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Thu, 29 Sep 2016

Holidays October 4:

Civil Defense Day EMERCOM of Russia

One of the country’s most important security functions.
civilians and the state as a whole performs civil
defense of the Russian Federation. The country’s integrated security program was
It was developed on October 4, 1932 and was originally called
The All-Union Fire Protection System, however, in 1961 was
renamed, and to this day has a name – Civil Defense.
Today this system works very efficiently. It includes
fire service, aviation, search and rescue
units, civil defense troops that work in
round-the-clock mode, providing the population with operational assistance in
any emergency and emergency situations.

Day of Space Forces in Russia

According to the presidential decree of May 31, 2006, was introduced
holiday – the Day of the Space Forces, which is celebrated annually 4
October This day is dedicated to the creators of spacecraft.
defense purposes and those who control the launch processes.
On October 4, 1957, for the first time in the USSR, an artificial
Earth satellite. The purpose of the Space Forces is to provide
Rocket and Space Defense of the Russian Federation: to warn the highest military
missile attack guide
outer space, as well as military spacecraft,
scientific and social purpose support orbital

World Day for the Protection of Animals

International Day of Animals, celebrated annually on October 4,
urges humanity to pay attention to the problems of our brothers
smaller ones. The decision to introduce such a “holiday” was made
first in Florence at the international congress in 1931
supporters of the movement in the protection of animals and nature. Date was
selected, as it turned out, not by chance. October 4 – the day of memory of one
from the saints of the Catholic Church, the patron saint of animals – Francisco

In the Russian Federation, animal day has been celebrated since 2000.
of the year. This decision came the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
In many, especially European, pet countries
equate to family members. Animal Protection Day is held
annually in more than 60 countries he calls on the public
be more careful not only to your pets, but also to
wildlife and the environment.

From 4 to 10 October – World Week

In 1999, after much deliberation by the UN General Assembly
было утверждено решение о введении Всемирной недели space. In these
days, from the fourth to the tenth of October, remember the momentous
events that have passed in the entire history of the development of cosmic affairs:
launch of the first artificial satellite in the USSR, the day of disembarkation
American expedition to the moon and so on.

October 4, according to the national calendar:

October 4 is considered the day of the memory of the Apostle Codrat. According to
Kodrath, who bore the office of bishop, lived in the first century and
tried to convey to people the word of God. He turned many pagans to
faith, thereby making a lot of enemies. Once enraged
idolaters threw stones at Kodrata and, seizing, threw them into
dungeon where he died a martyr’s death.

Also on October 4, the Christian church recalls the names of two more
great martyrs – Presbyter Andrius and Bishop Hypatius. In Russia
the day of Kondrat and Ipat was considered a symbol of labor and fertility. People
believed that if this day to work for glory, their
need and poverty will surely leave, and they will be replaced by joy
and wealth. In the evening, after a hard day’s work
tired workers fluffy pies and braga.

October 4 – historical events:

4 октября 1582 год — переход на григорианский
the calendar. The transition to a new system of time was established
Pope Gregory XIII. Thus, after October 4
сразу пришло 15 October Complicated settlement system allowed more
корректно подойти к вопросу об «измерении» of the year.

4 октября 1830 год — в результате
the archaeological site 6 km from Kerch was discovered mound
Kul-Both. This is perhaps the only of all the mounds of the Crimea,
which is worthy to be on a par with the richest mounds of Scythia
near the rapids of the Dnieper.

4 октября 1937 год — завершение самого большого
the duration of the flight of the USSR B-6 Osoaviakhim airship. By
some data, the airship with a crew of 16 people spent in
over 130 hours in a non-stop ring route and
setting a world record.

4 октября 1957 год — запуск первого
artificial satellite of the Earth. USSR became the first in the world
state that launched an artificial satellite into Earth orbit.
The launch of the Simplest Satellite-1 (PS-1) was carried out with
of the Baikonur research and development range by means of a powerful
launch vehicle. The launch date of PS-1 was the beginning of the space age.
The creation of the PS-1 celestial body headed by S. Korolev worked
scientists M. Tikhonravov, M. Keldysh, V. Lapko, N. Lidorenko, B.
Chekunov, as well as many others.

October 4 – birthdays of famous people:

Аль-Бируни (родился в 973 году в городе Кят) —
a scientist, author of many works on philosophy, geography, history,
mathematics, astronomy, mineralogy and geodesy. Biruni despite
that received only a philosophical and mathematical education,
was a very versatile person, he was easily given
almost all the sciences of the time.

Джованни Пиранези (родился в 1720 году) —
great architect, draftsman and archaeologist. In his youth, Giovanni
He worked in the workshop of his father – a professional stone carver.
He studied architecture with his own uncle, lessons in engraving and painting.
He took from the famous engraver – Carlo Zucchi. In 1743, Piranesi
published in Rome his first collection of engravings. In the area of
architecture stood out thanks to the rebuilding of the church of santa maria

Григорий Byтанин (родился в 1835 году) —
Russian botanist, folklorist, geographer, ethnographer and publicist. WITH
graduated from St. Petersburg University. In 1865 was
appointed secretary of the provincial committee. However soon his
accused of malfeasance and sent into exile, but in 1874
году Byтанин был помилован.

Михаил Бестужев (родился в 1800 году) —
Decembrist and Russian politician.

Виталий Гинзбург (родился в 1916 году) —
Soviet theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate. Actively worked in
fields of physics, optics, radio astronomy, etc. In 1950 together
with Landau created a semi-phenomenological theory of superconductivity,
which allowed to explain a number of scientific issues.

Иван Горбачевский (родился в 1800 году) —

Марлен Хуциев (родился в 1925 году) — советский
режиссер, актер, сценарист, народный артист WITHWITHWITHР. First
directorial work that brought Hutsievu popularity, became a picture
titled “Spring on Zarechnaya Street”, filmed in 1956.
Byследующие его работы стали настоящими шедеврами советского

Ричард Рорти (родился в 1931 году) — известный
American philosopher who wrote the book “Philosophy and the Mirror
of nature. “

Алисия WITHильверстоун (родилась в 1976 году) —
famous actress and model. Young Alicia, from the age of 6, appeared in
as a model. At an older age figured on
television as a television presenter, and in 1993 gained fame and
love from the audience thanks to the film “Hobby without
reciprocity. ” So began her acting career. WITHегодня Алисия
WITHильверстоун продолжает сниматься, она счастлива в браке и активно
participates in an animal protection program.

Name Day October 4:

Name day October 4 is celebrated by representatives of such names as:
Alexander, Agnia, Andrei, Alexey, Vasily, Valentin, Vladimir,
Dmitry, Daniel, Ivan, Isaac, Joseph and Constantine.

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