Perfect belly or how to pump up the press fora week

kak-nakachat-press-za-nedeluThe stomach is one of the most
main problem areas of the body of the modern woman. Visually, you can
it is easy to detect even a small amount of excess fat in his
the middle part, especially in such open clothes as a swimsuit.

And, to get rid of extra pounds around the belly and
Ideal pump press, you probably need more
time than one week.

After all, building a beautiful, flat tummy may require
a lot of effort on your part and stretch for months …

Но все же, если вы решили накачать пресс за a week, то вам стоит
first of all change your diet, take advantage
recommended exercise and concentrate your
focus on the quality of the greatest possible progress.

Weekly work plan includes tricks and exercises for
strengthening the core muscles – direct, internal and external oblique muscles
abdomen, pelvic floor muscles. As well as a healthy diet,
cardiovascular stress, active strength training and
Stretching for faster and more effective results.

Как накачать идеальный пресс за a week?


There are a number of specific products that can
cause bloating, so they should, of course, be avoided.
Carbonated drinks fill your stomach with gas, inflating it,
the same effect has excessive consumption of carbohydrates in
composition of bread, pasta or rice.

The way out is to replace carbonated drinks with clean
spring water, reduce carbohydrate intake and eat fruit
only some time after the main meal.

Meals 5 – 6 small portions during the day instead of three
large meals helps speed up the metabolism, which gives
opportunity for your body to burn fat faster. Such products
like nuts, hot red pepper, garlic and dairy products are good
for effective weight loss. Drink green tea which is like
known to increase metabolism, and avoid excessive
add salt and sugar to food.


Alcohol does not contain fat, but is rich in calories, which,
accumulating, lead to the appearance of a large abdomen. Also
alcoholic beverages can cause bloating and slow metabolism
поэтому для того, чтобы постараться накачать пресс за a week,
it is necessary to completely abandon their consumption in absolutely any
doses and quantities.


Чтобы получить плоский животик за одну a week, необходимо сжечь
all excess fat in the waist and tone the abdominal muscles.
The best way to effectively reduce body fat – acceleration
metabolism through exercise.

Keep your goal at least one hour
cardiovascular and 30 minutes of strength training every day.
Aerobic exercise

For the final result, cardiovascular exercises have
extremely important because most types of aerobic exercise
help you burn hundreds of calories per hour, which makes them perfect
tool for quick weight loss.

Try to choose those exercises that are perfect for
your level of physical fitness and allow you to spend 45 – 60
минутную энергичную тренировку все семь дней в a week.

In addition, cardiovascular (cardio) training can be
broken into short periods of time during the day, for example, 20
minute run before work, jumping rope during promotional
pauses on television and walking or cycling from work home
instead of using a car or public transport.


Interval loading is one of the most beautiful forms.
cardio loadings, allowing you to burn large amounts of calories during
time for a short workout, as well as normalize the level of exchange

As an example, take a run. So start your workout with
easy warm-up – run for 5 – 10 minutes, then run like this
as fast as you can for 15 seconds (active phase). After
take a 30 second rest (recovery phase), supporting
slow pace, then again 15 seconds of running and rest again.

So alternate the phases of rest and active running for a continuation of 25 –
30 minutes and finish the workout with an easy 5 – 10 minute run, with
which you started. С целью накачать пресс всего за одну a week,
It is necessary to conduct training every day.

It is worth noting that interval training has a large
load on the heart and blood vessels, therefore, require attentive
doctor’s relationship and advice. Power training

In addition to cardiovascular stress is necessary daily.
stress the abdominal muscles. You can break
training in two parts, performing exercises for the press at home
conditions every morning and evening during the week.

When exercising, focus on controlling your
breathing and follow uniform, measured movements as well
pay special attention to the quality of technology, not quantity


Lie on your back, legs together and stretched straight, arms straight and
looking up, the body represents one straight line. Straining muscles
abdominals, simultaneously lift the torso and legs before
moment until your hands touch the stop at the top of the lift.
In a controlled and slow motion, lower the legs and torso.
back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 -12 times.


Leg lifts

Lie on your back, legs raised perpendicular to the floor surface.
Put your hands on the sides or place under the buttocks, palms
down to maintain balance. Lower the legs to the floor as much as possible.
low but to prevent spinal curvature or loss
lower back contact with the floor. Lift your legs back into
starting position in a controlled movement.

Выполните 15 – 18 repetitions. To simplify this exercise can
be done with alternate lifting of only one leg.


Lie on your right side, legs together, the body represents
straight line. Place your right hand on your thigh and hold your left
head. Simultaneously lift the torso and legs in a controlled
motion, repeat 15 – 18 times. Then do the exercise with
другой стороны с тем же количеством repetitions.

Make sure your entire upper body comes off the floor, and
not just the head.

Bridge on one leg

Для этого упражнения, способного накачать пресс за a week, вам
need fitball. Sit on top of it to perform
keeping your foot balanced. Then, kicking forward,
roll on the ball until you are
lean on it with your shoulder blades.

Bending your knees at a right angle, straighten your upper body,
so that the torso line is parallel to the floor. Now raise the left
leg, keeping the knee bent and keeping the balance of the body right
by foot. Repeat the movement with each leg 30 times.

Как сделать пресс за a week – видео инструкция

Your favorite press exercise is:

  • Скручивания Скручивания 603голосов
  • Leg lifts Leg lifts 162голосов
  • Боковые скручивания Боковые скручивания 67голосов
  • Планка Планка 114голосов

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