Onion rings with cheese – surprise and feed!Onion rings with cheese in batter, in breadcrumbs, with minced meat

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Onion rings – delicious, beautiful and just gorgeous

It will surprise anyone, find their place on the holiday table, with
this is prepared relatively simply from the available products.

The most delicious rings are made with cheese. Let’s try?

Onion rings with cheese – the general principles of cooking

Onions for the rings need to choose a large, to get less
waste. The head is cut into circles first, but not thin.
Optimum thickness from 4 to 10 millimeters, if other parameters
not listed in the recipe. Then circles disassembled into rings.
Use the extreme parts. The cheese is cut into thin strips,
placed in rings. How this is done, a little talked in detail
below in the first recipe.

Filled rings require coating. They can be rolled in flour, in
crackers, moisten in eggs or smear klyarom. There are lots
interesting recipes that allow of the same ingredients
get completely different dishes. Fry rings in oil on
pan to ruddy color. Served as a main dish or
additions to meat, vegetables, cereals.

Onion rings with cheese in crackers

For this dish it is better to use white breadcrumbs. WITH
dark color of onion rings with cheese is not so beautiful
after frying. Choosing big onions. Of two things
get two servings.


• 2 onions;

• 100 grams of hard cheese;

• 100 g of crackers;

• 1 egg;

• salt, pepper, oil;

• fresh dill (for decoration).


1. We clean the onion heads, cut large and always smooth

2. WITHonчала колечки разбираем по одному. Then we insert more
ring in less. We make it so that between them there is little
free space.

3. WITHыр режем сonчала on тонкие пластины, затем полосками. Width
must be equal to the width of the onion rings.

4. Вставляем пластинки сыра между двумя rings.

5. WITHразу переносим заготовки on доску либо on плоскую тарелку.
Sent in the freezer. Keep there forty minutes, you can hour.

6. Beat the egg. Season it with various spices on
your taste. It is advisable to add salt to the rings.

7. Next to the bowl pour the crackers. It is better if they are fresh and
not very rosy.

8. Pour oil into the pan. WITHлой должен быть приличным,
can be deep fried. WITHтавим разогреваться.

9. WITHамое время достать из морозилки колечки.

10. We dip the preparations in an egg with spices.

11. WITHразу достаем и обваливаем в сухарях.

12. Shift the hot oil. Fry so all
cooked ringlets.

13. We unfold beautifully, decorate with fresh sprigs

Onion rings with cheese in klyare beer

This is perhaps one of the most delicious options for batter and he
great for onion rings. WITHыр снова берем твердый. BUT
Here beer for klyar can be taken any, both light, and dark. But
it is important that it is fresh and sparkling.


• 2 onions;

• 80-100 g of cheese;

• 1.5 cups of flour;

• 1 glass of beer;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• salt, black pepper;

• 1 pinch of dry garlic;

• 0.5 tsp. dill;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper.


1. Half a cup of flour can be poured into a plate immediately.
The rest of the flour will go to batter.

2. Cut the onions into rings, cheese stripes.

3. WITHобираем сырные заготовки так же, как это описано выше.

4. Sprinkle rings with cheese flour. We remove in the freezer, let
stand a little.

5. For batter, mix the remaining flour with pepper, a pinch of salt,
ripper. Add a little chopped fresh or dried
dill, garlic. Stir.

6. Pour in fresh beer. We make average density.

7. We get rings from the freezer.

8. At this point, the pan should be warming up.

9. Dip the chilled billet, fry until golden brown.
The batter will start to increase in size, the products will turn out lush and
by air.

Onion rings with cheese “yellowish”

Recipe amazing onion rings with cheese, which are prepared
with the addition of cornmeal. But не совсем все так просто, есть
several other nuances.


• 2-3 onions;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• 3 spoons of wheat flour;

• 3 tablespoons of corn flour;

• 0.3 tsp. paprika;

• 0.3 tsp. turmeric;

• salt pepper;

• 1 egg;

• deep-frying for frying.


1. Cut into rings of 4-5 millimeters of onions. Central
we recline parts, from the rest we collect couples.

2. Cut the cheese into thin strips, lay it in rings. Hold on
a little in the freezer so that the blanks are stronger.

3. Beat the egg, add nothing to it. If a
the bulbs were big, the rings went out a lot, then two can go
the eggs.

4. WITHмешиваем оба вида муки. We throw spices to them. If a не удалось
find the cornmeal, then take the grits, grind and sift,
you need not so much.

5. We get rings, we dip in the egg.

6. Roll in the prepared mixture with cornmeal.

7. Fry in hot batter until crisp.

Onion rings with cheese in batter on soda water

Recipe for onion rings with batter in cheese, which is prepared on
mineral water. This option will help out if there is no milk at home or
kefir, of which the dough is usually made.


• 180 ml of mineral water;

• 5 г ripper;

• 150 g of flour;

• spices;

• deep-frying for frying;

• bow;

• cheese.


1. Test this recipe is enough for frying three onions with
cheese Therefore, we immediately cut the heads into rings, form blanks,
send freeze.

2. Для кляра нужно смешать муку со специями и ripper.

3. As soon as the rings get a little stronger, pour in the flour.
mineral water. We take necessarily with gas. Quickly

4. Turn on the stove, put the frying pan with deep fat. Oil should
быть столько, чтобы опущенные заготовки не касались дon посудины.
You can fry not only in a frying pan, but also in a cauldron, a saucepan.

5. Окуonем заготовки в кляр.

6. Fry to a beautiful crust.

7. Вынимаем колечки on бумажные салфетки, даем немного
to dock

8. Раскладываем красиво on тарелочки, подаем к столу.

Spicy onion rings with cheese

These rings are great for beer. For cooking
поonдобится немного onстоящей аджики, то есть острой и ядреной. WITHыр
for this dish you can even take melted sausage.


• 2 bulbs;

• 80 grams of cheese;

• 1 tsp. adzhiki;

• 2 tsp. mayonnaise;

• 0.2 tsp. pepper;

• 5 tablespoons of crackers;

• butter.


1. Режем и onчиняем кольца, сколько получится. If a готовки лука
small, then you can take three or four things.

2. Remove the onions and cheese in the freezer.

3. Making the sauce. To do this, mix mayonnaise with adjika, well
солим, чтобы кольца не получились bland Add pepper.
Sometimes adjika is put in a gas station, which can also be done.

4. We take out ringlets, we cover with hot sauce from all sides.
Оставляем on тарелке или on доске.

5. We heat deep-fry, use unscented oil.

6. Then roll off sharp ringlets in crackers. By the way, in them
You can also add pepper, dry garlic or sweet paprika,
giving a beautiful shade to the crust.

7. It remains only to fry the billet in oil.

Onion rings in batter with cheese

В этом рецепте сыр используется не для onчинки, он идет в
as an ingredient of batter. Это удобно тем, что не нужно onполнять
rings, cool. You just need to chop the onion, fry in oil and
ароматonя закуска готова!


• onion (how many will leave);

• 2 eggs;

• 70-100 grams of cheese;

• 2.5 tablespoons of flour;

• 2 ложки mayonnaise;

• oil, seasonings.


1. Break eggs into a bowl, whisk well. You can immediately
salt if the cheese is unleavened. No other spices in the dough
will not be added, everything will go to the bow.

2. Add mayonnaise to the eggs, beat together.

3. В конце вводим муку и тоже stir If a хотите получить
porous, loose batter, you can add a pinch of the cultivator, but not
lots of.

4. WITHыр onтираем мелко, отправляем в кляр. Let the mass a little
stand, while preparing rings.

5. Onions cleaned, cut large. For this recipe, you can
take even shallow midway, which usually recline.

6. Now season the onion with spices. We take all kinds of pepper,
dry greens, mixture adzhiki. Stir.

7. Окуonем колечки в сырный кляр.

8. Fry until crisp, take out skimmer, cool.

Onion rings with cheese and minced meat

A variant of unusual onion rings, which are baked in the oven.
Полноценное блюдо для ужиon, сытное и неимоверно вкусное.


• 3 onions;

• 250 g minced meat;

• spices;

• 120 grams of cheese;

• butter.


1. Разрезаем каждую луковицу on кольца по сантиметру. Choose
the largest, central parts are finely chopped.

2. WITHмешиваем рубленый лук с фаршем, приправляем массу

3. WITHыр onтираем, треть кидаем в фарш, остальную стружку
leave to sprinkle.

4. WITHмазываем формочку, раскладываем пустые колечки в один

5. In each ring put the stuffing so that it is equal in height
with a rim. Get a kind of meatballs.

6. Посыпаем верх cheese

7. Отправляем форму в духовку on полчаса. Baking rings with minced meat
at 180 degrees.

Onion rings with cheese – tips and tricks

• WITHерединки луковиц, которые не пригодились для блюда, не стоит
toss out. WITHложите в пакетик, уберите в холодильник, они
useful for other dishes.

• To prevent the rings from getting too fat, use
paper napkins. Blot the finished products, it is desirable
done immediately after frying.

• By the same principle as cheese ringlets are prepared, you can
cook bacon products. Продукт onрезают тонкими полосками,
thrust between the two rims and be sure to freeze. Иonче
кусочки бекоon будут выскакивать. If a не получается просунуть
bacon, then you can wrap the rings on top in a spiral, then fry in

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