Ointment Butadion – what is it used for?

Ointment Butadion - what is it used for?Butadion – it is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic nonsteroid a drug that is easy to find in the first aid kit of many people because of the broad spectrum. After all, there is no person who would not получал механических повреждений кожи или ожогов, а Butadion copes effectively with such problems. The drug is produced in two forms: tablets, taken orally and as an ointment, applied externally. Consider more pharmacological properties of ointment.


The composition of the ointment

Мазь Butadion выпускают в 20 граммовых алюминиевых тубах по 50 gram enclosed in cardboard packaging. Drug substance has a slight peculiar odor and has a uniform white Colour. The shelf life of the drug is 5 years. Keep it out of reach for children, a place away from the sun at a temperature of + 8 to +15 C. The active ingredient of the drug is phenylbutazone, which is in the tube contains 1 gram. Auxiliary substances in the composition of the ointment Butadion:

  • carmellose sodium (0.13 g);
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate (0.04 g);
  • polysorbate 60 (1 g);
  • colloidal silicon dioxide (0.89 g);
  • propylene glycol (2.4 g);
  • glycerol 85% (1.4 g);
  • liquid paraffin (6 g);
  • purified water (7.14 g).


От чего помогает мазь Butadion

Butadion применяют при заболеваниях суставов разной этиологии: articular rheumatism, rheumatoid polyarthritis, thrombophlebitis, osteoarthritis, arthralgia, gout, polyarthritis. It is advisable use of ointment for:

Ointment Butadion - what is it used for?

  1. Burns a small area of I and II degree.
  2. Inflammation of the skin, dermatitis.
  3. Insect bites.
  4. Inflammation of hemorrhoids.
  5. Stretching tendons, muscles.
  6. Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  7. Feverish Syndrome with Flu or Others diseases.

Butadionт оказывает жаропонижающее и болеутоляющее воздействие to the desired area of the skin and gives impetus for the formation of interferon. When applied topically, the drug intake systemic blood flow is negligible. Важное свойство мази Butadion rapid absorption into the blood – absorbed over 1-2 hours and quickly along with the urine is displayed. But due to individual characteristics of the organism or in old age измениться, поэтому рекомендуется перед применением Butadionа consult a doctor.

Method of use and dosage

Butadion не отличается от других мазей по применению и способ its application is simple. To use the ointment, open the tube, squeeze out a little of the substance and apply a thin layer on the affected place, rubbing until completely absorbed. The process is repeated daily. up to 3 times until the problem disappears. Doctors do not recommend exceeding maximum daily dose of 600 mg. The main thing is not to put the drug on open skin: wounds, sores, deep cuts, ulcers and other violations of the integrity of the epidermis. Курс лечения Butadionом makes from 20 days and more.

Contraindications < / h2>

Прием мази Butadion противопоказан при трофических поражениях голени, экземе, повышенной непереносимости составляющих препарата. During pregnancy and lactation, the drug can also not be taken to avoid the risk of allergies in the mother or child. Butadion мазь при передозировке может спровоцировать крапивницу, кожную сыпь, отек обрабатываемого участка, зуд или аллергическую реакцию, поэтому при первых же симптомах отмените применение препарата и обратитесь к врачу.

Special instructions < / h2>

Avoid contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, so as not to cause side effects. Не рекомендуется использовать Butadion для лечения глубоких вен конечностей. During treatment, protect your skin from sunlight to avoid photosensitivity. Do not use the drug with other anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs, so as not to enhance their effect. By special instructions can be attributed, and accidental ingestion of ointment, after which you should always wash the stomach. < P>

Price in pharmacies < / h2>

Купить Butadion в аптеках не составит труда, причем цена на препарат доступна всем слоям населения. Thus, in Russian pharmacy kiosks, the average cost of a domestic manufacturer’s medicine is between 150 and 200 rubles. The drug produced in Hungary is not much different in price – from 200 to 250 rubles per tube.

Аналоги Butadion

Судя по отзывам, аналоги мази имеют абсолютно схожие показания, поэтому смело можно заменять ими Butadion, если вы не нашли препарат в ближайшей аптеке:

  1. Diklak. Non-steroidal agent intended for the treatment of hematomas and inflammatory non-rheumatic diseases, which are accompanied by pain. < / Li>
  2. Voltaren. Refers to a group of NSAIDs. According to the instructions for use, the ointment is indicated for sprains, joint inflammation, dislocations. < / Li>
  3. Ketonal. Applied with arthritis, psoriatic lesions of the joints, bursitis, neuralgia. < / Li>
  4. Naklofen. Contains the active ingredient diflofenac, which gently affects the inflammation of the soft tissues, tendons, joints, muscles and ligaments that are damaged with loads, bruises or sprains. < / li> < / ol> |

    Reviews < / h2>

    Марина: Покупала Butadion венгерского выпуска для местного лечения болевого синдрома при миалгии. The effect is amazing! In the first few seconds, the pain subsides. During the day I applied 2-3 times and did not feel pain during the day. I got rid of the problem in 1, 5 months, and I did not feel any side effects from the ointment.

    Oleg < / strong>: I am a professional footballer and constantly suffer from stretch marks, bruises and abrasions on my legs. Спасает только Butadion, который лечит любую проблему за считанные дни. I use ointment until complete disappearance of hematomas.

    Anastasia < / strong>: I have a diagnosis of tendovaginitis (muscle tendon inflammation). Врач сказал, что пациентам всегда помогает Butadion, поэтому прописал его и мне. Within 5 minutes after the first application of pain disappeared. And after the use of additional physiotherapy, the disease disappeared.


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