Pregnancy: how to preserve the beauty of the skin

Wed, Nov 05, 2014

They say pregnancy only decorates a woman. Gait
becomes smoother, the figure takes on feminine outlines,
there is a shine in the eyes … But sometimes the pregnancy is accompanied and
such unpleasant “surprises” as age spots, acne, stretch marks …
There certainly will not feel like a beautiful woman.

And the cause of such skin problems is a change in
hormonal background of the future mom. The fact is that in the period
pregnancy, the sebaceous glands are working hard, with the result that
A large amount of sebum is produced. Excess fat
clogs the pores and thus creates the ideal conditions for
reproduction of bacteria. As a result – the development of inflammatory
processes and the occurrence of serious skin problems. Is it possible to
to correct the effects of hormonal adjustment of the body?
Yes, everything is possible, but you will need to make every effort.

Skin care during pregnancy

Пигментные пятна являются наиболее распространенной
problem while waiting for the baby. This is due to enhanced
melanin production. Particularly prone to the appearance of “brown
masks “on the face of dark-haired and dark women. Disguise such
pigmentation is quite difficult, and not all cosmetics in
this period can be used. And if the spots have already begun
appear, this process will not end until the end of pregnancy.
To go spotted at all it would not be desirable, what can be undertaken?
First, hide your face from direct sunlight. Before
When you leave the house, do not forget to grab a hat or
rest in the shade. Secondly, during the stay in the fresh air
apply creams on your face with sunscreens. If nevertheless
age spots do not get upset after birth
baby all disappear, and the skin will regain its former beauty.

Угревая сыпь. Some women during pregnancy
may be faced with a teenage problem – acne and acne on
face. The higher the progesterone level, the more likely
the appearance of this trouble. And with the problem may face
even owners of dry skin. Another reason
the occurrence of acne is malnutrition, abuse
fatty foods and sweets. How to deal with acne? First, not
forget to cleanse and moisturize the skin daily. Use
quality gels and skins for washing without fragrances and
salicylic acid. For a while, give up face scrubs, giving
preference clay masks. And do not use alone without
doctor’s recommendations creams for acne, various ointments and other
medicines – this is fraught with serious consequences as
for you and for the health of the future baby. Secondly,
adjust your daily menu. Eat more
products containing fiber.

Растяжки — еще одна косметическая беда беременных. For
prevent their occurrence already in early pregnancy
should be moistened with special creams and oils. Also worth
control your diet and avoid rapid jumps

During pregnancy it is not recommended to exercise such
cosmetic procedures like removing age spots, moles and
warts, chemical peels and tattoo removal.

Looking great while waiting for a baby is not easy, but
possibly. Have a beautiful pregnancy!


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