Popular myths about losing weight. Part 3

mifi-o-pohudenii-3Regardless of whether you have
overweight or not, you should be aware of the various
myths and misconceptions associated with weight loss.

People who want to lose weight, especially
you need to know these “traps” associated with losing weight.

Researchers claim that many well-known “axioms” about
healthy lifestyles are actually a set of popular
assumptions, from the point of view of nutrition and altogether having little
in common with reality.

And if you still believe in it, then you can choose such
activities that definitely won’t come about
useful and effective for burning unwanted pounds. In the meantime
you do not know the truthfulness of well-established misconceptions about weight loss, you
will not be able to make up the correct and perfect
fitness plan.

This third portion of the myths with which we will meet
and finally dispel them. Today’s beliefs will be associated with

I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the first two parts –
«Popular myths about losing weight. Part 1 “and” Popular myths about
losing weight Часть 2»
. So let’s go!

Strength training will lead to an increase in body volume.

Our consciousness connects strength training with big muscles,
but it is extremely difficult even for men to achieve.
As a result, girls face the fear of “pumping up” that
puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to their
health. And this is an increased risk of osteoporosis later in life, and
also a decrease in muscle mass of about 2-5% per year, which has
negative effect on metabolism (and may lead to an increase in

While doing strength training, the “right” hormone
(testosterone) is vital for your muscles
increased in size. Female testosterone levels are much
lower than in men (15-20 times), so in most cases,
they are not adapted for building large muscles. In the end, so
as muscles take up less space than fat, women tend to
only lose extra centimeters in volume. So in
addition to the benefits of exercise (increased exchange
substances (an average of 10%), reducing the risk of osteoporosis),
strength training will help you lose weight! Women, in fact, with more
likely bring your muscles to tone from this kind of training,
and ultimately look slimmer, feel stronger and

Training on an empty stomach increases efficiency

utrennyaya-probegkaIn theory, yes, because your level
sugar (glucose) in the blood and carbohydrates in the muscles is low after
night fasting and before breakfast your body will use fat in
as the main fuel.

But exercising on an empty stomach is like trying
run your car without gasoline. You have to “give” a little
carbohydrates to your body to “start your engine” and
burn more calories. Still, the muscles prefer to work on

During your workout, your body still needs glucose, and
at some point you risk the hormone cortisol start
forced conversion of your muscle proteins into glucose for
maintain critical blood sugar levels. By the way, the same
the process causes cortisol and low-calorie diets when
�“Artificially” a very low glucose level occurs.

Therefore, it is better not to do intense training on an empty
stomach. Energy bar or fruit juice (sports
drink) will be enough to create the required level
blood glucose and prevent the use of your muscles for
energy and still count on good calorie consumption from

It is important to know: “What is after training?”.

Burning body fat in a specific part of the body

Many practitioners spend too much of their time on
performing hundreds of repetitions directed, for example, to press or
internal (external) thigh muscles to get rid of excess
kilograms, but fat remains stubbornly.

When you exercise, your body draws energy from everywhere, and
not only in one place of the body. Concentrated load on
a certain area of ​​your body, you increase the risk of getting
injuries. Fitness instructors offer purposefully
engage in a certain part of the body no more often than every third

On other days, it is advised to focus on
Balanced program for all your muscles.

A long workout burns more calories.

It is clear that jogging is a great “calorie burner” and
undoubtedly helps you to throw a few hundred grams. But you could
actually get a much greater fitness effect if
divide it into two half-hour or three 20-minute sessions.
A person can work at a more intense pace if he spends two
short workouts instead of one, which means the total number
calories may be more.

Исследования в журнале “ Journal of Applied Physiology»
showed that healthy people who spent two separate 30 –
minute aerobic session burned more calories after exercise by
compared to one 60-minute.

Good luck and good results in the fight against unnecessary

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