Prostate adenoma – causes, symptoms,diagnosis, treatment

Wed, 16 Mar 2016

In this article I would like to talk about a very common
a disease of which I heard, probably, every person is
аденома предстательной железы! Its name
comes from the Greek word aden- iron, as it has
the structure of the glandular source tissue. In another way it is called adenoma.

It represents benign prostatic hyperplasia.
gland, which is accompanied by the formation of tissue in the gland
small knot, constantly increasing its size. Besides
nodules may be several pieces.

Their constant increase leads to the fact that it is compressed
the urethra passing through the prostate gland and
As a result, difficult urination occurs. This
benign hyperplasia does not have a malignant course and does not
extends to other organs. Prostate adenoma most
common disease in men. It is noteworthy that after 50
years, every second representative of the stronger sex is found
adenoma, and with age the number of patients increases.

Adenoma – causes

Unfortunately, the causes of this disease remain
unexplained. Some experts believe that this is an involutionary
signs and changes of male climax, however this theory has not yet
proven. It is believed that the change in the ratio of male and
female sex hormones that occur with age give
impetus to the occurrence of adenoma, as well as that in older people
the prostate is more sensitive to these hormones.

Hereditary predisposition is noted, therefore, if in
the family has cases of this disease, then the risk that you have
adenoma will develop, much higher than the rest. Also noted
that it is more common in men of the Negroid and European race,
than among Asians, as well as among those who have a “sedentary job.”

Many will be surprised, but experts in this field will not
a link was found between the occurrence of prostate adenoma
and drinking, smoking, any concomitant
diseases, and so, with the previous sex life of this
the patient.

Adenoma – symptoms

As mentioned, the presence of prostate adenoma always has
negative effects on urination. All the symptoms of it
diseases are divided into symptoms of emptying and filling. To symptoms
emptying include: a weak stream of urine; intermittent process
urination; feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder;
затруднения при начале urination; need strong
напряжения мышц брюшной области при начале urination; Availability
dripping when urinating is complete.

There are several symptoms of filling. It is: imperative, then
there is – urgent or binding urge to empty the urinary
a bubble; frequent urination and day and night, as well as
imperative urinary incontinence. These are all manifestations of adenoma.
due to the narrowing of the lumen of the urethra due to its
сдавления гиперплазированными узелками prostate Its manifestations
are wave-like, as there are periods of remission and
aggravations, which are often caused by stress, hypothermia
or excessive drinking.

Adenoma – treatment and prevention

Today, there are many effective treatments for adenoma.
prostate They include surgery and
drug treatment. When the first symptoms are found
use drugs, that is, drug
treatment. Pharmacies have a huge selection of products that
can be divided into two types: drugs, providing
relaxing effect on muscle fibers that are located in
prostate. What makes the pressure on the urethra
decreases and urine flow is facilitated.

Medications of the second type reduce the volume of the prostate, which also
relieves pressure. However, it must be remembered that any drugs
can be used strictly as prescribed by a doctor! If
drug treatment for adenoma is not enough, can
surgery is required. There are several
types of operations: open where the bladder wall is accessible and
non-incisional surgery performed with video endoscopic

However, we all know that it is easier to prevent the disease than its
cure, therefore, briefly mention the prevention of adenoma. Although,
very effective prevention methods do not exist, but it is important
eat right, follow the water-drinking regime, as well as lead
active lifestyle and do not forget older men periodically
be examined by a urologist! Good health!

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