Proper care for fine hair: recipeshome masks. How to provide proper care for thinhair

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When the hair is weak and healthy shine is not
brings joy.

Beautiful curls are considered the wealth of the beautiful half.
humanity is not surprising that every lady dreams of lush

However, you can’t argue with nature – thin hair is
actual problem.

How to care for them at home to give more
volume and shine?

Knowing some simple, but useful secrets, a woman can
as close as possible to the realization of their dreams.

Правильный уход за тонкими hair: домашние маски

Thin hair needs good nutrition. At home
conditions, you can prepare effective masks according to popular recipes,
which strengthen the structure of curls and give them volume.

Gelatin mask

Few people know that gelatin is used not only for
cooking. This natural ingredient creates real
чудеса с hair — наделяет их объемом, дарит здоровый блеск,
strengthens the structure from the roots.

Step by step recipe

1. In a convenient container, gelatin (2 tablespoons) is poured
mineral plain water. Mixture should be allowed to stand for 15 minutes.

2. Capacity is placed on the stove at a slow fire. Content
it is necessary to stir until a homogeneous

3. In the resulting mixture is added fresh aloe juice (1 tablespoon

4. The mask must be applied to clean, slightly damp hair,
top cover with a hat and wrap with a towel.

5. After 45-60 minutes, the mask is well washed off with warm water.

Gelatin is sold at any grocery store. It is available at
cost means by which you can return thin
hair their volume.

Oil mask

Vegetable oils are a component that nourishes hair.
important trace elements, thickens their structure and protects against
negative natural factors. Best for mask making
Suitable olive oil, almond, burdock or coconut.

Step by step recipe

1. Almond oil is heated in a water bath (2 tablespoons
spoons). And depending on the length of the hair, you can use more
amount of product.

2. One yolk is added to the oil tank, all is well

3. The mask is distributed over the entire length of the hair, tied on top.
cap (if not, a plastic bag is taken), head
wrapped in a towel. This will allow the oil to soak better.
structure curls.

4. After 40 minutes, the mixture is washed off. To keep your head from looking
dirty, you can wash your hair with shampoo several times.

If desired, you can add other essential oils that
will contribute to giving the curls shine and healthy external
kind of.

Vitamin Based Mask

Правильный уход за тонкими hair обязательно должен включать
in a vitamin mask. Without these trace elements, the curls will be
dull without healthy shine. All mask vitamins,
presented below, can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Step by step recipe

1. First you need to prepare the ingredients. Will need
one kiwi fruit, aloe juice, vitamin A and E.

2. All components are thoroughly mixed together. Kiwi
Pounded into a uniform puree and added to the total capacity.

3. The mask is rubbed first into the scalp, then with
thin combs are distributed along the length of the curls.

4. Cover the head is not necessary. After 40 minutes mask
washed with shampoo and warm water.

Mask for thinned oily hair

If the curls are not only thin, but also fat, then you need a special
an approach.

Step by step recipe

1. In a convenient container are mixed into a homogeneous mass of the following
components – blue clay (1 tsp), half a glass
нежирного кефира, картофельный крахмал (2 столовые spoons).

2. Massaging, rubbing the mixture into the skin
heads. After that, the residues are distributed along the length of the hair and
after 40 minutes everything is washed off.

This mask is recommended to be done at least twice during
of the week. Only in this case can you really achieve
effective result. Very useful for 20 minutes before the shower rub
in the scalp the yolk of the egg. It will saturate the root structure of the curls,
will make your hair longer and more attractive.

Правильный уход за тонкими hair: ополаскивание

Few girls think about what is important not only
pick the right shampoo, but also rinse your hair gently.
Normal tap water is tough now, it hurts a lot
structure curls.

It is best to make your own soft water for
rinsing. For this you need a bottle with a capacity of 5 liters. She is
filled with water and cleaned in the freezer. After
the formation of ice liquid must be defrosted back.

Fruit acids help to soften the water very well. AT
boiled water (3 liters) is added to apple cider vinegar (3 tablespoons
spoons) or lemon juice (half of the fruit). This water
We rinse the hair last, so that they are not only thick,
but also brilliant.

Strengthening the structure of curls helps rinsing decoction of
herbs It may be a mixture of sage, calendula and chamomile. ATсе
mixed in a convenient container in equal proportions, poured
boiling water, covered with a lid. Broth is filtered –
rinse hair ready.

Правильный уход за тонкими hair: полезные советы и важные

1. Чтобы обеспечить правильный уход за тонкими hair в
At home you need to learn how to pick up shampoos and others.
cosmetics. You can not buy shampoos 2 in 1. Any
additive sticks curls and thinns them. Before you wash
head, hair must be combed.

2. When acquiring specialized funds intended
для ухода за hair, важно смотреть на состав. AT нем не должно
be fat. The best care product will be where keratin is,
proteins. These components add extra volume to thin

3. Женщина с тонкими hair должны свести к минимуму
use curling tongs and hair dryer. ATоздействие высокой
temperature weakens the structure of the curl. If necessary
do the styling, mousse or special is applied to the dry hair
skin, this approach will allow the hair perfectly hold.

4. Thin hair categorically “do not like” combs,
made of metal or plastic, after which they are strongly
are electrified. It would be best to purchase a wood comb or
with natural bristles.

Правильный уход за тонкими hair: выбор прически

Proper haircut and styling will quickly solve the problem of thin hair,
make the hair volume, beautiful and easy. Every girl herself
must choose what form she wants to give her locks. but
those whose hair is thinned are advised to stick
provided helpful tips.

1. Multi-level haircuts. �”Ripped” edges, bumps and
layering is the main factors that will visually give
Hairstyle more.

2. Девушкам с тонкими hair стилисты рекомендуют делать
Shoulder cut. Too long, visually thinning curls
even more than it actually is.

3. Tint shampoos or rare highlighting attached to hair
healthy appearance and larger volume.

4. Three-dimensional highlighting is a fairly new procedure.
which has already managed to recommend itself from the best side. She is
will be a real “salvation” for the fair sex
with a “rare” hair.

Правильный уход за тонкими hair: принципы питания

It is no secret that food affects the appearance
women – on her nails, hair, skin color. To save your
attractiveness and femininity, you need to keep track of what
products lady uses every day.

Правильный уход за тонкими hair начинается изнутри

AT рацион питания важно включить следующие

• a fish;

• lamb and beef;

• carrot;

• green salad;

• seasonal vegetables and fruits.

ATключив в режим питания перечисленные продукты, женщина сможет
provide a daily vitamin balance for your curls.

Правильный уход за тонкими hair — это комплексный процесс.
If a woman really wants to achieve a good result,
return to your hairstyle a healthy shine and attractive appearance
look, you need to choose the right care products, as little as possible
use a hairdryer and regularly follow the diet.

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