Planting of an armia in soil and on seedling: terms andflower planting rules. Caring for a plant and preparing an armeria forwinter

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Armeria is a herbaceous perennial plant blooming on
throughout the summer. Planting an army once in the garden, you can about it
completely forget. The flower reproduces perfectly by self-sowing.

The subtleties of planting seeds Armeria

Grassy shrubs grown by seedling or sowing
seed into the ground.

Sowing seeds of armeria in open ground

Sowing of seeds is carried out in autumn or early spring so that they pass
natural stratification. For autumn planting the seeds are not
soaked, and immediately distributed over the soil surface. Best time
for landing – the second half of October.

In the spring, sowing is carried out as soon as the soil thaws, the optimum
The deadline is the second half of March.

The row for sowing is prepared in advance, loosened and removed.
weeds, level the soil and slightly thicken. In the natural
conditions, seeds sprout well.

Tip! Do not cut dry flowers and autumn seeds of wind by the wind.
will spread throughout the flowerbed. Spring will just have to wait
seedlings and thin them.

Planting seeds Armeria seedlings

Sowing seeds start at the end of February or at the very beginning
Martha. Seeds are not buried in the soil, but only slightly covered.
To germination was 100%, the planting material is pre-subjected
stratification at home.

One week before the intended planting, place the seeds in the paper
package and put in the fridge. Soak them warm before sowing.
solution of potassium permanganate or growth stimulant for 6-8 hours.

Landing is made in bowls with loose nutrient soil. Before
the emergence of seedlings contain containers in greenhouse conditions at the very
bright place.

Armor seedlings are developing rapidly. As soon as the seedlings grow,
and they will have the first pair of real leaves, proceed to
picking Seated in containers at a distance of 5-10 cm
Further seedling growing occurs in the greenhouse until seedlings are
get stronger.

Planting seedlings of Armeria in open ground

On a flower bed, the flower is transferred when the frost is completely over.
Times may vary in different regions.

For planting the army choose the solar plot, where the plant
will feel comfortable. The ground should be lightly
sourish and stony. If the soil is not acidic enough, then its
watered with acetic acid solution.

The plot is prepared a few weeks before planting,
dig in and contribute organics. Holes do at a distance of 30-40 cm
from each other. If grown in groups, the distance
между отдельными экземплярами сокращают до 15 см. Beforeпускается
landing in a trench. While working, make sure that the root
the plant’s neck was not covered with earth. Do not sink the seedlings,
otherwise she will die.

Tip! To seedlings well acclimatized, water abundantly
shrub in the first weeks after planting. But do not fill, let
the ground will dry out a bit between watering.

Grown from seeds, Armeria blooms only the next.

Care of the army in the garden

Armeria – unpretentious plant and care for it does not deliver
hassle. It includes standard procedures that are possible.
any summer resident.

In the spring the shrub is fed several times with complex
mineral fertilizer. The first time the feed is carried out before the start
flowering, then at intervals of 14 days.

Watering the flower too often is not necessary, several times are enough.
wet the soil well in season. If the summer is dry, then a few
once a week, water the shrub, but do not fill it. Soil should
to dry out.

At one place they grow up an army of 5 years, if it was planted
seeds or seedlings. Adult bushes need division. For
this spring, the shrub is dug up, divided into parts and planted
in places. If this is not done, then the Armeria is translated.
Further division is carried out every 3 years.

What to do with the army after flowering

Collecting seeds for further cultivation does not make sense, so
as a plant you need to plant regularly. Planting material
will be enough for friends. Do not leave dry inflorescences, so
as they take power from the shrub, new buds don’t
are born.

If necessary, collect the seeds as follows:

1. Leave a few inflorescences and tie them with gauze.

2. Beforeждитесь полного увядания цветка, срежьте сухое

3. Pull the seeds out onto paper and dry them indoors.

4. Store seeds in a cool, but dry place.

Sow the seeds as described above.

Adult bushes of the army well winter without shelter, especially in
regions with snowy winters. Young seedlings in regions with
snowy winters necessarily cover. For этого используют
dry peat, nonwovens and spruce branches. Harboring an army like
only cold weather will set.

Fight against diseases and pests

Armeria itself is very disease resistant and rarely
affected by pests. But if growing conditions are not suitable,
for example, a shrub is planted in an under-sour soil, then
infection can not be avoided.

Of the diseases most common spotting shoots.
Affected plant parts removed and the soil acidified with suitable
means. You can transplant a bush to another, more suitable place.
with sour primer.

Among the pests of Armeria annoying aphid. Shoots sprayed
any drugs from leaf-sucking pests or use
folk remedies. With a strong defeat shoots subjected to
radical pruning.

Varieties and varieties of Armeria with photos

Among the cultivated varieties most common
species that are most commonly used for planting in stony
gardens, rock gardens or rabatkah.

Alpine armeria

A perennial plant with an average flowering period. First buds
disclosed from mid-June. Shrub grows dense carpet to 30
cm in diameter, reaches 15 cm in height. Armeria winters along with

Most popular varieties:

• Rosea – baskets of bright pink color;

• Alba – different white inflorescences;

• Laucheana – carmine red flowers.

Beautiful armeria

Evergreen perennial shrub with white or pink
inflorescences. Blooms in early summer, flowering time 3-4
of the month. The height of the bush is about 40 cm.

Primorye Armeria

In the natural environment is found on rocky shores near
seas. Shrub dense, up to 20 cm in height. Flowers of lilac shades.
Flowering occurs twice a season. First bloom at the beginning
May, the second time in early autumn.

Armeria turfy

Perennial requires mandatory shelter for the winter. Bush
reaches 15 cm in height, leaves are linear, flowers are pink shades.
The bloom is so abundant that from the leaves of the Armeria not
it is seen.

Armeria Velcheva

A tall variety of armeria, the bush reaches 35 cm in
height. This is one of the long-term varieties.
flowering The plant blooms in early summer and blooms until

Armeria garden ordinary

Bush достигает 60 см в высоту, цветоносы не облиственные,
high. On one bush there are up to 40 peduncles with inflorescences.
red shades.

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