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The first year of a child’s life is an amazing time
when parents of important news can wait every day. But among
they should give importance to the most important.

Among those, the expansion of the menu of nutrition of a ten-month baby,
when the mother should think that it’s time to go
wean the baby from the chest.

The place of breast milk in the diet of a ten-month baby

• The usual amount of breast milk for babies aged 10
months перестает удовлетворять его потребности. Here then
there comes a time when mom should think whether to continue
breastfeed or think about weaning a baby.

• When it comes to continuing breastfeeding, she should
take care of increasing lactation. Also the most useful will be
is feeding before bedtime morning and evening.

• When the mother intends to wean off, this should be done as
can be softer, trying not to injure the child. Need to cut
the number of feedings, as well as the amount consumed by the baby
milk for one feeding. Also, the use of a baby infant
milk should be moved so as not to interrupt the appetite before taking

Important! According to pediatricians, you should try to keep at least
one breastfeeding throughout the day until the child’s age
will reach one year. The most useful will be the morning feeding.

How, by introducing complementary foods into the baby’s diet, do not harm him

Among moms there is an opinion that juices and fruit purees are not the best.
Completion option. Vitamins that the body can absorb from
those few spoons are very few. But often
kid’s stomach problems such as:

• colic;

• pain;

• bloating;

• rare stools;

• allergy.

So what kind of dishes you can indulge baby?

1. • Pasta. First of all, it is milk soup with

2. • Pudding based on fish, meat, cottage cheese, berries, rice.

3. • if the baby tolerates the use of compotes, juices,
You can teach him to such a dessert as jelly.

4. • Treat it to virtually all vegetables, except for
beans and soybeans, the use of which is better to start in the second year
of life.

5. • Meat can be consumed not only in the form of mashed potatoes. Will be nice
make meatballs or meatballs for a couple, and then knead them;

6. • Kashi can be prepared from one type of cereal, or from a mixture
cereals. Not bad, if porridge will be added to the ration as a side dish, and
porridge, cooked in milk. Good to add mashed fruit.

General recommendations:

• food intake at this age is better than five times a day;

• it is best to forget about night feeds or to the maximum
try to reduce;

• the first and last feeding should consist of maternal
milk or mixtures;

• at each meal, you should try to give the child those
foods that can be eaten by hand. It can be chopped
vegetables, fruits, bread, biscuits. So he quickly gets used to
self-eating food;

• do not overly rub products as a baby
need to train to chew on their own. Teach the child already with this
age to eat on their own so later you will succeed
avoid persevering: “Mom, feed me!” At this age in children
often there are already several full teeth;

• It is not bad to diversify milk porridges, offering vermicelli with

• distractions during feeding should be avoided in order to
the kid was focused only on food;

• for feeding the baby, use separate dishes, and for drinking
he must have a personal little cup;

Is it possible the occurrence of allergies with changes in nutrition
baby в 10 months

• If with the introduction of products in the diet of the baby
the occurrence of allergies was observed, then there is no need to hurry with the introduction
fish and chicken meat to 1 – 1.5 years. More relaxed their body
will transfer rabbit meat, turkey, beef, lean pork.

Careful to be with such products:

• tomatoes;

• Garnet;

• shrimp;

• Strawberry;

• honey;

• citrus;

• chocolate;

• persimmon;

• nuts;

• mango;

• raspberries;

• a pineapple.

Vitamin menu in the diet of 10 months

• Both the mother’s body and the baby need constant
replenishing vitamins. They are mainly produced from fruits and vegetables,
as they retain their properties well in the winter. Most affordable
and carrot is useful for children. To the body completely
got all the vitamins from it, you need to eat carrots in the raw
the form.

• The first time a child is better to give grated carrots. A couple of days in
This dish can add an apple.

Рецепты для детей 10 months

Питание для baby 10 months не таит в себе ничего сложного,
but for now they will have to cook separately. You can offer soups
various cereals, puddings, casseroles, vegetables, meat and fish

Напитки для десятимесячного baby

• Good baby drinks are:

• mors;

• jelly;

• compote.

Если у baby плохой аппетит, можно делать для него морс из
cranberry juice (undiluted to use it
not allowed).

how cook jelly

Fruits and berries for the drink must be boiled, drain, pulp
pass through a sieve separately. After the decoction has cooled,
add starch (per 100 ml 1 tsp), put on the fire,
while stirring, bring to a boil, add the flesh and bring again to
boil. Kissel is ready.

Dairy dishes

Pediatricians do not recommend cow’s milk to a child under one year old;
In extreme cases, it should be diluted with one to one water. Instead of him
it is better to use ready-made mixtures.

Porridge can be prepared as follows:

• buckwheat;

• manna;

• millet;

• oatmeal;

• rice.

Add sugar to cereal is not worth it.

You can also cook cottage cheese from skimmed milk, knead
there is a little banana in it. A serving should not be more than 50 grams.

Vegetable Dishes

В питании baby 10 months важное место занимают блюда из
vegetables. Vegetable stew at this age will be quite normal
assimilated by the child’s body, it is not bad to give it instead of mashed potatoes.
You can cook, finely grinding with a knife all the vegetables.

Meat Dishes

Instead of mashed potatoes you can cook meatballs from meat.

To do this, skip the meat through a meat grinder, add
white bread, onions, yolk. Meatballs can be added to the pan when
cooking soup.

Chicken Pudding


• chicken fillet – 100 g;

• White bread;

• half chicken eggs;

• 1/3 cup of milk;

• butter.

Chicken fillet crushed with meat grinder, bread
soak in milk or water, add. Now mince
grind through a sieve, add half of the eggs, milk, put all
in the prepared form, bake for 20-30 minutes.

Pumpkin for baby

Pumpkin must be boiled until ready, add to the main
dish. A good dessert will turn out if you mix the pumpkin with grated
an apple. You can also cook corn, millet, rice porridge
along with the pumpkin. In this case, the diced vegetable is thrown into
water along with grits, cook until ready. •

howое бы новое блюдо вы не давали своему ребенку, необходимо
to be attentive to how his body tolerates such
nutrition. In case of any violations, it is necessary to revise as a set
the products he uses and the cooking process
the dishes.

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