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Mon, Sep 26, 2016

Science has long proven, and many were convinced by their own experience,
that human health is largely dependent on how and
what he eats. The diet is especially important for children, because
that it plays a huge role in strengthening the defensive natural functions
growing organism.

Famous US pediatrician Leo Heitlinger, who heads
The American Academy of Pediatrics attaches great importance to nutrition,
because it believes that it really has a strong
impact on us. In order for a child to grow strong and healthy, in his
diet should include foods that have
immunostimulating properties. Yogurt is especially useful. He is rich
probiotics, microbes that improve digestion and help
body resist various diseases. Recently held
the study showed that those children who ate yogurt regularly,
19% less likely to suffer from colds than other children.
Kefir also copes with the task of strengthening
immunity. Children benefit from omega-acids. They are rich in particular
walnuts. Especially omega acids are needed by children, who often
are sick An experiment showed that the number
Respiratory infections in these children are significantly reduced.
One should also forget about fresh vegetables and fruits. Doctors always
recommend them to strengthen the immune system, because it is in these
foods contain large amounts of vitamin C, known as
�”Anti-infective vitamin.” Record holders for the content of this
vitamin recognized citrus, sweet peppers, strawberries, potatoes.
Another substance that must be present in
The diet of a growing organism is protein. Most suitable
a source of protein for children, according to doctors, is lean meat,
containing, in addition to protein, zinc, which also helps to fight
infections by increasing the number of T cells in


Alena 09/30/2016 Yes, that’s for sure! it all depends on the food! I give home
yogurt! my son is 4 years 7 months old and eats yogurt with pleasure!
also walnuts, cashews, almonds!

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