New research shows how much is neededeat fiber to stay healthy

New research shows how much is needed eat fiber to stay healthy

Belgian studies show that lack
Fiber is a major risk factor for development of diverticulosis and cancer
colon. Several other diseases can be cured or even
prevent with enough

How much fiber do scientists recommend taking?

Adults are recommended to use at least 35 grams
fiber per day. Average per capita consumption in Russia
makes less than 15 grams.

3 slices of whole grain bread and 5 handfuls of fruit or vegetables
completely cover the daily need for dietary fiber.

However, not all herbal products contain fiber. Most
rich sources are nuts and seeds, berries, cabbage and beans.
The last product is also available in the form of pasta – an alternative to
health conscious people.

How does fiber on the human body?

Fiber is a dietary fiber that binds water in
. Fiber provides long lasting feeling
satiety, thereby counteracting obesity. Fiber also
stimulates bowel activity.

There are insoluble (whole grains, mushrooms and legumes)
and soluble fiber (fruits and vegetables). Insoluble fiber
(cellulose, lignin) are the starting material and provide
«массу» в intestines.

In combination with a sufficient amount of liquid, they swell in
stomach and cause a pleasant feeling of fullness. Insoluble
the fibers “cleanse” the intestines like a sponge, therefore they prevent
diverticulitis, constipation and hemorrhoids.

Soluble fiber (pectin, also inulin, oligofructose and
prebiotics) are “food” for bacteria. Bifidobacteria and
Lactobacilli are vital for normal bowel function.
They produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids and improve
digestibility of food.

Especially useful for diabetics beta glucans –
soluble fiber containing oats and barley.
reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance and reduce
blood sugar concentration.

People who consume enough fiber are rarer
suffer from inflammatory diseases, heart attack,
atherosclerosis and cancer.

Basic rules that must be followed to obtain
enough fiber

If you want to get enough fiber, do not
Paying attention to grams, you need to follow a few tips:

  • Всегда выбирать цельнозерновые продукты
    whole grain flour, wholemeal bread, pasta from
    wholemeal bread, cereal bread, cereal flakes. Wheat and
    oat bran is especially rich in fiber.
  • Eat 5 servings (handfuls) of vegetables or fruits in
    Not все сорта содержат много fiber. Not
    It is recommended to use Jerusalem artichoke, cabbage, raspberry, kiwi, and
    also dried fruits.
  • Принимать горстку орехов ежедневно. They не
    only provide the body with fatty acids and proteins, but also
    содержат много fiber.

As the fiber swells at the expense of fluid, you need to take
approximately 1.5 water per day. Otherwise, violated
digestion and constipation occurs.

Slowly but surely increase fiber intake.

It is important not to overload the intestines with a large amount of fiber for
один day. The body gradually adapts to the altered

Because some intestinal bacteria decompose indigestible
components in the colon, forming gases, this can lead to

Thorough chewing, avoiding alcohol and exercise
help to cope with digestive problems.

Dietary Fiber Preparations – Excess Luxury

Insulated dietary fiber – mixtures of inulin, pectin or
synbiotics – available as powders, chewable tablets or
drinks. They полезны в краткосрочной перспективе – при сильном
constipation or indigestion.

However, patients with a normal financial situation
It is recommended to obtain fiber from natural products. Plants
contain not only dietary fiber, but also other useful for
health nutrients.

Long-term use of high-dose drugs
fiber may disrupt the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
Therefore, before using drugs need advice
the doctor.

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