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Wed, Oct 05, 2016

Holidays October 24

Day units special

Since 2006, militarized and well-prepared special
units celebrate their professional holiday. Back in 1918
году были образованы части специального destination, которые
called CHON. They obeyed the Cheka and mainly
ensured the fight against basmachestvo. Today it is
anti-terrorist units “Alpha”, “Vityaz”, “Vympel”, “Russia”.
They are intended to detain criminals, release
hostages from terrorists, etc.

United Nations Day

The UN’s birthday is celebrated since 1945, when the anniversary
adoption of the UN Charter was proclaimed the annual celebration of
this day. On this day, the world community can get acquainted with
the action of the organization. The purpose of the event is to obtain
support the global community. This day meetings are held,
discussions, round tables and meetings devoted to the discussion of topics by
human rights, global poverty.

Day of workers of standardization and metrology
Of Kyrgyzstan

Standardization, metrology and certification play a large role in
raising the country’s potential. Fundamentals of national standardization and
метрологии Of Kyrgyzstan были введены в 1927 year

Dashahra – Hindu holiday

Navaratri, that is, the “festival of nine nights,” or Dashahra
(Dussehra), the worship of the goddess Davy, (or Shakti, Durga) – all
it is one and the same holiday that is colorfully and widely celebrated in
India In different areas, the holiday is celebrated in different ways. In North
India is the festival of Good and Evil, the day of the victory of God Rama over the demon
Ravana The exploits of Rama are dramatized in ceremonial
processions, the effigy of Ravana is burned with a huge confluence of people on
large square in Delhi.

Arafat Day

According to the Muslim lunar calendar on the 9th day of the 12th month
pilgrims climb Mount Arafat near Mecca, near
the foot of which namaz is performed. This is a memorable day. At that time
especially honored good deeds for which increases
reward Believers pray until sunset, they pray for all
sins. Net intentions await reward on Judgment Day.
It is believed that mass prayers can be observed from space. In that
the day is observed fasting Arafat, he brings the believers closer to Allah,
cleans from sins for the past year. It is noteworthy that the pilgrimage
should only be carried out subject to certain serious
conditions The believer must be of age, healthy,
free, provide for your family and accept the obligation of the Hajj.
There should be no obstacles to making a pilgrimage.
women must have accompanying and not be late for the beginning
prayers. To perform the rite, the pilgrim’s robe is worn.

In addition, on this day

St. Raphael’s Day in Cordoba

This is the day of the archangel – patron of Cordova, celebrated on a par with
the feast of the Virgin Mary. The monuments of the saint are in several
places, one of the largest monuments is located on the bridge in
Greater Cordova. Its length is 225 meters. Festivities ,
congratulations on the streets, sightseeing
cities are what tourists can expect to see
Holy. You can also consider a lot of architectural monuments,
the main mosque and the city buried in gardens.

October 24 in the national calendar

October 24 – the day of St. Philip – the apostle from seventy

The holy deacon chosen by the disciples of Stephen left Jerusalem
then, when he began to persecution. He talked about Christ,
performed miracles, preaching his faith. Casting out unclean spirits and
Healing the afflicted, Saint Philip led many pagans to the faith. Have
he had 4 daughters, true Christians, also possessing
prophetic gift. In that день обычно начинается распутица и грязь,
in Russian bother. �”Philip himself stuck to the furnace, so expensive
razvezlo. The peasants did business without looking at the bad weather, then
there is “no time for tinkering.” Haveтренний снегопад в этот день указывал
on the icy winter. On the snow powder looked sleigh –
if it was raw, then spring will bring a good income. Freezing to
this time the rivers and good ice promised an early arrival
of money.

Name Day October 24:

In that день могут праздновать именины обладатели таких имен:
Philip, Alexander, Anatoly, Victoria Isaac, Leo, Makar, Zinaida,
Hilarion, Joseph, Moses.

Significant Historical Events 24

24 October 1648 года — заключение Вестфальского
of the world

This document brought the end of the Thirty Years War (1618–1648).
between catholic and protestant states. From the side
Catholics fought Spain, Austria and Poland, the Protestant faith
defended Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom and
Russia. Diplomatic Congress marked the beginning of the state
sovereignty of European countries. For each party – congress participant
были свои преимущества от подписания этого of the world. It is noteworthy that
At this time, the principality of Muscovy was first mentioned. Fate
Germany from that day went on new channel: reigned in the camp
fragmentation. But Sweden and France received new lands.

24 October 1897 года — первый российский официальный
football match

Four years before in the Russian newspapers for the first time mentioned
A new team game, consisting on the Vasileostrovsky parade ground
military garrison. The team “Sport” lost to the home team.
The composition of the Vasileostrovsky team was almost entirely foreign, in
They were mostly English. Notes about the match appeared in
Petersburg press, although no data were reported. In the same
the year were held competitions of St. Petersburg, where he became the champion
team “Nevka”. Empire Championship was held in Russia only in 1912

24 October 1939 г. в магазинах Нью-Йорка впервые
nylon stockings appeared

Rush demand for a new industry led to the fact that
a novelty impatient customers dressed right on the streets of the city.
Synthetic material was created in 1938, about which the company DuPont
reported at the World Expo. These clothes of the future came in
вкусу женщинам of the world и произвела настоящую революцию красоты.
A 12-meter mannequin showed a novelty at the exhibition.
stockings were worn. Proof copies as advertising
distributed to women for free. Only six months later, New York
I could state – during this time 5 million pairs were sold.

24 Octoberродились:

24 October 1493 года — врач Парацельс

The physician and alchemist Philip Paracelsus determined that poison and medicine
There is one, it all depends on the dose. Old noble family
was famous for several generations of doctors, but Paracelsus himself
came up with this pseudonym, preferring to consider himself “above
Celsius “. He studied occult science from Abbot Johann Trithemius in
Würzburg. It was Paracelsus who invented the vaccine against the plague. Also he
believed that in the human body all the processes occur
by chemical means. He made medicines from plant elixirs,
wrote several philosophical works.

24 October 1911 года — Аркадий Райкин, российский и советский
actor and satirist

Arkady Isaakovich Raikin – people’s artist, darling of the public,
author, screenwriter and director. His creative life began in
a rather late age – in 1939 he became a laureate
All-Union competition. The war years he devoted concerts on the fronts
Motherland. As a stage director and screenwriter, we know him in the famous
the play “People and Mannequins”.

24 October 1804 года – Вильгельм Вебер, немецкий ученый

Professor of universities in Halle, Göttingen and Leipzig, in 1833
year designed the first telegraph. He first discovered the connection
between the amperage and charge density, determined the speed of light and
built and described the theory of elementary magnets. His main
discovery – the establishment of an absolute measurement system

24 October 1942 года – Динара Асанова, режиссер, актриса.

The famous film Dinara Asanova “Do not hurt the woodpecker’s head” was
known throughout the country and attracted many critics. Among the best
her works – “Boys”, “Key without the right to transfer”, “Darling, dear,
favorite, the only “.

24 October 1886 — Серго Орджоникидзе, политический руководитель
Red Army, later People’s Commissar of Heavy Industry

Stalinist autocracy led to a deterioration in relations
between party members. Sergo began to openly oppose
terrorist soviet politics. Beria’s appointment he met
frank disagreement, considering him a dangerous man. He is finished
suicide, although the official version is death from paralysis

24 October 1938 Венедикт Ерофеев, российский писатель

He wrote several works that were met
critically unfavorable. His “Good News” was compared to Nietzsche,
turned inside out, the editors rejected this work.
�”Moscow-Petushki” – a new story, which is already becoming his
business card. In Soviet times, he was baptized in a Catholic
Church and wrote the tragedy “Walpurgis Night, or Steps

24 October 1862 года – Даниэль Сваровски, основатель австрийской
empire of precious glass and stones

His first invention was a stone and stone processing machine.
crystals with unprecedented accuracy before that time. Patent for it
the invention gave him the opportunity to found in a small village
stone processing and cutting plant. The sons continued the work and
together with his father came up with the technology of cutting, almost bringing it
to perfection. High-quality crystal and Bohemian glass
became a model of transparency and brilliance. Processing technology and composition
mixtures are kept in the strictest control until today.
Swarovski crystals today – an independent form
jewelry art.

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