Potato slimming diet: 3 basicoptions

kartofelnaya-dietaToday we will meet one more
vegetable mono-diet that has an incredible popularity among
losing weight due to its lightness and versatility that will help you
sure to lose about 3-4 kg for 7 days. And this diet
– potato!

According to nutritionists, as part of this nutrition program,
queue recommended consumption of young tubers
potatoes which unlike last year’s harvest is good
retain, as their taste, and all useful for
organism vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the fact that as a result of storage in
potato tubers begin to increase rapidly
starchy compounds, which significantly increases the total
calorie product.

Using the potato diet has a number of positive
aspects for human health: acts as a preventive
hypertension improves performance
cardiovascular system, has a calming effect on the central
nervous system, helps relieve stress, due to which many people
start to feel more vigorous and active!

A very important social feature is low cost.
its main product, so it is available for use.
absolutely all losing weight with different levels of affluence. By the way, to
follow a diet any special culinary skills also not
needed, because even a novice can cook potatoes. For
diets in the trade network try to choose medium potatoes
size without any specks on the peel (for example, green or
dark brown).

And now let’s get acquainted with its three main


One-day potato diet:

  • Breakfast: 250 ml. skimmed yogurt or milk.
  • Lunch: 200 gr. mashed potatoes cooked in water with
    minimum amount of salt.
  • Dinner: delicious salad, which includes: boiled egg, 200 gr.
    potatoes (several tubers), spices and vinegar optional, plus
    refueling from oil (better than olive oil).

Diet for 3 days:

Bake in the oven or cook in a double boiler 1
kg unpeeled potatoes (about 80% of its beneficial ingredients
concentrated precisely in the peel) and break it into six identical
parts (by the number of meals).

During the meal, it is recommended to refuse salt or
use it in limited quantities. But add the dish
different types of herbs (for example, dill or parsley) can be
any volume. It is also allowed to add a little olive

If the feeling of hunger does not leave you, you can additionally
Diversify your diet with the following products:

  • for breakfast: a slice of whole wheat bread spread with thin
    слоем сливочного oils.
  • for dinner: vegetable cutting from cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and

Potato diet for 7 days: a week for results

Как и во втором варианте, ежедневно вам стоит готовить 1 kg
potato and break it down into the right amount of meals plus
during the meal you can use an unlimited amount of greens and
немного оливкового oils.

In addition, once a day you can afford one dish per
Selection: 100 gr. chicken breast, a pair of boiled eggs, 150 gr.
low-fat cottage cheese or 250 gr. grilled vegetables
(tomatoes, peppers, carrots).

Длительность третьего options – 7 дней, на протяжении которых
strictly observe the drinking regime – at least 2 liters of purified water
or herbal teas, such as corn stigmas.

Главные недостатки: Как и любая другая монодиета,
potato has the same drawback. Using in his
diets only potatoes, you thereby deprive your
the body of a large number of important vitamins and trace elements that
may adversely affect your health.

But there is a solution! For the period of the diet you need to take
synthetically made vitamin complexes.

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