Proper nutrition during pregnancy

Everything that mom eats is delivered to the child. Received from
Mom’s food intake is used to grow and shape
fetus. From this it follows that the nutrition of a pregnant woman is very
важный момент for развития fetus. About proper nutrition when
Pregnancy tell our nutritionists.

Proper nutrition during pregnancy


  • Power Features
  • Vitamins during pregnancy
  • Prohibited Products

In the article we will consider:

Power Features

The main principle of nutrition during pregnancy: No more, but
better quality!

Nutrition во время беременности очень важный нюанс не только в
life of the future mommy, but also the baby. The higher the gestational period, the
I want to eat more, and sometimes culinary preferences
so saturated that the flash from the Chelyabinsk meteorite is just
candle. Therefore, it is very important to know about all the features and nuances.
food in this “interesting” position.

How much should you eat?

If we talk about the number, many moms try to be
pregnant, there are two – this is a very big mistake!
Excess nutrition of the future mother will not give a positive
результата, скорее наоборот
: появится лишний вес, а в
later it will be difficult to return to normal diet, those
more restore the previous weight and shape. Therefore, we must not rely
on quantity, but on quality.

Energy for the needs of the body comes to us with food. Hitting
inward, products are digested and broken down into a number of substrates,
subsequently used by us to perform processes
life activity.

As many know, the energy consumed by man is expressed in
calories. For the development of power schemes use the norms of daily
needs of the necessary substances. For each person is calculated
own daily rate, which depends on:

  • Weights;
  • Growth;
  • Age;
  • Daily energy consumption.

For a young girl with a body weight of about 70 kg, performing
a day of light exercise, you will need about 2000 kcal per
day. But if this girl is pregnant, then the need for calories
increases and will already be more than 2500 kcal. Approaching
maternity, the need increases even more and may already be
about 3000 kcal. Therefore, many of the fair sex
make mistakes in nutrition. Some use substandard
foods, others miscalculate the right amount of food,
others consume it irregularly.

Power Rules

Expectant mother from early pregnancy is necessary
develop a power scheme in which will be calculated and
Combined all the necessary batteries. Main
Substrates for obtaining the necessary energy are proteins and fats.
and carbohydrates, but also without trace elements, vitamins, fluid processes
жизнедеятельности неосуществимы

Белки являются главным из всех веществ, затрачивающихся
for the needs of the body. Therefore, all vegetarians doctors strongly
advised to forget about these principles during pregnancy, so that the fetus
developed without pathologies. The daily protein requirement is
more than 100-120g. It should be noted that half of the protein consumed
must be of animal origin. Therefore, in the diet
pregnant women need to include 150 grams of meat (it can be beef,
rabbit, chicken and fish), milk and eggs.

As for carbohydrates, their rate is about 350-400
. (подробнее о норме углеводов for мужчин читайте тут)
Necessary carbohydrates can be obtained from products containing
vegetable fiber (cereals, berries, fruits, vegetables). Should
limit the consumption of sugary foods and bakery products.
After birth, the amount of carbohydrates consumed
decrease as energy costs are reduced.

If we talk about fats, then their daily need – 90-95
, включая и растительные жиры. Good for use and
olive, and sunflower, and butter, but its substitutes,
margarine and lard should be excluded.

Vitamins during pregnancy

Now let’s talk about vitamins:

  • ATитамин Е. Данный витамин благоприятен for работы
    репродуктивной системы и развития fetus. On his day will be
    enough 20 mg. Sources of its replenishment – liver, vegetable
    oils, cereals, eggs, nuts and legumes.
  • ATитамин С. Это своеобразный стимулятор иммунной
    human systems. In the day it will need about 200 mg, get
    which are possible, using kiwi, black currant, green onions,
    sweet pepper, sea buckthorn (but only be careful that they do not cause
    allergic reactions).
  • ATитамины группы AT. ATитамины этой группы участвуют в
    normal digestive, nervous and cardiovascular work
    systems, and also strengthen muscles. These vitamins,
    may be obtained by eating: rice, peas, flour products, and
    also liver, heart and kidneys.
  • ATитамин А. Он оказывает противотоксическое действие.
    This vitamin is necessary for the proper formation of the placenta, and
    also for sight. Per day you need about 3 mg. Its source is:
    beta carotene found in red and yellow fruits and vegetables
    orange flowers (apricots, peaches, tomatoes, pumpkins, melons and
  • ATитамин D. Такой витамин незаменим for
    correct formation of the skeleton of the child. With its lack of
    anemia may develop in pregnant women. Contains vitamin a
    fermented milk products, cheese, cottage cheese, as well as in vegetable and
    butter, egg yolks, seafood, oatmeal, parsley and
  • ATитамин Р (фолиевая кислота). This vitamin is
    basic element in the formation of the nervous system of the baby. Greenery
    contains the required amount of such a vitamin. Also vitamin p you
    can be found in berries and fruits (raspberry, black currant, blackberry,
    cherries, apricots), in tomatoes, chilli and buckwheat.

During pregnancy, it is necessary to consume calcium, and magnesium and
phosphorus, which are essential elements in the right
the formation of the musculoskeletal system of the baby.

Sources of calcium are milk and dairy products, nuts, vegetables,
phosphorus – fish and other seafood, eggs, cereals,
magnesium – cereals, nuts, watermelon.

If you reduce the level of iron in the body can develop anemia,
which subsequently leads to hypoxia of tissues, organs of the mother and
child AT сутки необходимо употреблять до 20 мг железа,
contained in liver, egg yolk, fruits and greens.

It may not always be enough to use the necessary
продуктов for восполнения потребности в витаминах и микроэлементах.
Поэтому многие врачи рекомендуют регулярное употребление
комплексов поливитаминов
, которые легко можно приобрести в
any pharmacy.

Будущей маме следует употреблять до 2,5 л жидкости в
. Approximately 1 l enters the body with food,
therefore, the need for free fluid is 1.5 liters. AT
the third trimester of pregnancy, especially in the last 2-3 weeks,
women are prone to edema, so free fluid intake
should be reduced to 700-800 ml. Of the beverages preferred
use milk, compote, juice, mineral water. But water
from the tap strong tea, coffee and herbal teas preferably

AT период беременности важно полностью отказаться от алкоголя,
carbonated and drinks with dyes, as well as from juices with

Well, starting to talk about prohibitions, then at the end of our article
расскажем о продуктах-табу for будущих мамочек.

Prohibited Products

ATажно понимать, что при беременности необходимо исключить целый
ряд продуктов for правильного питания.

Expectant mothers are highly discouraged from eating:

  • Products without heat treatment (salted, smoked,
    pate, meat, fish, and some raw foods);
  • Products-preservatives (canned and preserved, semi-finished products,
    long-term storage products);
  • Products-allergens (citrus, berries, fish, honey);
  • Unpasteurized products (milk, cheese, seafood);
  • Unwashed foods (any food before cooking, as well as
    vegetables and fruits).

Practically every pregnant girl in this period has
irresistible desire to eat a certain product or dish.
Often, such extravagant preferences belong to the group
prohibited If the expectant mother woke up an overwhelming desire
eat the “forbidden fruit”, you can give it in small quantities, and
better try to find and offer an alternative.

It is important for pregnant women to take care of their health, including
including food, because the health of the future depends on it
baby If you have any questions about your diet
during pregnancy – be sure to consult your
a doctor.

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