Popular myths about losing weight. Part 1

mifi-o-pohudeniiThere are a lot of slimming
common and well-established rumors and recommendations, by type
read somewhere, heard somewhere, which only confuses yes

And every day there are more such myths and

�“Thanks to” they appear next “extremely productive”
short-term diets that often result in complete loss
motivation from a completely opposite final effect.

Let’s finally dismantle such myths and forever
get rid of those beliefs. Go!


The best way to lose weight is to avoid eating.

Диеты, основанные на низком употреблении carbohydrate,
promote a diet rich in protein food. Daily food on
based on meat, eggs, cottage cheese, it may well serve as inconspicuous
ingesting excess fat and cholesterol, and
this is already a risk to your cardiovascular system. Plus to this
limited consumption of fruits and vegetables (due to lack of
fiber) will certainly affect the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

The best way to lose weight is, of course, to use less.
calories, but using a nutritious diet that includes
in a variety of products. No specific product group
should not be excluded in order to achieve the ideal weight for
all the while you stick balanced

Старайтесь ограничить употребление лишь рафинированных carbohydrate
(such as sugar, confectionery, etc.), and products –
like bread, rice, pasta, fruit – may well
быть частью вашей здоровой и сбалансированной diets. As far as it is
perhaps use complex (so-called useful) nutrition
carbohydrates – whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes …

For genetics, the last word

On the one hand, studies have shown that biological
relatives tend to have similar body weight, but this is not at all
indicator stamp that such a fate awaits you, if your parents
or grandparents suffered from overweight. Yes, those who
there have been cases of “extra pounds” in the family;
gaining excess weight but this does not mean that healthy
diet and exercise will be less effective for you!

Regardless of your “genetics”, the most important factors
determine your weight – the number of calories consumed and how much
physical activity you get during the day.

Therefore, you should not use genetics as a preposition,
to give up the desire to lose weight!

Avoiding fat intake

On the contrary, some fats can really help with your
effort in losing weight. Of course, the use of a large number
fat is associated with the risk of diseases like cancer, but all
we actually need fat in our diet to be
healthy. Fat helps the body absorb nutrients
feel longer full, which will help you in the end the opposite
eat less.

Naturally saturated and trans fats should be avoided, but
unsaturated fats are actually beneficial for you.
Enjoy products like fish, nuts and olive oil,
and it helps to gain perfect weight and good health.

Also be attentive to low-content foods.
fat or fat free, because in fact such food may contain
as much as their “non-fat versions”, or even more
total calories. This is due to the content of additives in the form
sugars, flour, starch or thickeners to improve the flavor and
texture, after the fat is removed. Here are the ingredients and
may add you extra calories.

You should not eat after 18.00 20.00

It doesn’t actually matter what time of the day you eat
(most importantly do not skip breakfast). How much do you eat and how much
physical activity you have throughout the day, this determines
will you increase, lose, or maintain on the same level
your weight. No matter when you eat, your body will
store excess calories in the form of fat.

If you want a snack before bedtime, first count
think about how many calories you have eaten that day. A plus
try to avoid snacking in front of the TV at night, so you
it may be easier to lose count of calories and overeat than when you
distract from television.

To be continued …

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