Pornstar Elena Berkova does not get tired to postintimate pics with her fifth husband

Mon, Aug 25, 2014

Conflicting information constantly appears on the Web.
regarding the marital status of domestic porn star Elena
Berkova. It is reported that she married for the fifth time, that
this relationship is just a civil marriage.

It must be said that observing the epic of family life
Berkova, relate to everything happening quite critically. Her
accused of having forgotten about the lost previous husband (he
пропал, купаясь в море в Крыму — ред.), переметнувшись к
new man Moreover, readers wonder how
Are men not ashamed to marry her?

The other day in the social network, Berkova changed her status to “married”, and
posted an intimate photo with her new chosen one 40-year-old
actor Andrei Stoyanov.

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