over time, the body began to get used to the loads and quantity (not
duration) training had to increase.

But a couple of reviews from another forum. The girl writes under the nickname
Scorpi: – You can’t say that I have excessive weight, but there is
a great desire to tighten the figure. Not so long ago found information
про протокол Tabata I really liked the idea of ​​training.
just 4 minutes instead of an hour. And now a week doing this
method. Of course, this is a very short time, but the conclusions for myself
managed to do. The first results are already visible.

But the words of another girl from the same site: – Before
I went in for sports and did not suffer from overweight. But one event
in life made me give up sports for a while. As a result – 15
extra pounds. I decided it was time to get in shape. Learned
про протокол Tabata Began to engage and very pleased
results. Exercise for a workout as if a whole hour
spent in the gym. I will not argue that Tabata is
a panacea for excess weight, but the effect is definitely there.

And the last review left the girl Alina: – I am after childbirth strongly
recovered, but the time itself did not have enough. This is where I am
read on the Internet about this technique. Doubt, but tried.
Now I am completely satisfied with my figure – tummy and buttocks
tightened, there were forces. The figure has returned to normal.

These are great reviews you can find on the Internet about
this wonderful system. The main thing is to follow its basic rules,
Do not be lazy and encourage yourself for every positive result.

Tabata: video of exercises for beginners + timer

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