Plie squats: technology for slimhips

plie-prisedaniya-tehnika-vypolneniyaStrengthening exercises
thighs, buttocks, calves and included in all training complexes for
lower back, called “sumo” or plié squats, technique
performance of which is borrowed from ballet positions.

This technique implies that the runtime spin
the entire exercise remains straight, and only the knees are bent.
Основная работа ложится на мышцы ягодиц и hips.

For beginners, when they are taught to do the Plié squat technique,
report that the toes need to be turned out, in
opposite sides, putting the legs in a wide position. The higher
body flexibility, the farther one leg is from the other and
more angle of socks.

Initially it is believed that the toes are placed at an angle of 45
°, but with practice the range of movement in the hips and
body flexibility, so toes can move away from each other,
increasing the angle.

Better than other techniques, this training is aimed at working out
lower body, strengthens the hips: tones their inner and
outer region, as well as calves, hamstrings and buttocks, in
which are the most powerful muscles.


How to do plie squats: technique and tips

In order to properly perform this simple exercise,
place the feet on the floor to a width that is slightly larger than the NW
(ширина плеч) или ширина hips. Professionals can increase
the distance between the legs in the plié position is up to two or three WB values,
but this will require increased flexibility and mobility of the joints.
Beginners better position their feet at a convenient distance in order to
keep balance.

Bend your knees and lower the body, keeping your back straight and
press in tension. Когда передняя часть hips достигнет линии,
parallel to the floor, squeeze the buttocks and with an effort go up in the PI
(initial position).

For those who think such exercises are too easy, then
to complicate it will help extra weights (weighting). Regularly
performed plye squats with dumbbells, weight or barbell noticeably
increases the intensity of training, allows simultaneously with the lower
part of the body to work on its upper part and additionally
increase muscle mass, honing the lines of the figures.

What muscles are involved in performing plies?

Sumo or plié squat is a multi-joint exercise. It
makes the muscles of the buttocks, quadriceps, popliteal muscles strain
сухожилия и внутреннюю часть hips.

Unlike conventional, traditional squats, in which
mainly the gluteus maximus, thigh biceps,
hamstrings and quadriceps, plie technique
(especially on tiptoes) involves, in addition to all of the above,
внутреннюю часть hips и приводящие мышцы – аддукторы. It is on
these muscles load is directed to a greater degree.

Plié is ideal for beginner athletes who want to
подтянуть и укрепить внутреннюю область hips.

Combined with strength training, cardiovascular exercise and healthy
nutrition plye squat perfectly helps you in creating slender and
подтянутых hips. Use of plie technique for women: only

There are many reasons to start today.
performing plié squats, adding them to your core workout.
The advantages of these exercises are the following factors:

  • они эффективно разрабатывают внутреннюю поверхность hips.
    Due to differences in the position of the legs in the pli-position and the usual
    squats, you have to use different muscles and drives
    hips для их открытия. When a girl needs to move her legs to
    the Plié position, it actually tones up a multitude of muscles,
    including large and short drive, thin and comb – all
    inner thigh muscles and adductors. Gradually increasing
    the number of reps and approaches in doing ply-squats, you
    definitely feel the strain on the muscles of the inner thigh;
  • ability to strengthen the buttocks. Dropping down from standing in
    Pie-squat, you need to work more efficiently with muscles
    buttocks. The gluteus maximus is the most powerful in the body.
    person Her training not only provides easier
    performing everyday loads, but also capable of doing any
    great runner or improve performance in every view
    sports, whatever you like. Besides performing pliés, you
    strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, which helps in the end
    get more elastic and taut ass;
  • improving body balance. Plye squats not only
    improve muscle relief, but also strengthen balance and
    develop coordination of movements. Constant change of position
    unusual actions – all this contributes to training earlier
    hypertrophied muscles. For example, turning the foot outward by 45 °
    requires stabilize the spine. As you will
    to crouch in the Plié pose more and more, the balance of the body in each
    a shaky situation will not be a problem for you;
  • Pie-squats are available anywhere and anytime. The main
    The advantage of these exercises is the lack of need
    use any equipment. To effectively pump up
    ass with their help, you have enough of its own weight and a small
    space around. They can be made at home and even when traveling,
    staying in a hotel room. Pie squat is a great choice
    whenever you need lower body workout!

How to combine ply-squats with your favorite

There are several ways you can use
today add plié squats to training. Include them in your
warm up! Knowing which muscles work during plie squats,
It’s safe to say that warming them up will help:

  • improve tissue metabolism and prepare them for effective
    training and large amplitudes of movement without the risk of injury;
  • accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, increase
    heart rate and adapt the body to training;
  • warm your gluteal muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps and
    внутренние части hips.

Top 3 Best Plie Workout Ideas

If you need to prepare your lower body for intense
loads, you can choose any of these methods:

1. Do 10 pyee squats, then sit on the floor, grab it
arms to the floor and lift both legs up, make them 10
circular movements left and right, run again 10
Pie-squats and finally – 10 circular movements with his hands.

2. 30 seconds “mountaineer” – imitate in the position of a high bar
running, raising alternately the knees to the chest, then – 30 seconds of running with
overrun (running in place, lifting the heels high up and touching them
buttocks), then 10 plie-squats and 10 lunges.

3. Pushups on hands – 5 times, circular movements with the legs, sitting on
on the floor (stop at the back), 10 turns in different directions, again 10
Pie-squats and finally – 5 push-ups from the floor.

Exercise of the lower body due to plie squats in
results in a denser and firmer “fifth point”, as well as
shortens the way to strong, slender legs.

Use either of the two highly effective trainings with
own body weight for which no equipment is needed.
Do two or three classes a week to visibly strengthen and
tighten the bottom of the body, buttocks and thighs – the most problematic part for
pear girls or office staff. Use plie on tiptoe,
add pulsed deep squats (5-7 cm below parallel) –
and your labors will not be in vain.

Accelerated leg training

Perform 10 plye squats, then:

  • 10 attacks, curtsy (put alternately legs back,
    crossing them);
  • 10 swings each leg (or leg rises);
  • 10 bridges, raising not only the pelvis up, but also the legs

We finish the training with 10 jumps “jumping jack” and “mountaineer”
in a high bar that we do for one minute. Whole cycle
repeat three times.

Super training for legs and buttocks

Sit down 10 times in the plie position, then:

  • make 10 plies with a jump up;
  • 10 “bridges” for the buttocks;
  • 10 “fire hydrants” (stand on the floor, on all fours,
    resting your hands and knees on the floor, lift your left leg 10 times, not
    straightening her knee, then lift your right leg 10
  • 10 minutes of running on the spot with overlapping (touching the buttocks
  • �”Climber” – for 1 minute.

This training is done the same 3 times.

How many calories does plye burn?

Experts, responding to all slimming girls, argue that
The amount of energy burned depends on the intensity of the workouts and
their complexity (on tiptoes and in a pulse mode the process
thermolipolysis proceeds faster).

When working with sufficient diligence 100 kcal are burned for
10 minutes. This is true for training with medium and high
intensity, as well as using plie squats with
dumbbells, barbell, weight, on the simulator and other weights.

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