My husband has a mistress. What to do? Sometips

Wed, 06 Jan 2016

You have lived in your heart with your husband for many years, and then like thunder
clear sky, you know that he has a mistress.

At one fine moment, your mind strikes the thought that your
husband is cheating on you. Panic, anger, resentment. What to do? First
turn to calm down. It needs a clear head. Situation of course
terrible, but not deadly.

First you need to find out as much as possible. How long have they got it?
Who is she? What do you do? How is she actually different from you?
Only need to know, of course, not from her husband. Do not worry, the world is not without
good people, anybody wants to open your eyes to
the truth.

But it’s not worth wasting time either. Husband is better not to put in
fame that you know everything. Of course, I want to roll
scandal, break the dishes on the floor, so that he did not seem enough. But,
be a wise woman. From the scandalous wife, he will run away much

We need to find out how serious they are. For this you need
find out how long this criminal connection began. If their relationship
last more than three months, and in your family there are no changes
happened, his attitude towards you has not changed for the worse.
So you can calm down a little. Usually men if going
leave the family, then do it right away, during the first time. BUT
then they understand why they need to change something, if so everything

Next you need to look at yourself in the mirror. It may, of course, that you
all so well-groomed and beautiful, but as practice shows, men
most often they cheat on their wives, who don’t look after their appearance.
Therefore, lovely and expensive, legs in hands and on shops, in salon

No, you can, of course, even more limp. Or brush it off
work, they say, no time. But now you are driven by the desire to save
family, and get rid of the hated mistress.

The second step should be something extraordinary. That’s what your husband is from you
just not waiting and not waiting. BUT еще лучше заставить его
be worried. It would be nice to disappear somewhere for the whole day,
turn off the phone, let him look for you with the dogs.

BUT потом заявится домой на неизвестной машине, за рулем которой
will sit handsome man. Let it be your old friend or
classmate, the main husband so that he did not know. He has to think
that he has a potential rival. It’ll fire it up.
fervor. Leaves a sense of competition and ownership. How is it on his
property dared to be someone else.

Let him take cares, this is just for you. What is there
lover, if behold, my wife has forgotten about me, or maybe she has found
yourself a lover. No, we must act here.

In general, think, look for clever plans. But, только не пускайте все
on drift. Unless, of course, you want to save the family.

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