Personal experience: How I lost seven kilogramsper month

Ср, 06 янв 2016 Автор: Вероника Коробова

I want to share my personal weight loss experience. One month before New Year
corporate party, I realized that you can not continue to live like this: in any jeans
I don’t fit, even my dressing gowns are cracking at the seams
talk about evening dresses …

I could not look at my reflection in the mirror without tears.
�“Nothing, I love you so much” – tried to console her husband and with this
indulgence even more upset. And I decided on the cardinal
measures …

1 неделя:

I eat only buckwheat and 1% kefir. In any quantities. Nothing else
can not. You can only drink fresh green tea. At first
I felt terrible, but after two days I was sucked in and automatically
chewed buckwheat, sitting in front of the TV or monitor.

Began to pour cold water in the bath and run in the morning.
Exactly five laps in the stadium – no more, no less. If a
tired, then moved to a quick step. My goal was not myself
exhaust to the limit, but simply activate vital energy.

2 неделя:

From the form of buckwheat already muddied. I put in the diet of other cereals: wheat
and rice. It becomes a little easier. From salt and sugar refused altogether.
Sometimes I allow myself a piece of boiled beets or carrots. Weight started
fall. The weight does not show 70, but 68 kg.

Subtracted on the Internet a set of exercises for tightening the abdomen and
thighs When Sasha does not see, I torture myself to exhaustion on
gymnastic mat. To make it more fun, turn on your favorite

3 неделя:

Started to turn the hoop. The simplest metal such in
school on physical education issue. Three hundred times in one direction and the same
– to another. For three days of exercise, the sides began to hurt badly, then
light bruises appeared. Nothing, break through …

Eat 5 times a day. In the morning – rice with carrots, in the afternoon – a piece
low-fat chicken and buckwheat, in the afternoon tea – again buckwheat, with kefir, and
Dinner – a glass of kefir. Well, snack in the form of a fresh apple.

4 неделя:

I got into my favorite jeans. With difficulty, true, but the lightning came together.
Joy knew no bounds. Even Sasha was amazed and praised, they say,
slender eyes. I took heart and even stopped dreaming about
chocolate bar. I ate buckwheat with pleasure. Actually, I noticed that
when the goal gets closer, you notice fewer obstacles. They
even starting to like it.

I added pineapples and sauerkraut to my diet – these foods
help burn fat. Only my gastroenterologist advised
be sure to enter into the menu and calmer foods (oatmeal,
mashed potatoes), otherwise excess acid may aggravate
stomach problems. So I did. For now – pah-pah! – like
the stomach does not bother …

Прошел месяц

You will not believe, but I came to the corporate party in a chic
evening dress The last time I put it on the school meeting
graduates ten years ago. Lightning converged easily on the back. I
lost exactly 7 kilograms and 200 grams. Of course, I understand that
such rapid weight loss can turn just as fast
his return. But the game was worth the candle.

Subsequently, I will simply keep the figure more humane.
in ways. What and you want.


Irina 11/18/2016 Hello everyone. I слышала, что многие звезды худеют
exactly on this diet ole 10.15.2016
An interesting technique on the site
Daria 09/14/2016 Thank you for the article, it was useful to read for
ginger, but I didn’t like ginger with me; I know more
easy way to lose weight, brew my own green coffee with ginger, drink
enjoy and lose weight. The taste is very unusual you can say
that creamy. And when I cook a fish, I put ginger there,
I like the taste very much, not like just a lemon. Aminokilsots,
which are contained in ginger and chlorogenic acids help in
the body to deal with excess fat deposits. Nastya 04/24/2016
Hello! All my life, as long as I can remember, was always full,
very worried because of this and for a long time could not lose weight. Recently
stumbled on the internet for information about goji berries and their wonderful
properties that they have on the body. I слышала, что
Guzeeva so thin, as much as 20 kg. Although .. looking at me, me
also at least 20 need to lose weight. I заказала ягоды и стала их
take as it is written there (either in its pure form or as
broth). For the first week I lost 7 kg! At the same time my diet
food remained familiar to me. 2 and 3 weeks left another 15 kg,
I generally refused to believe in the beginning, really. On me
men began to look at something forever. It gave me even more
stimulus! There has already influenced my mental attitude. In the end I
managed to throw 23 kg! Guzeeva’s record is broken and soon I’ll be married
I leave, here are the cases. If a что, сайт где я заказывала –

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