People – empaths: who is it? How to develop in yourselfempathy

People - empaths: who is it? How to develop in yourself empathy

Often a lot of trouble with which people
encounter in life, caused by a lack of understanding between
them, the ability to put yourself in another person’s place and look
on the world through his eyes. Many problems, conflicts and even wars can be
it would be avoided if people knew how to understand, hear and, most importantly,
feel each other. Then the world would become much cleaner, brighter and

Nature is still rich in amazing phenomena and sometimes
very generous to man. There are special, unique people who can
keenly feel the experiences of others, penetrate into their
emotional world and become real witnesses of emotional
changes occurring in them. Such people are called
Emapatami. Empathy is a gift that causes a storm of conflicting feelings.
If some people with undisguised envy are among those who can
feel another’s soul and see it from the inside, then others experience
real horror from contact with them. So what is empathy? it
generous gift or heavenly punishment? Is it possible to develop it in

Is it good to be empathic?

In empathy, as in everything else in the world, there are disadvantages
and benefits. Do not think that empathic people have everything in life
comes with ease that, thanks to their abilities, they
always reach the goal and live happily ever after. Their
existence easy and cloudless you will not name on the following

  1. Эмпатия напрямую связана с эмоциональным состоянием
    surrounding people.
    People – empaths often can not
    control the emotional connection that they have with
    by others. They have to experience all that others experience.
    And people’s emotions are not always bright, pleasant and
    positive. it огромная нагрузка на нервную систему, которой
    have to work several times harder.
  2. It is known that when the nervous system suffers, it suffers
    and the whole body.
    People – empaths more often than others are sick. Have
    there are many problems with the cardiovascular system, also
    immunity is often severely weakened. Empathic people are slower
    recovered after the shocks, as the whole
    the resource of the body goes to the constant struggle with unnecessary emotions,

It is worth highlighting the advantages that empaths possess. They,
like no other, understand human psychology, when
desire can manipulate people. Empaths are also easy to find.
common language with all. They know which places to push to
achieve your goal. As a rule, empaths quickly reach career
heights, receive leadership positions and are able to lead
a huge team. They easily avoid any conflicts
see in advance many problems and complications. Have них ответы на вопросы
appear faster than the questions themselves.

How to develop empathy

Haveченые пришли к выводу, что развить в себе эмпатию возможно,
if regularly and thoroughly trained.

If a person has decided for himself that he needs to become
emotionally closer to people, it’s worth taking note of what will happen
written below.

Concentration and attentiveness

The first thing that a person who wants to develop in himself must do
empathy is learning to listen. Often people are so
inattentive to relatives, friends, acquaintances. Inattention gives birth
misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts.

Haveмение концентрироваться на собеседнике и слушать его –
priceless gift.

It is necessary to give the interlocutor the opportunity to speak out if
the person feels that he needs this opportunity. Important
keep up the conversation, ask questions, gently and unobtrusively
to direct the interlocutor, showing that in his society and conversation
there is interest.


Most people, for example, being at a bus stop or in
some public place, gets his gadget and head on
goes to the virtual world. Instead of doing another not
less important – by observation, they are immersed in electronic
space and move away from reality even more.

It would be more useful to watch people on the street, in
shops, in queues, trying to put themselves on their
a place.

For example, a woman with a small child in her arms is standing in line
to the neuropathologist. She is very rude talking to an elderly lady with
little grandson, to which the rest make her remark. Can
try to understand the reason for this behavior by putting yourself
in place of a young woman. Important задавать себе наводящие вопросы и
immediately respond to them from the perspective of a young woman.

Conducting a dialogue with yourself – part of the development work

  1. What is the current state of the woman?
  2. What exactly gives out her condition?
  3. What are her motives?
  4. What happened before the woman came to the neuropathologist?
  5. What can be after reception?


Films and books will help develop empathy. Should be given this
exercise at least 1 hour a day. It is recommended to choose
some movie with an unknown plot and start
watch it, fully focused.

Each film has its most intense point,
decisive moment. At this point it is worth putting the movie on pause and
try to predict the actions of the hero with the help of clarifying and
leading questions, logical chain and figurative thinking,
which will anticipate the outcome of the picture.

Each time it is necessary to complicate films, choosing the most
complex, ambiguous and twisted stories. By the same principle
it is important to work with books.

Every day a person will feel that his ability
anticipate actions based on the inner state of the characters,
grows and strengthens.


The best way to become emotionally receptive is to regularly
communicate with various people, preferably strangers.

Such communication will help to relax, teach to find
approach and a common language in any situation and see a way out where it is,
seemingly not.

It’s good to study strangers, talk to them, and then
analyze the communication that has already taken place.

It is necessary to communicate not only with strangers. First
turn, you need to be able to communicate with yourself, to study yourself, how
personality and personality, learn to properly express your own
feelings and emotions.

it основополагающее умение, без которого не стать хорошим
empathic After all, one who does not understand himself is unlikely to understand

This will help in keeping a personal diary regularly and thoroughly.
analysis of everything that is recorded there.

Empathy is extremely difficult and responsible
ability that requires a huge amount of power
potential and energy. That is why its development should be approached.

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