Proper planting pears. When to plantpear, what to consider and how to care for her after planting

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When planting garden crops on the plot,
beginners have a question – how to plant a pear in order to
she developed well and gave a good fragrant harvest

To do this, you need to know a few mandatory
the rules.

When to plant a pear

It is important to determine in advance the most suitable time for landing. AT
southern regions best spring, plant, before the cold
manages to adapt and take root in a new place, which gives
opportunity to survive the winter period without damage

In the north it is best to plant a pear in the spring, because if in the fall
after planting frost will hit, the seedling will not take root and just
will die.

If your cottage is in the middle lane, you will need
weigh all the points to decide when to plant

At landing in the spring, there are such advantages:

1. • The tree will grow stronger and stronger during the summer;

2. • A strong plant will be able to transfer the winter period more easily.

Autumn also has several advantages – at the end of August and in
In early September, in the nurseries you can find a huge
selection of seedlings for every taste. Gardener will be able to pick up for his
garden strong and high-quality plants, the spring will only
weakened instances that are difficult to maintain.

Given these factors, the grower must choose the most suitable
time to decide when to plant a pear on your

Most novice gardeners choose spring, since in
this period is less risk of death of the plant, and experienced people more often
opt for the fall.

ATыбор места для груши и подготовительные работы

Pear planted as an apple tree.

For its landing you need to find a place that is well lit
sunlight that is not blown cold gusts of wind.
This will enable the seedling to grow quickly and provide it.
successful wintering.

It is desirable that the groundwater is at a depth of less than 3
meters, pear does not tolerate waterlogging, for this reason it
preferably planted in elevated areas.

It develops poorly on heavy clay soils and strongly
sick near mountain ash, as these plants common pests. If a
they will attack one tree, then very soon they will be possible
discover and on the other, it is best to plant a pear near
apple trees.

ATнимание! Pear loves warmth
therefore, it must be planted on a sunny

For this culture, it is important to properly prepare the place
better to perform in the fall – the soil in the pit will settle well and do not need
will be wary of lowering the seedling. Root neck recess
damage the plant, and can even destroy it. Landing depth
pits, should be based on the size of the root system. AT среднем ее
dimensions are:

• Width 1 meter;

• Depth 45-55 cm.

AT осенний период can вырыть яму глубже, и всыпать в нее 2-3
buckets of good soil mixed with peat and humus. For promotion
nutritional value of soil, you can add superphosphate and wood ash.
Nitrogen fertilizers should not be added, because their pear is not

AT центр посадочного круга, необходимо вбить деревянный колышек,
without reliable support the young plant can break. Before
planting pear seedlings, it is necessary to loosen the soil at the bottom
landing pit, and on its sides to make notches. It will increase
the amount of air near the roots, which will accelerate their development.

Seedling preparation

Sapling before planting in the ground to prepare. It is rated
visually – cut off sick, broken and dry shoots. If a вы
bought a seedling with a closed root system, then the soil from the roots
do not remove the plant is immersed in a pit with a clod of earth. On
the tree should not grow leaves – when spring planting pears, not
buds should swell, but on a seedling planted in the autumn
all the leaves should fall off.

If a растение куплено с открытой корневой системой, корни
immersed in a mixture of ash and clay diluted with water until creamy
states. This gruel must completely cover the roots of the seedling. Mixture
will allow the roots to settle well ..

ATажно! Faster rooted two-year

Only if you want to plant a pear-shaped pear, it is better
choose annual saplings, they will be less sick.

Experienced gardeners recommend planting at the dacha 2-3
different varieties. So flowers of an adult pear will be better pollinated, that
significantly increase the yield.

How to plant a pear

On дно ранее выкопанной посадочной ямы насыпают небольшим
a mound of nutrient mixture. In the center they drive in a wooden peg.
It should be of such length that it remains above the soil surface
0.5 m, to which the seedling will be tied up.

Having lowered a plant in a hole, carefully straighten its roots, after
this is filled with soil, the root neck of the plant must be higher
the ground level of 5-7 cm. soil compacted, then good

To tie the stem should be securely, but do not over-pull it. After
landing pristvolny circle to mulch for this can
use high-moor peat, good humus, sawdust or
old straw

Pear seedling care

After посадки груши ее нужно обрезать (у однолетнего саженца
remove the top), then the wound needs to be covered with garden pitch.
This will prevent drying and subsequent cracking of the cut,
reduce the risk of infection of wood fungus. Caring for the young
plant, as well as for the apple tree.
It is necessary:

• Protect the seedling from low temperatures and drought;

• From the second year after planting, feed regularly

• Provide watering if necessary.

AT первый год молодое растение подкармливать нет необходимости,
but in the future, nutritional deficiencies can bring
big problems.

The pear drops sharply resistance to low temperatures and diseases,
development slows down, growth in pear is small and weak
fruiting. For this reason, after two years, the plant
need to feed annually. Fertilizers are preferably applied when

On каждое дерево необходимо вносить весной по 2-3 ведра хорошего
humus, they add mineral fertilizers, which have
nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, potassium. For an adult tree, the dose needed
increase to 4-5 buckets.

AT течение сезона грушу подкармливают три

1.•ATо время формирования бутонов;

2. • With flowering;

3.•ATо время роста плодов.

Afterдний раз подкармливают грушу в конце сезона — в ноябре.
Fall asleep tree trunk circle, a mixture of potassium sulfate,
rock salt, dolomite flour, wood ash and superphosphate.

ATажно после правильной посадки груши сформировать ее крону, это
prevent the formation of small fruits, the tree will be good
look and will not hurt. ATыполняют эту работу весной,
pruned shoots directed inside the tree, damaged,
frozen, dry and old branches.

When performing all the necessary operations, the pear seedling can
settle down quickly and survive the winter period without damage, and in
the future bring a big harvest.

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