Pancreas hurts: symptoms,diagnosis, treatment. What diseases hurts pancreasgland

ATт, 26 апр 2016 Автор: врач-хирург, эндокринолог
Artyom Shimansky

Pain in the pancreas is a dangerous symptom.

Most often he talks about the development of pancreatitis – inflammatory
lesions of the pancreas.

This insidious and sometimes deadly disease, with treatment
which hesitate is not worth it.

What should I know about pain in the pancreas?

Болит поджелудочная gland: причины

Causes of pancreatitis and pancreatic pain
a great many: in some cases the patient is guilty himself, in others
cases, the probable problems with this body have been predetermined
before his birth. Among the reasons are:

Заболевания органов ЖКТ. Gastrointestinal
tract – a complex interrelated mechanism. It would be a mistake to assume
что поджелудочная gland функционирует сама по себе, «в вакууме».
Diseases of the duodenum, gallbladder (cholecystitis,
gallstone disease), hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver. They can all give
impetus to the development of pancreatitis.

Травмы железы. In this case, the pain can be
due to organ injury. This is the most obvious source of the problem, but
if the pain did not appear after the injury, but later – the culprit is the same

Неправильный прием препаратов. Some
drugs “hit” on the pancreas. Same
drugs that can help this body in
its normal operation: enzymes.

Наследственные факторы. Condition
a certain “scheme” of the digestive system. Sometimes such
pre-laid “schemes” increase the risk of pancreatitis.

Злоупотребление алкоголем. Alcohol-containing
drinks complicate the work of not only the liver, as is commonly believed, but
and the entire digestive tract. Поэтому, если болит поджелудочная gland, это повод
give up alcohol.

Эндокринные проблемы.

• Глистная инвазия.

Болит поджелудочная gland: симптомы

As has been said, always pain in the pancreas
сопровождают pancreatitis. Therefore, it would be more accurate to talk about
symptomatic complex characteristic of pancreatitis.

• The first and most common symptom is
боль. Painful sensations are different in nature,
their intensity depends on the form of pancreatitis (in chronic
pancreatitis, the discomfort is weaker, while in acute
pancreatitis pain intensity is high). By the nature of the pain can
be cutting, stabbing or dull aching. Also characteristic
localization of pain. In some cases, discomfort captures
only the left subcostal area, in other cases the patient cannot
determine where it hurts (pain “spreads” along the left side
belly, can gird). The pain is thus very diverse.
in its manifestations, so pancreatitis is often confused with gastritis,
pyelonephritis, heart pathologies. Communication pain with food is not obvious
but, as a rule, discomfort increases after eating (approximate after
half an hour)

Повышение температуры тела. Hyperthermia
(fever) is characteristic of any inflammation, but
когда болит поджелудочная gland, цифры обычно выше (в диапазоне от
38 to 39 degrees and even higher).

Тошнота и рвота. Due to problems with

Неадекватное пищеварение. Pancreas
gland вырабатывает огромное количество ферментов, способствующих
food processing. When dysfunction of the body is observed “indigestion”
that is why the patient is often vomited with undigested food residues
(sometimes even after 8-12 hours from the time of the meal).

Слабость. Weakness arises due to a surge in
the blood of a huge number of decaying enzymes and its own
pancreatic cells. As a result, signs develop
general intoxication of the body.

Снижение или полная утрата аппетита.

Проблемы со стулом. The chair is semi-shaped or
liquid. An additional indicator of digestive problems are
blotches of undigested food particles in feces. Next problem
aggravated, the stool becomes liquid and contains fat impurities
(the consistency of such a chair is like a paste, it is poorly washed off
from the walls of the toilet bowl with cold water).

Болит поджелудочная gland: первая помощь

Pain in the pancreas gives a lot of trouble
patient: they are painfully tolerated, long-lasting and almost never cease
on their own. It is clear that the patient seeks to relieve discomfort as
can be faster. How to give first aid?

Pancreatitis (especially acute or in the acute phase) may be
deadly, so the first thing you should call an ambulance
help. Когда болит поджелудочная gland, вылечить боли своими
forces task is almost impossible. Before the arrival of the doctors can be facilitated
condition as follows:

• Adopt a comfortable posture. Sharp movements do not make.
If possible, do not make a change in body position.
Preferred body position – sitting (slightly stooping
forward). It is permissible to lie down and try (as far as possible in such
conditions) relax.

• Refuse food.

• Drink in small quantities (only water is not more than 1/4 cup
at once). It is better completely abandon the liquid at the time.

• Do not take enzyme preparations.
(Creon, Mezim, etc.). It will only get worse.

• For pain relief, take an antispasmodic (preferably
No-spa or Drotaverinum).

• If it is possible to put an injection, intramuscularly
2 ml of papaverine or No-shpa solution is injected.

• Also to relieve pain in the pancreatic area
glands (left side, hypochondrium) impose a bag of ice.

All other activities need to provide doctors.

Болит поджелудочная gland: лечение и лекарства

In the treatment of pancreatitis there are several methods:

• Conservative therapy

• Surgery

Acute pancreatitis (or pancreatitis in the acute phase) is enough
complicated even for an experienced gastroenterologist. In his treatment, isolated
two phases:

• Treatment of the acute period.

• Medical care during the retreat of the acute phase.

At the first stage, the treatment tasks involve the removal of pain.
syndrome, weakening of the functional activity of the gland, and
fight against intoxication and dehydration. Plus, on this
stage is high risk of infection of the organ.

Uncomplicated pancreatitis is treated mainly
conservatively as well as fasting. Of course, this does not mean that
the whole acute period a person is obliged, as they say, to “swell up” with
hunger. The task is to minimize the load on the affected organ.
It is, rather, about the optimal diet.

But the first stage of treatment is to relieve inflammation.
and spasm. Special groups are used for this purpose.

• Already called antispasmodics. Called to relieve spasm.
(pathological tension) smooth muscle structures
pancreas. Trade names are many: No-shpa,
Drotaverinum, Spazgan, Papaverin, etc.

• Analgesics. Pancreatitis pain can be so severe that
antispasmodics are not enough. In addition, painkillers are prescribed.
(from Analgin to drugs of the new generation).

• Anti-inflammatory drugs – Diclofenac, Dexketoprofen and

• Saline. Used for intravenous fluids. Called up
fill the lack of fluid in the body during dehydration.

• Diuretics. Perform detoxification function.

• Antiferments. Assigned to inhibit pancreatic function.

• Antibacterial drugs. Appointed in small
dosages for the prevention of infectious complications.

At the first stage it is enough. The duration of such therapy
up to 5-7 days. After this time, the acute phase of the disease
retreats Further, the task of doctors is to maintain the achieved success in
treatment. For these purposes, introduced a special diet. She is
implies a restriction of the following products:

• Vegetables raw.

• White bread

• Fizzy drinks.

• Coffee.

• Red meat.

• Baking.

• Chips, snacks.

• Other fatty foods

Other products are allowed in small quantities. Nutrition
fractional, up to 7-8 times a day in small portions. Anyway,
the patient will continue to limit himself in fat,
жареном: если здесь и сейчас не болит поджелудочная gland, это не
means that the disease can not return.

Surgical treatment is indicated for complicated forms.
pancreatitis, and when several organs are involved in the disease
Gastrointestinal tract. Without surgical care can not do if the pancreas hurts
gland из-за травмы. In this case, the treatment is aimed at
restoration of the anatomical integrity of the body.

Болит поджелудочная gland у ребенка

Contrary to the view of many, pancreatitis does not recognize ages.
Everyone is sick: from small to large. However, due to food habits,
adults suffer more often. If you believe this medical
statistics, the most common causes of pain in the pancreas
in children are:

• Injuries to the body.

• Chronic pancreatitis due to hereditary
a factor.

• Pancreatitis due to problems with other organs.
Gastrointestinal tract.

In young children (up to 9-12 years) the disease proceeds
easier, therefore, in some cases possible outpatient treatment. AT
a period of 12 years severe forms of pancreatitis are more common. AT
the rest are no fundamental differences of pain in the pancreas
gland in children and adults is not observed.

Thus, the leading cause of pancreatic pain
gland, является развитие панкреатита. It is dangerous and very insidious.
a disease of great danger to life. Treat it
it is necessary only in the conditions of a hospital. Children tolerate the disease more easily, and
it occurs somewhat less frequently. AT редких случаях причина боли —
organ injury

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