Pomelo for weight loss: benefits, diet, recipesdishes

pomelo-dlya-pohudeniya-poleznye-svoystva-dietaPomelo is
fruit of tall evergreen trees with a spherical crown.

The fruit itself is covered with a thick thick skin that has
a greenish-yellowish tint, and the shape is more like a circle,
sometimes a little flattened (pear).

Homeland pomelo is considered to be China, where, according to some,
it began to grow even more than 100 years BC. Later,
thanks to the development of navigation, this fruit appeared in

In our country, the pomelo fell much later,
presumably from Israel, and to this day remains indispensable
attribute of the holiday table in almost every home.

At first glance, pomelo is very similar to grapefruit, but significantly
larger (sometimes there are fruits that reach in
weight 10 kg). To taste they really have similarity, but pomelo
differs in more saturated sourish and sweetish smack

It is also worth noting that pomelo is an excellent tool.
for weight loss, allowing you to easily get rid of extra pounds
without the slightest harm to the body. That’s what we’ll talk about in
within this article. After all, not many representatives
beautiful half of humanity wanting to have perfect
parameters of the figure, can afford daily to go to the gym,
go on diets and stuff.

Pomelo is an excellent tool to fight fat
due to the presence of a special lipolytic
an enzyme capable of well digesting fat stores, gradually
removing them from the body.

Useful properties of pomelo for weight loss and not only

Needless to say that pomelo is the richest
source of ascorbic acid, vitamins of group B, A,
beta carotene, pectin, antioxidants, essential oils and others
trace elements. It also contains many useful
carbohydrates that contribute to the good work of the entire digestive
systems in general. The pulp of this fruit is rich in potassium, calcium,
magnesium, iron, sodium and phosphorus.

It is worth noting that its calorie content is quite
low (not more than 40 units per 100 g.), which makes the pomelo one of
dietary products. Scientists have concluded that his reception
helps to cope with depression and fatigue, by increasing
health, vitality and mood of a person. AT
the period of winter cold when the body is sorely lacking
vitamins, it protects against viral diseases and
increases immunity.

ATрачи рекомендуют употреблять этот фрукт людям, которые имеют
problems with pressure, stomach and pancreas, with
atherosclerosis, diabetes, insomnia, fever,
asthmatics, also pomelo pulp is very effective in stopping
growth of cancer cells.

AT области косметологии помело зарекомендовал себя как
effective ingredient that helps maintain skin in
excellent condition. Masks made based on it have
wonderful moisturizing effect. For this you will need
a small piece of fruit, a little honey and lemon juice. ATсе это
mix well, apply on face and leave for 15 minutes.
Then gently wash off the mask with cool water and lubricate the skin.


Pomelo based diet

A new pomelo-based diet is an excellent option.
lose weight without giving up your favorite and tasty
dishes. We have already talked about the miraculous enzyme in its composition, but
reception pomelo can also quickly saturate the body, well
satisfying hunger for a long period of time.

Let’s stop on the approximate menu of this diet more

First day:

  • morning – green tea without sugar and one half of pomelo.
  • lunch – fresh salad with fish (boiled chicken) or stewed
    vegetables, herbal tea, one pomelo.
  • afternoon snack – fruit salad with low-fat yogurt, in composition
    which includes pomelo.
  • evening – steamed cauliflower, ginger tea with honey,
    half pomelo.

ATторой день:

  • morning is one small piece of hard cheese, tea without sugar,
    one pomelo.
  • lunch – steamed vegetables, a small piece of boiled fish, tea without
  • Snack – one boiled egg, half pomelo.
  • evening – one boiled egg, one green apple, one pomelo,
    tea without sugar, preferably herbal. Egg and apple can
    replace with cauliflower salad.

The third day: repeat as the first.

Such a diet lasts three days and can also be considered for you.
cleansing, allowing you to rid your body of unnecessary waste and
harmful substances and restore harmony in the intestines. Consuming
pomelo slimming every morning, you can achieve the desired
result in a couple of months, which is not only fast, but also very

Предостережение: Не стоит употреблять данный фрукт людям,
with a history of citrus allergies, ulcers and
acidity of the stomach.

Salad “Gourmet”

Ingredients: one pomelo, lettuce, olive oil, salt,
pepper, seasonings.

Method of preparation: cut pomelo into small pieces and
lettuce leaves (you can beautifully tear), mix everything, add salt
taste and pepper, season with olive oil – the salad is ready.
Enjoy your meal!

Salad “Women’s Overture”

Ingredients: one pomelo, lettuce leaves, one chicken fillet,
Cashew nuts, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and salt.

Method of preparation: first need to fry
chicken fillet in olive oil, and after it has cooled,
cut into small strips. Then peel the pomelo,
disassemble and free them from the film. Lettuce leaves
gently tear, chop up the cheese into thin strips, mix everything
(chicken, leaves, cheese, pomelo and nuts), salt and season with olive

New Year’s dessert

Ingredients: half pomelo, one small orange, one
banana, two apples, two kiwis, two pears, one hundred gram ice cream
ice cream and dark chocolate.

Method of preparation: peel all fruits, cut them
small pieces (possible cubes or triangles) and
mix it up. Then refuel the resulting ice cream and razlazhivaem
on beautiful vases. When serving, sprinkle with grated chocolate.

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