Potatoes: the beneficial properties of starchyvegetable. What properties has the potato, what harm is

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Potatoes are a very mysterious vegetable, related to
Russia ranges from love to hate. At the same time we are the whole country
in spring we plant potatoes, and in the fall we harvest. Potatoes
called the second bread, and this is due to food properties
популярного vegetable. But there are potato and beneficial properties, oh
which you need to know.

What is the composition of the potato

A well-known fact: potatoes contain a lot of starch, which
makes it an undesirable product on the diet table.
However, along with carbohydrates, which are so afraid of losing weight
girls, the potatoes contain:

• amino acids;

• a lot of potassium;

• phosphorus;

• potassium;

• iron;

• chrome;

• carotene;

• vitamins of group B, very important for prolonging youth and
Beauty, PP, E, K, D;

• folic acid;

• ascorbic acid (only in young potatoes);

• apple, lemon, sorrel and other organic

Each of the components gives potato tubers not only
nutritional value, but also benefit, which can not be abandoned.
Moreover, it is raw potato juice that is capable of real
healing miracles.

Useful properties of potatoes

First of all, it is necessary to pay tribute to the abundance of potassium. This
trace element provides normal water-salt metabolism, thereby
improving the flow of metabolic processes in the body. Traded potassium for
people suffering from heart and kidney disease, increased
pressure, atherosclerosis. Most good in potato
Baked: it retains a maximum of potassium. And thanks to the starch
reduces cholesterol in the blood and liver.

Useful properties of potatoes проявляются в его способности
alkalize the body due to the high mineral content
substances that are important for people with increased acidity of the stomach. For
gastritis sufferers can make potato soups and mashed potatoes
salvation, especially in the period of exacerbation. Cellulose envelops
wall of the stomach and relieves pain.

Boiled potatoes, by the way, in the amount of 300 grams (large
portion), contains the daily rate of phosphorus and potassium. In such a volume
young potatoes contain almost 100 mg of ascorbic acid – this
be sure to use when planning baby meals and
old people.

The healing properties of potatoes

Using the beneficial properties of potatoes is advisable when
the presence of inflammatory diseases of the joints, the tendency to
premature aging. Symptoms of gout and arthritis due to
potatoes are becoming less pronounced. It should be used in
raw, rubbed on a grater with the peel and combining with the reception
potato broth. Drink decoction to fasting: after waking up
for the night.

Serve potato juice – a powerful healing tool,
used in traditional medicine to combat the following
serious illnesses:

• burns;

• fungal infection of the skin;

• eczema;

• furunculosis;

• warts;

• purulent wounds;

• erysipelas;

• lupus erythematosus;

• seals after injections;

• corns;

• osteochondrosis (mixed with honey).

Компресс из сырой картофельной мякоти мгновенно
relieves pain, itching, burning, has wound healing, cooling
and absorbable action. You need to wash the tuber, rub it on
fine grater and put gruel on a sore point. Warts and calluses
You can simply rub with a juicy slice of potatoes.

Effective folk remedy that facilitates the cure of
воспаления горла и бронхов
, — горячие ингаляции над паром
from boiled potatoes. Chronic coughing can be hot.
compresses of boiled potatoes. Sore throat with pharyngitis or
laryngitis can be facilitated by rinsing their raw potato

List of ailments from which raw juice can help
potatoes are pretty big:

• a stomach ulcer and a duodenum (on a glass in the morning in
half an hour before breakfast; course);

• constipation;

• slagging of the body (in combination with celery juice and

• disruption of the nervous system;

• violation of the heart (100 ml on an empty stomach three times a day
for three weeks);

• hemorrhoids (to make microclysters or suppositories);

• persistent headaches (by a quarter cup);

• anemia (half a cup twice a day);

• flatulence (half a cup four times a day before meals).

Useful properties of potatoes проявляются еще на стадии цветения
plants. So, some healers use vegetable pollen
cultures for the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, and flowers
– to facilitate cancer.

Useful properties of potatoes в домашней косметологии

Boiled and raw has excellent anti-aging properties.
potato making it an excellent basis for cooking
home masks. Boiled potato must be pureed, mixed with
honey, cottage cheese, egg and put a lot on the face and neck.

If the skin is dry, the puréed potato should be mixed with
cream or fat sour cream and heat applied to the face.
This mask is especially good for mature skin after 40 years. She is
smoothes out wrinkles, nourishes the skin, perfectly refreshing.

Potatoesный отвар — прекрасное средство для ухода за кожей рук.
She is становится гладкой, нежной, шелковой. Simultaneously strengthened
brittle nails.

Harm of potatoes

The calorie content of potatoes is quite high – about 90 kcal per hundred
grams of product. Therefore, lovers who are prone to completeness need
limit the use of potato dishes. Interesting that young
potatoes are almost a third less calorie.

The presence of starch makes potatoes difficult to assimilate human
by the body. Therefore, its use is worth oganichit and in that
if there are no problems with excess weight. In addition, for
vysk glycemic index score exclude potato dishes
need if you have the following diagnoses:

• diabetes;

• obesity;

• diseases of the pancreas.

In all these cases, the potato may cause deterioration
states. A negative impact can have a potato
tendencies to flatulence or the danger of stone formation in
the kidneys. In addition, there is evidence that the vegetable is contraindicated
those who experience bouts of sexual arousal or sick
sexually transmitted disease.

But from the green potatoes need to give up all people without
any exceptions and doubts. Green and Sprouted Tubers
they accumulate a substance deadly dangerous to humans – solanine. AT
as a last resort you need to cut the skin as thick as possible so that
guaranteed not to get a lethal dose of the substance. But still
green vegetables are best used as planting material or
throw away.

Useful properties of potatoes сохранятся лучше, если запекать овощ
or steam it up, especially if you don’t take the “uniform” off, then
There is no freeing from the skins.

Since the juice of fresh potatoes has alkalizing properties,
it can not be used for health purposes with reduced
кислотности желудочного juice.

Useful properties of potatoes весьма высоки. Like any vegetable, he
brings the body an undoubted benefit. However, if available
certain diseases from eating potatoes need

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