Not all sweets are equally harmful.

The first thing that a person who decides to lose weight should do is limit
yourself in sweet. But if you completely refuse delicacies is impossible,
It is worth choosing less harmful sweets, i.e. those that are less
degrees contribute to the accumulation of fat mass.

If you lose weight and still allow yourself a piece of chocolate,
it is better to choose darker, high in chocolate
cocoa beans, not milk and white. Read the label: such chocolate
must contain at least 70 percent cocoa.

Not all sweets are equally harmful.

Варенье, сухофрукты и мармелад менее калорийны
than biscuit cakes, muffins and cakes, because they do not have fat.
Butter cream is much more dangerous for the figure than icing sugar or
the sweetest jam. Dried fruits, in addition, contain fiber. WITH
losing weight is useful for her to be friends because she does not allow herself
simple sugar A good way to “secure” dessert is to eat before
him a couple of tablespoons of dry bran.

Do not buy fruit cakes that manufacturers
positioned as low-calorie – nothing dietary in them.
Because there are fats.

Honey, although a natural product, is extremely harmful.
for those who want to lose weight. Do not forget, 100 grams of honey –
it is about 310 kcal.

Ice cream seems to be more caloric, and sorbet
(frozen juice) – more dietary, but this is not quite true. If a
in classic recipes, sorbets are really a little less in calories,
than ice cream, nowadays the difference is insignificant: industrial
ice cream contains much less fat, and sorbet contains much more

Classic dairy ice cream has about 70 calories.
calories 50 grams. Even a dieter can
afford to eat one scoop (50 g) of such ice cream per day.
Another thing is ice cream desserts: waffle cone, caramel,
chocolate icing, nut crumb and fillers turn
moderate-calorie delicacy in a concentrate of sugar and fat.
Therefore, instead of a chocolate pipe, it is better to eat an empty ball.
ice cream For example, with berries. It is important to distinguish low-calorie
dairy ice cream from fatty varieties – ice cream and cream.

WITHейчас найти в продаже молочное мороженое очень сложно. But if
you decide to lose weight, why not buy an ice cream maker so that sometimes
pamper yourself with safe desserts by preparing ice cream at home, without
excess fat and without any questionable E.

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