Ointment Chondroitin – from what helps?

Мазь ChondroitinChondroitin ointment is a local drug chondroprotective drug which has anti-inflammatory action and improves intra-articular restorative processes. Medicine slows down the development of osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, has analgesic Effect. Ointment normalizes metabolic processes, activates regeneration of cartilage, bone and connective tissue. Chondroitin inhibits the activity of enzymes that cause joint damage cartilage.


Форма выпуска и состав мази Chondroitin

Available Hondrotin for joints in 30 g of aluminum tubes, each packaged in a carton box. Package contains instructions for use of the drug. The ointment has a faint odor dimethyl sulfoxide and light yellow color. Used drug for external use. В составе мази Chondroitin содержится активное Chondroitin sulfate substance and auxiliary components:

  • anhydrous lanolin;
  • medical petrolatum;
  • dimethyl sulfoxide;
  • purified water.

pharmachologic effect

Chondroitin сульфат является натуральным мукополисахаридом, which is extracted from the tracheal cartilage of cattle. The high molecular weight component affects the metabolism in fibrous and hyaline cartilage, stimulates the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans, contributes to the restoration of the articular bag, increases production intraarticular fluid. Dimethyl sulfoxide, which is included in состав Chondroitinа, оказывает обезболивающее, фибринолитическое, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulative action, promotes rapid penetration into the tissues of chondroitin sulfate through cell membranes.


What helps ointment: indications for use

Согласно инструкции по применению мазь Chondroitin назначают patients with diseases of the spine and articular cartilage as therapeutic or prophylactic agent. These include the following pathology:

  • Osteoarthritis or osteochondrosis of the peripheral joints and spine.
  • Diseases of the spine or joints that are in degenerative form (osteoporosis, osteochondrosis of intervertebral spaces, damage of large articular cartilage, primary arthrosis).
  • Cracks or broken bones.

Dosing and Administration

Chondroitin для наружного применения втирают в пораженный участок massage movements 2-3 times daily. Must first test for the manifestation of allergic reactions to the components drug, causing a small amount on the back of the hand facilities. If after 15-20 minutes the skin in the palm is left without changes, then apply a thin layer of ointment to dry, clean skin without cracks, scratches and abrasions, carefully rubbing for 2-3 minutes until absorbed facilities.

Recommended dose for adults: 1-3 cm ointment applied every 8-12 hours. Срок лечения Chondroitinом должен назначать врач individually. According to the instructions, the average duration treatment ranges from 14 days to 2 months, depending on clinical picture and severity of pathology. Of necessity The possibility of re-admission is adjusted by the doctor.

Contraindications < / h2>

Мазь Chondroitin не накладывают на участки с некрозом тканей или открытыми раневыми поверхностями. Caution should be taken when using the drug in patients with any skin diseases, with a tendency to bleeding and thrombophlebitis. If you need to use the tool during pregnancy or lactation (breastfeeding of the child), the course of treatment and the dose is determined by the doctor individually. В педиатрической практике мазь назначают тоже individually.

Contraindications to the use of Honroitin ointment include diseases such as tissue necrosis, acute inflammation at the site of the intended use, excessive granulation and hypersensitivity to the active components of the drug. If an allergy occurs at any stage of therapy, the use of the ointment should be discontinued and consult your doctor to adjust the therapeutic measures.

Special instructions < / h2>

The facts of the negative interaction of the ointment with other drugs to date has not been identified. Желательно избегать попадания Chondroitinа на слизистые оболочки во избежание развития побочных реакций. If this happens, then it is necessary to rinse the place where the medication hit the water. Due to the lack of systemic absorption, an overdose in patients was not observed, judging by the reviews of the drug. Срок хранения мази Chondroitin – 3 года.

Price < / h2>

Chondroitin мазь разрешена к применению без рецепта. It is easy to buy at any pharmacy, as the drug is very popular. The average price in pharmacies in Russia varies from 70 to 90 rubles per tube. В интернет-аптеках стоимость препарата может быть незначительно дешевле, но заказывая, обращайте внимание на фото средства, так как Chondroitin продается в нескольких лекарственных формах (гели, капсулы и прочие).

Аналоги Chondroitin мази

  1. Alorom. Эффективный аналог Chondroitinа, применяемый в комплексном лечении радикулитов, артритов, миозитов, внешних гематом, пролежней. A drug slows bone resorption. < / li>
  2. Begalton. Apply with bursitis, soft tissue injuries, chronic diseases of the joints, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, sprains of the musculoskeletal system. The drug reduces pain in the joints, accelerates regeneration processes, protects from cartilage damage. < / Li>
  3. Viprosal. Painkiller, shown in radiculitis, neuralgia, rheumatic pain, causing positive changes in metabolic processes. Effective in the treatment of toothache or headache, with insect bites and injuries. (See detailed instructions for use Viprosal ointment). < / Li>
  4. Dikrasin. It is used to reduce symptoms in case of arthrosis of the shoulder joints, gonarthrosis, and scapulohumeral periarthritis. Assign with deforming osteoarthritis, when the spine is affected, with violations of the functions of the joints. Removes their pain and inflammation. < / li> < / ol> |

    Reviews < / h2>

    Лариса: Купила Chondroitin в качестве недорогого аналога мази Хондроксид. It is an effective chondroprotector that truly restores cartilage tissue. Despite the low cost, the drug works better than more expensive similar ointments. With prolonged use, my joint mobility has improved a lot.

    Надежда: Очень рекомендую мазь Chondroitin всем людям, у кого есть проблемы с суставами! The main thing to know that the drug has a cumulative system, that is, over time accumulating in the body, relieves pain, improves calcium metabolism, strengthens cartilage. < P

    Николай: Хотя у Chondroitinа и неприятный запах, но это отличный помощник при артрозе. I was diagnosed 2 years ago (osteoarthritis of the knee joint). He treated with many means: decoctions, ointments, pills, physiotherapy, but there was never a long remission. Однажды купил Chondroitin, начитавшись отзывов в интернете, и уже через несколько суток избавился от болей. Since then, I do not part with this miracle drug.

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