Nordic walking – how toto walk?

skandinavskaya-hodba-kak-pravilno-hoditWe are all beautiful
know that any physical activity has a positive effect on
state of the human body. However, to extract the necessary benefits
can only be done by choosing the right spectrum of exercises, as well as
their correct implementation.

Nordic walking (also called Swedish, Finnish or
north; these terms will be used further by
text) is a relatively new sport that has been discovered
world no more than 20 years ago and which every year wins
hearts of millions of people around the world.

Hiking, remotely resembling skiing, very
quickly became widespread in the Scandinavian countries, and
later in other parts of the world.

Creator Mark Kantan managed to improve the structure of sticks,
published the first book on the study of Nordic walking, as well as
developed special tracks for this sport.

This is the most appropriate type of physical
training in the field of weight loss, as it uses about 90% of the muscles
whole body, including the work of the muscles and the upper and
lower belt. Due to its high energy intensity, the northern
walking leads to a tone of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems,
relieves stress in the body, improves posture and much

As for weight loss, the use of Nordic walking
helps to spend more than 500 kcal per hour of exercise. Such expense
calories are possible during fast running, but in addition to running
you get an increased load on the leg joints.

If you are interested in this information, let’s move on to
our special guide for exploring this species

Nordic walking – how to ходить (гид для

To begin, we will say a few words about the benefits of this direction.
walk, why does it have advantages over other types
motor activity, after we talk about how to
pick sticks, touch on walking technique, then see a few
programs for possible training and stuff, stuff, stuff.

Benefit and harm

So, Nordic walking (yes! This name is also correct) –
This is a great aerobic training option for people of all ages and
levels of physically training. Including people with problems
knee joints, as well as obese or having
noticeable excess weight, because the minimum load on the joints, plus
the active component of the work of the hands allows them to overcome more
various loads, such as the possibility of climbing the mountains or
movement on hilly terrain.

There are almost no contraindications to this sport.
exists with the exception of temporary unwell or
need to comply with bed rest during treatment
catarrhal diseases.

In the presence of chronic diseases, before proceeding to
training, you need to consult with your doctor, and
the need to undergo a series of surveys designed to eliminate
possible problems. It should also be remembered that increasing the load
it is necessary gradually, and for the result to please you, you need
engage in Nordic walking regularly, efficiently and

In short (hereinafter we will talk a little more), then the correct
Scandinavian walking technique is primarily reminiscent of the usual
walking used by us in everyday life. In this case, the hands
and legs move synchronously to each other – if the right hand
it rises, then the left leg goes forward and vice versa. Same
happening here! It should also be recalled that while driving
put the foot must be from heel to toe.

When lifting one arm must be bent at the elbow and stretch
forward, the second arm, also bent at the elbow, is on the level
hips turned back. This implementation will very quickly be for
you are accustomed, and will not be a burden, because it is very reminiscent
manner of ordinary walking.

As for speed, Finnish walking should
take place more intensively than the usual walking tour.
The right thing to do is pick up that speed
which will help you achieve meaningful results. The wider will be
the step and the larger the amplitude of the arms, the more intense will be
physical activity, and vice versa.

To achieve a good result you will need
get a good sports equipment.

How to choose the right stick for Nordic walking?

Долой, лыжные палки. Always use only
special sticks that are designed specifically for sports
walk. When choosing a set of sticks, consider the fact that
adjustable models can easily be used by several people
while adjustable ones are generally lighter and may
used by one owner only.

Длина имеет значение. To find the right length
stick (unregulated) or prepare for training adjustable
(telescopic) model, hold the sticks by the handles and hold
vertically (at right angles to the floor), pointed tip
looking down. Hands are close to the body. If sticks you
fit then with this the position of the arms will be bent at the elbow,
about 90 degrees. If the store is not perfect for your height
suitable sticks, prefer a little shorter

Фиксация запястья. Like shoes, sticks have two sides –
right and left. Before you start walking, you must determine
right side, then pass the arms into the special locking
straps and hold in the palms of the stick handle. In some models
Velcro straps are provided.

Правильные наконечники. Nordic walking sticks,
As a rule, are made with rubber tips that
do an excellent job with the task on the paved
surfaces, such as asphalt. If the task is
move on grass, sand, snow or mud – then rubber
tips better to remove.


Scandinavian walking technique for beginners

There are some minor differences from regular Nordic walking.
walk. And the biggest challenge is the ability to coordinate
simultaneous movement of the arms and legs in the right direction. Now
let’s figure out how to improve their skills.

  • Take the sticks in your hands, holding them tightly by the arms. Now
    try to walk a little, without focusing on work with
    with sticks just letting your hands behave naturally
    in a way. That is, as with the normal step, your left hand
    rises up, and the right leg at this moment strides forward and
    on the contrary, in other words – let them move in tandem.
    Keep going until these movements are for you.
  • Insert your palms into the locking belts. Let go while walking
    stick and let the sticks just drag on you. During
    natural hand work pay attention to the sharp angle between
    your forearm and the stick itself.
  • Grasp the handles, put the stick at a 45 degree angle
    backwards Elbows are located close to the body, arms relaxed.
    Start walking, focusing on good contact.
    lugs with earth.
  • As you get used to the walking skills described above, start
    each time firmly push the stick into the ground in the opposite of movement
    direction. During маятникообразной траектории руки – как только
    wrist passes thigh (arm movement back), palm hold
    the handle is weakened, gradually opening it. Then move again
    hand cycling forward (as if we want to shake hands with someone) and on
  • During движения стопа всегда перекатывается с пятки на носок.
    Posture is smooth, body slightly tilted forward. Gradually try
    increase your step that will allow you to get a fuller swing
    hands and improve the quality of your workout.

Examples of training programs for Nordic walking

Task: Learning the right technique.

P: (Level of difficulty: moderate) Duration 30 minutes: powerfully
pushing off with sticks, climb on rolling hills to
fast paced The head is raised, the eyes look at the horizon line,
shoulders do not slouch. Loss: 250 kcal.

B: (easy) 30 min: walking with minimal pressure on the sticks to
give hands a little rest. Total 140 kcal.

C: (easy) 45 min: Focus on the technique. During движения
pull the palm forward, holding the elbow slightly bent as
as if you want to shake hands with someone. In the reverse phase is pressing
stick followed by the opening of the palm. Only 250 kcal.

R: (easy) 30 min: focus on a complete and comfortable
range of hand movement. Loss: 170 kcal.

P: off.

S: (easy) 45 min: work on hilly terrain again. With
rises we increase the pitch and make a slight tilt of the body forward,
when descending step length is reduced. Loss up to 350 kcal.

Q: (easy) 30 min: do the same thing as on Thursday. Loss of 170


Task: Maximum Calorie Loss

P: (moderately) 50 min: after 20 minutes of quiet walking, start
perform alternate jumps on one leg as much as possible upwards.
For this workout, a stadium is well suited where there is grass
coating. Alternately, pushing with one foot, then the other,
jump up, with the knee of the second leg try
raise as high as possible in front of you (photo of the exercise one paragraph
above). In addition to the leg muscles, push off the ground with sticks.
Continue for 15 minutes, then another 15 minutes walk in
calm pace. Всего 420 kcal

B: (easy) 30 min: walking with minimal pressure on the sticks to
give hands a little rest. Total 140 kcal.

C: (easy) 60 min: Nordic walking on hilly terrain
(See the Saturday of the previous workout). Потеря до 500 kcal

H: (easy) 40 min: focusing on the technique (look at
Monday of the previous workout). Потеря 220 kcal

P: off.

S: (moderately) 75 minutes: active walking in the forest (ideally) or
on the road, gradually increasing the time to 3 hours. Total up to 630

Q: (easy) 30 min: Same task as the previous Sunday
workout. Loss of 170 kcal

Video lesson for beginners from the Olympic champion

Additional Information: “Where to look for the right motivation
for training? “and” Is it possible to get rid of fat on

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