Pollock fish cutlets – anti-crisis dish!Recipe for fish chops from pollock in a slow cooker, oven, onpan

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Pollock is an affordable and inexpensive fish that can be purchased at
any store or supermarket.

In addition, pollock meat is rich in iodine and protein, which are so
necessary for our health.

It is especially recommended to include fish cakes in the children’s

Pollock Fish Cutlets – Basic Cooking Principles

Minced meatballs can be used already, but better
cook it yourself from pollock carcasses. The result is
natural product from which you can cook even children.

Pollock carcasses are cleaned of scales, remove tails and heads, cut
fins and smooth the inside of the black film. Then do
along the back of the incision and take out the ridge. The resulting fillet is ground in
mince with a blender or grinder.

For the preparation of conventional meatballs, minced crushed
onions, garlic, eggs, soaked loaf, fresh herbs and spices.
Then it is salted and well mixed.

Also, pollock fish cutlets are prepared with the addition of vegetables.
This may be potatoes, zucchini, Bulgarian pepper, etc. Such
cutlets are juicy and tasty.

Mince form oval or round patties. Cook
burgers can be in different ways. They are fried until ruddy,
baked in the oven or steamed. You can cook burgers
with gravy. To do this, roasted cutlets put in a cauldron,
pour the gravy and tomato for about ten minutes on a small fire.

Recipe 1. Pollock fish cutlets with greens


pollock mince – kilogram;

breadcrumbs – 100 g;

vegetable oil – 80 ml;

white bread – two slices;

dill and parsley;

eggs – 2 pcs .;


black pepper.

Cooking method

1. Carcass pollock completely thawed, clean the scales,
trim heads and tails. Clean out the inner black film,
cut the fins and separate the fillets from the ridge. Tweezers remove all
small bones. Wash fillet well and cut into chunks. Grind
fish in a blender or meat grinder in minced meat.

2. Then add the bread flesh to the mince and crush again.
Rinse greens, shake off excess moisture and finely shred it.
Add the greens to the minced fish, beat in the egg, salt and
Stir until smooth.

3. Wet your hands in water, take a bit of mince and form out
him a chop. So make chops until it’s over.
minced meat Each breaded in flour or breadcrumbs and fry in hot
oil until delicious crust on both sides.

Recipe 2. Pollock fish cutlets


400 g of peeled pollock fillet;




fresh herbs;

black pepper;

a quarter cup of milk;

spices for fish;

three eggs;

50 grams of white bread;

40 g butter.

Cooking method

1. From slices of bread, cut off the crusts, and break the flesh and
cover with warm milk. Check for pollock fillets for small
pits, if any, remove them with tweezers. Pollock fillet
wash and dry. Grind рыбу в мясорубке или мелко порубите
a knife.

2. Clean the bulb, wash it and finely chop it. Add a
лук в minced meat

3. Squeeze out the bread soaked in milk. Potato peel and finely
rub it. Add a хлеб и тертую картошку в рыбный minced meat Spice up
Spice it up and add butter. Knead the stuffing carefully,
add an egg and finely chopped greens to it. Salt and
pepper Взбейте minced meat

4. In the deep plate, beat the remaining eggs, salt and lightly
beat with a fork. Place breadcrumbs in a wide plate and

5. Take a tablespoon of minced meat and shape with wet hands.
cutlets. Roll them in flour, then bread in breadcrumbs and
Put it on the board.

6. Разогрейте в pan масло и выложите в него cutlets.
Fry them on medium heat until golden brown, then turn them over.
cutlets, cover and continue frying for another five minutes.

Recipe 3. Pollock fish cutlets with cottage cheese


600 g of pollock fillet;

кухонная salt;

130 g of cottage cheese;

black pepper and seasonings;

130 grams of white bread or loaf;

50 g of flour;



Cooking method

1. Clean the onion from the husk, wash and chop small
slices. Pass in hot vegetable oil until onion is
turn yellow.

2. Defrost the fish fillets, wash and dry them with a napkin.
Cut the fillet into chunks and twist in a meat grinder.

3. Curd the cheese through a sieve. Soak white bread warm
milk for five minutes.

4. Combine minced meat with cottage cheese, onion,
pressed bread and egg. Pepper, salt and season with spices.
Хорошенько вымесите minced meat

5. With a damp hand, take a bit of mince and form it.
cutlets. Roll each in flour and place in preheated
sunflower oil. Fry the patties on both sides on average.
on fire

Recipe 4. Pollock fish cutlets in the oven


kg of peeled pollock fillet;

sugar – pinch;

white bread crumb;


100 ml of milk;

sea ​​salt;

two onions.

Cooking method

1. Thaw the fillet completely. pollock and carefully inspect it
for the presence of small bones. If any, remove them from
using tweezers. Wash the fish fillets, dry them with a napkin and
cut into pieces. Pass the pollock fillet through the meat grinder.

2. Peel two onions and finely chop. Fry the onions in
heated sunflower oil to transparency. Cool and add
поджарку в рыбный minced meat Cut off the crust from the bread. Meakish smash
slices and fill it with warm milk. Leave it for five minutes,
then squeeze and add the bread to the pollock mince. Spice up все
a pinch of sugar, salt and allspice. Now knead everything.

3. Soak your hands in water and take a little stuffing. Form
from it oval or round patties. Put them on the board and
send in the fridge for an hour. Then shift the patties to
greased baking sheet and bake at 180 ° C until rosy,
appetizing crust. To cutlets you can submit a tomato or
sour cream garlic sauce.

Recipe 5. Pollock fish cutlets with filling


half a kilo of pollock fillet;

150 g of dill and parsley;

five onions;

300 g of mushrooms;

two eggs;

three pinches of salt;

50 grams of lard;

on the tip of a black pepper knife;

100 grams of white bread;

half a cup of milk;

50 grams of flour.

Cooking method

1. Peel the three onions, finely chop them and
fry until ruddy on sunflower oil.

2. Wash, clean and lightly boil the mushrooms, fold them to
Colander and cool. Then slice the mushrooms and add to
onions. Stir and fry on low heat for about three minutes.

3. Boil the egg, peel it and chop it. Rinse the greens
lightly dry and finely powder. Connect the mushrooms with the egg and
greens. Pepper and salt. Stir.

4. Pollock fillet, сало, очищенную луковицу и замоченный в молоке
twist the bread in a meat grinder. Mince the pepper, salt
и добавьте egg. Тщательно вымесите рыбный minced meat

5. Make minced loaf mince and spread on a board.
Лепешки должны быть по толщине как половина cutlets. Put on
scone a teaspoon of mushroom filling and cover all the second
cakes. Fold edges, form a patty, dip in whipped
egg and roll in breadcrumbs.

6. Fry the pollock patties in preheated vegetable oil until
An appetizing crust on both sides. Put the finished patties on
dish, and decorate with greens. Serve as an addition to
potato or rice garnish.

Recipe 6. Pollock fish cutlets in a slow cooker


half a kilo of pollock fillet;

морская salt;

slice of white bread;

black pepper;

two-thirds cup of milk;


Cooking method

1. Peel pollock fillet from small bones and skin. Wash the fish
under the tap, dry it with napkins. Put the fillet in deep
a plate and fill it with half a glass of warm milk. Salt and
leave the fish for half an hour.

2. Cut the crust off the bread, break the pulp and fill it
milk When the bread softens, squeeze it and put it in a bowl,
where you will mix mince from pollock.

3. Pollock fillet обсушите салфетками, чтобы удалить лишнюю влагу.
Twist pressed white bread and pollock fillets in a meat grinder. Add a
in the minced egg and mix. If the stuffing turned out
thin, add the semolina.

4. Form the patties with wet hands and place in a container for
cooking for a couple. Pour water into the tank;
basket with meatballs and close the lid of the unit. Turn on mode
�“Steaming” and cook the cutlets for 20 minutes. Serve cutlets with
a side dish of potatoes or vegetable salad.

Pollock Fish Cutlets – Tips and Tricks

  • Heat the pan well and then pour it.
    vegetable oil.

  • To cutlets when frying turned out with a crispy crust,
    Dip them only in well-heated oil.

  • If the stuffing turned out жидковатым, добавьте манную крупу или

  • Add a в рыбный фарш немного свиного сала, чтобы котлеты
    turned out juicy.

  • To cutlets do not get dry and not burned, fry
    их на среднем on fire

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