Proper motivation for losing weight

  • 1 Psychology of weight loss and motivation
    • 1.1 Where to get motivation for losing weight?
    • 1.2 Psychological advice
    • 1.3 Recommendations for girls
    • 1.4 The best motivation for losing weight

Every time, passing by a slim girl in a tight dress,
self-esteem of many women is rapidly approaching zero. So what
talk about looking in the mirror every day hoping to see there
body, close to the ideal.

Alas, many of them, instead of pulling themselves together and
lose weight, continue to lash out on high-calorie foods,
seizing the problems, including the envy of thin
the fair sex. Of course, after all, delicious buns,
chocolate cakes and pastries soothe the nerves, thanks
content in them of the hormone of joy.

Psychology of weight loss and motivation

Among the many searches in the search engine, perhaps the most
frequency is “how to make yourself lose weight.” This is what
your main mistake. After all, you do not need to force yourself. Process
losing weight is a rather complicated thing that requires special moral
preparing for this.

Of course, if you constantly force yourself to lose weight,
doing it not yourself, but because “it is necessary”, effective weight loss
unlikely. As a result, most will be disappointed in diets.
and return to the usual diet, doubling the original weight.

Motivation for losing weight for every day “is selected”
individually, depending on the degree of desire of a person, his
physiological characteristics and susceptibility to opinion

With regards to the latter, on the one hand, statements
outsiders are perfectly motivating a person to change, on the other –
injected into the deepest depression. Where to get the right motivation
for weight loss, not relying on the opinions of outsiders and without hurting
own feelings? Solve all the subtleties of weight loss psychology
We will try in the following paragraphs.

Where to get the motivation for losing weight?

Motivation for losing weight, first of all, you need to look in yourself.
Focus on and think about why you need it. To
envied friends? To ловить на себе восхищенные взгляды
the opposite sex? To влезть в новое платье? Or maybe
be that your outer and inner worlds are in harmony between
yourself? The last option, by the way, is correct.

Another important source of motivation is opinion
person you care about. Anita Tsoi, for example, managed to lose weight
50 kg to keep the family. As a result, the husband is satisfied herself.
she looks great in her years.

The inner world, of course, is a good thing. But sad is the fact that
no one wants to see it under the folds of fat. Therefore
be patient and make your outside world
corresponded to the internal.

Alas, to decide to lose weight and lose weight – things are different. For,
to find your own way of getting rid of extra pounds,
will have to go through a considerable amount of exhausting diets and
physical training. Let’s consider that in such cases
psychologists advise.

Psychologist tips

As you know, the right mood will help the mountain.
to roll In this case, effectively lose weight.

How to find motivation for weight loss – tips

  • In the first place, it all depends on the temperament of the person. Strong
    people harsh criticism of outsiders will give strength and serve as a good
    motivation for losing weight. But characters with a vulnerable soul is not easy
    will accept this information, as a result, the number of
    food consumed, healing the way
    psychological trauma;
  • Next, you should understand the reason for such a desperate step.
    There may be many options: to save the family, to change the image,
    because of a dispute or as an experiment on yourself. In any
    case, this must be your decision. And only in this way you
    achieve the desired results;
  • Взвесив все «за» и против» и решившись  на похудение,
    it is important to maintain willpower and triumph until the desired
    results. For greater self-confidence, stock up on faith and
    support of close people. So you can’t wind up with
    target, in order not to let them down.

With an overwhelming desire to break the weight loss rule,
experts allow in the diet a small amount of sweet.
Such an extreme measure was taken due to the fact that
lack of familiar food, many break down and all their previous
efforts lose their meaning.

Therefore следует помнить, что любая диета — это тяжелейший
emotional stress for the body. So before proceeding to
search for motivation, find in yourself a sufficient amount of strength
upcoming trials.

Recommendations for girls

The motivation for losing weight for girls is always very simple –
lose weight to attract universal attention to his person. Alas,
you will not achieve it by losing weight. Therefore, one should look for
motivation for more reasonable goals. For example, to get on
dream job for which you want to have close to
ideal settings.

Many young girls drive themselves to exhaustion for the sake of
male approval. The question suggests itself, what for
you are such a young man who is interested only in a slim body and
fit forms?

Women need motivation for weight loss much more than all
the rest, since it is more difficult for those who are “slightly beyond 30” to always be in
fit physical form.

Основные рекомендации для той или иной
The age category of the fair sex are as follows:

  • lose weight only at will;
  • stop comparing yourself with naturally slim friends;
  • not whining, but constantly engage themselves;
  • start to like yourself in any way.

The best motivation for losing weight

Данный пункт посвящается наиболее востребованным
мотивациям для похудения
, среди которых:

  • Photo “before” and “after.” Very often on
    World Wide Web can find the story of how
    dvuhsotkilogramovaya girl managed to lose an incredible weight for
    short period of time. And naturally, will be attached
    photos with original weight and end result. Of course, for
    For many, this situation will serve as a good example and effective
  • Фото моделей, размещенные по всей
    apartment, will not let you forget about the final goal. If you will be
    eat another sandwich with a huge piece of sausage and look at
    poster showing girl with perfect parameters
    appetite will disappear by itself;
  • Наиболее жесткая мотивация — неприятные слова, которые
    people hear in their address, due to excess weight. What to find
    a way to avoid these harsh statements? Of course
    opinions of others should not lead you into depression, on the contrary –
    prove to them that you can be even better than them;
  • Недавно появилось изобретение, издающее хрюкающие
    sounds when opening the fridge.
    It will serve perfectly
    motivation and every time will remind who you turn into,
    if you do not stop eating at your usual pace;
  • Оценка любимого мужчины является одной из главных
    components of motivation for losing weight. Of course если сам мужчина
    has a normal weight. Every woman wants to like her
    beloved and every day fall in love with him more and more
    slender and taut forms;
  • Наиболее важная мотивация — восхищение своим отражением в
    the mirror.
    If the result you are satisfied with and from the mirror
    happy thinner looks at you, it means a struggle with
    overweight finished. It doesn’t matter if you dropped 50
    kilograms or 5. If the reflection in the mirror smiles at you, everything
    the rest does not matter.

Constantly looking for motivation for a particular action is a favorite
everyone’s occupation. With that, if he cannot find her in himself,
begins to seek help from friends and relatives. It is very important to choose
the right words and with the desperate man find the right way
in the fight against overweight.

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