Nutrition кормящей мамы по месяцам — таблица поKomarovsky

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    • 1.3 Hypoallergenic diet for nursing mothers

Mom and baby are one, not only during pregnancy,
but also lactation. When breastfeeding the baby’s body along with
milk gets all the beneficial vitamins and trace elements necessary
him to strengthen immunity, normal functioning and
development. During this period, the nursing mother must comply
balanced diet, according to Dr. Komarovsky,
aimed at eliminating the risk of allergic reactions of the infant and
improve the quality of milk.

Nutrition кормящей мамы

In his books and numerous interviews E. Komarovsky says
about the need for a proper diet for a nursing mother.

Common nutritional errors nursing

  • Frequent meals in large portions. On feeding
    the child’s body consumes 500 Kcal per day. Wherein
    the optimal daily ration of a nursing mother should be 2000
    Kcal. Excess food consumed is deposited as fat on the sides,
    stomach, thighs and after completion of lactation to get rid of them will
    not easy, and therefore it is necessary not to overeat and follow a diet.
  • Drinking large amounts of fluid. With
    Lactation mothers need to drink 2 liters of pure water daily
    without gas. Excess of the shown norm can provoke
    puffiness, without affecting the amount of milk produced.
  • The use of fatty foods to improve quality
    Excessively fat milk makes it difficult to
    decanting and also affects the extra load for the child
    when sucking.

Диета кормящей матери по Komarovsky — это простая и доступная
nutritional guidelines to help strengthen the body
child, recover a woman after giving birth, and also avoid
possible side effects (allergic reactions, diathesis,
gas formation in the child and weight gain in the mother).

Nursing mother’s diet – prohibited

  • Canned food, pickles, pickles;
  • Semi-finished products, mayonnaise, sauces;
  • White cabbage, grapes;
  • Cheeses, sausages;
  • Honey, chocolate;
  • Garlic, hot and spicy spices;
  • Coffee, alcoholic beverages.

Nursing mother’s diet – permitted

  • Low-fat meat (beef, veal, rabbit meat);
  • Low-fat bird (turkey, chicken);
  • Low-fat fish (no more than 2 times a week);
  • Eggs (not more than 3 pieces per day);
  • Wholemeal Bread (rye, bran,
  • Pasta made from durum wheat;
  • Cereals and cereals (mainly when dieting buckwheat, oats,
  • Vegetables (zucchini, beets, pumpkins, carrots) no more than 450 grams per day
    in raw, boiled, stewed, steamed form.
  • Fruits (citrus fruits are contraindicated during the diet) 450 gr.
  • Compotes, teas, herbal teas, vegetable and fruit juices.

Nutrition кормящей мамы по месяцам расписано в таблице диеты по
Komarovsky. In the first 10 days on a nursing mother’s diet
it is eaten with porridge on water, dressed with butter,
vegetable soups, low-fat broths, thermally processed vegetables and
fruits. Gradually, the diet is expanding and at the end of the first month
the diet of a nursing mother is allowed to eat lean meat and
fish, eggs, nuts. On the second and third month of the diet feeding
mother allowed the use of raw vegetables and fruits, natural
honey On the fourth or sixth month are allowed: greens, spices, onions,
cracker. Only after six months, when the child begins
fodder can be introduced gradually, a nursing mother can
eat seafood, fatty meats, legumes.

Products need to be introduced into your diet little by little, watching
the reaction of the child’s body to a particular product.

Correct menu

Nursing mother’s menu for months – table by

Period of time after delivery  Permitted Products  Prohibited Products
 First 10 days  Vegetables (boiled, baked)  Fatty мясо, а также бульоны  на его основе
 Фрукты (прошедшие термическую  обработку)  Хлеб и выпечка из дрожжевого  теста
 Супы на овощных и нежирных  мясных бульонах  Canned pickles
 Каши на воде, с добавлением  сливочного масла  Whole milk
 Bread, rye crackers, biscuits  Alcoholic drinks
 Компоты из свежих и сухих  фруктов  Продукты, содержащие кофе и  какао
 Until the end of 1 month  Нежирное мясо (вареное,  запеченное)  Хлеб и выпечка из дрожжевого  теста
 Морская рыба (вареная,  запеченная)  Canned and marinades
 Nuts (in small quantities) Carbonated drinks, alcohol
 Йогурты (минимального срока  годности)  Semi-finished products
 Eggs (chicken, quail)  Chocolate, sweets
 2 and 3 month  Суп на жирном мясном бульоне  (щи, борщ)  Хлеб и выпечка из дрожжевого  теста
 Homemade jam, jam  Alcoholic drinks
 Natural honey  Chocolate, coffee, cocoa
 Vegetable salads  Milk
 Raw fruit  Spicy seasonings and sauces
4-6 month   Fresh greens  Spicy seasonings
 Onions (in small quantities)  Chocolate
 Spices (in small quantities)  Sweets
 Cookies (not yeast)  Fatty milk
 Sugar Alcoholic drinks
 Fried Fish Cakes
 After 6 months  Legumes  Canned food
 Seafood  Chocolate, кофе
 Fatty Meat  Alcoholic drinks

Nutrition после кесарева сечения

Nutrition после кесарева сечения для кормящей матери
should be aimed at restoring forces after surgery,
immunity strengthening:

  • On the first day after cesarean section it is allowed to use
    only water without gas, which can be diluted with fruit juice.
  • On the second day, you can include beef broth in your diet,
    lean meat and poultry, natural yogurt, low-fat
    cottage cheese.
  • On the third day on the diet of a nursing mother after cesarean section
    you can eat porridge on the water, baked apples, meatballs and
    Steamed patties, vegetable purees.
  • On the fourth day after cesarean section, you can begin to comply.
    the diet of a nursing mother according to table E. Komarovsky (after
    coordination with the doctor).

Withмерное меню диеты после кесарева сечения на 2 дня
(завтрак, обед, полдник, ужин):

  • Oatmeal. Banana smoothie;
  • Bouillon. Mashed potatoes. Steamed veal meatballs;
  • A glass of kefir;
  • Buckwheat. Braised cabbage.

2 day:

  • Rice porrige. Steamed turkey cutlets;
  • Bouillon. Sea bass steamed with broccoli;
  • 2 apples;
  • Fat-free cottage cheese, seasoned with natural yogurt with
    dried apricots

Hypoallergenic diet for nursing mothers

The hypoallergenic diet is prescribed to a nursing mother when
allergic reactions of the child (diathesis, skin roughness,
dermatitis, colitis, abdominal distention, eating disorders). Chest
milk само по себе не может вызвать аллергическую реакцию у
child, and therefore for the health of the baby must be the mother
reconsider and change your diet without going over to artificial

Prohibited Products при диете кормящей матери против
child allergies:

  • Milk (цельное коровье, козье);
  • Smoked meats, canned food, pickles, pickles;
  • Black, red caviar;
  • Seafood;
  • Semi-finished products;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Seeds, nuts;
  • Honey;
  • Cocoa;
  • Citrus fruit;
  • Raspberries, strawberries;
  • Spice.

Should be limited in your diet when feeding a nursing
матери против child allergies:

  • Fatty meat broths;
  • Beef, chicken;
  • Products made from wheat flour and cereals;
  • Red and orange vegetables, berries, fruits (pumpkin, carrots,
    tomatoes, apricots, watermelons, cherries, currants).

Permitted Products при диете кормящей матери против
child allergies:

  • Low-fat dairy products;
  • Butter;
  • Groats (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, barley);
  • Vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, broccoli, zucchini);
  • Green and yellow fruits, berries (apples, pears, gooseberries);
  • Lean meat and poultry (rabbit, turkey);
  • Offal (liver, kidney, heart);
  • Low-fat fish (sea bass, cod, pike perch);
  • Sunflower, olive oil;
  • Dietary bread.

Withмерное меню на 2 дня при гипоаллергенной диете
(завтрак, обед, полдник, ужин):

  • Buckwheat porridge, flavored with butter. Green
    an Apple;
  • Turkey soup with slices of meat. Buckwheat 2-3
  • Cottage cheese, seasoned with unsweetened yogurt;
  • Mashed potatoes. Pike perch.

2 day:

  • Oatmeal with butter. Banana;
  • Vegetable soup. 2-3 rice loaves. Boiled fillet
  • Apple Smoothie;
  • Fig. Rabbit stew with vegetables. Mashed zucchini.

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