Onions and garlic – natural antibiotics

Создавая лук, природа, по-видимому, решила
to make fun of humanity, disguising a lot of vigorous taste
all kinds of useful substances. The main value of onions – phytocides.
 This is a natural antibiotic, ruthless to streptococci,
diphtheria, tuberculosis and dysenteric bacilli. Use
репчатого лука в свежем виде увеличивает шансы не заболеть
catarrhal diseases.

Onions and garlic - natural antibiotics

The sulfur that is badly smelling onion plays a very important role in
digestion process, stimulates insulin synthesis and excretion
toxic substances. Rich in onions and zinc, which is known to
necessary for men. Zinc is also good for the immune system,
pancreas and pituitary of all genders. Onions are still contained
fluorine, manganese, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamins C and B.


About the healing power of garlic was known in ancient times:
Egyptian wise men have written down 22 uses on papyrus
garlic for medicinal purposes. In 1858, Louis Pasteur discovered that
garlic can destroy bacteria. Garlic использовался как
antiseptic during both world wars.

Later, scientists discovered that regular eating
raw garlic reduces the risk of cancer. Garlic
lowers blood cholesterol levels, prevents development
atherosclerosis, normalizes blood pressure, has
antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects,
promotes immunity, is an antioxidant. AT
garlic contains phytosterol, ascorbic acid, vitamins A,
AT1, AT2, комплекс минеральных веществ. Garlic не применим к рыбным
dishes, the taste of which it distorts. AT горячее блюдо чеснок вводят в
chopped form immediately after preparation. To smell garlic not
was sharp, garlic combined with spicy herbs, dill.

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