Mutton in a slow cooker – the best recipes. howcook lamb in a slow cooker: with vegetables, potatoes, beans,in beer

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Lamb is very popular in the East.

From this nutritious, wholesome meat they prepare many tasty

Lamb goes well with vegetables and sweet
dried fruit.

Lamb in a multivariate – the basic principles of cooking

Before you start cooking lamb dishes in
Multicooker, the meat must be properly prepared. Him carefully
washed. This is done only in warm water, since you are not cold
be able to wash off all dirt from the layer of fat. Then pruned
films, tendons and excess fat.

If you stew mutton, take a piece of meat with a thin layer
fat, so the dish will be juicy and tender. The soup will turn out more rich
and tastier if for this take lamb on the bone.

You can stew mutton in a slow cooker with any vegetables or
legumes. The prepared meat is cut into small pieces and
spread in a multicooker container. Cook, stirring constantly, in
Frying mode until the meat is browned. Then add to it
peeled and chopped vegetables and continue to cook by transferring
the device in the “quenching” mode.

To keep the dish dry, add a tomato
pasta, sour cream or mayonnaise.

Recipe 1. Mutton with quince in a slow cooker


  • 600 g lamb;

  • 100 ml of white dry wine;

  • large quince;

  • 80 ml of sunflower oil;

  • two stems of stalked celery;

  • a mixture of peppers;

  • two bulbs;

  • carrot;

  • kitchen salt;

  • two sprigs of thyme.

Cooking method

1. For this dish, take the steaks in the bone. Rinse the meat in
warm water, dip with napkins. Mutton on both sides peppered
and salt.

2. Peel two onions, wash and chop into half rings.

3. From celery stalks, remove the thin peel and cut
slices. Quince thoroughly wash, cut in half and cut
a sharp knife core. Cut the fruit into thin plates.

4. Peel carrots with a vegetable cutter, wash and cut.
large straws diagonally.

5. Pour the sunflower oil into the container and activate the function
�”Frying”. Put the lamb and fry until ruddy with two

6. Now add the onions and keep frying, constantly
stirring for another five minutes. Then put the carrot, celery and
quince. Cook, stirring, for about ten minutes.

7. Pour the lamb vegetables with dry wine, pepper and season.
olive herbs. Put the device into multi-cook mode.
Set the temperature to 120 ° C and cook for an hour 10 minutes. Serve
Mutton with vegetables in a slow cooker, decorated with sprigs

Recipe 2. Rich soup with lamb in a slow cooker


  • 600 g lamb;

  • salt;

  • carrot;

  • spices;

  • bulb;

  • greenery;

  • three potatoes;

  • basil;

  • paprika pod;

  • two tomatoes;

  • 50 g of tomato paste;

  • garlic – three slices.

Cooking method

1. We wash the lamb under a stream of warm water, dry it and
cut into medium pieces. We shift the meat in the bowl multicooker.
We lower the lid, move the valve to the “open” position and start
steam cooking function. Cook for 20 minutes.

2. Vegetables clean and wash. Onion shred small cubes. Carrot
cut into thin strips. Bulgarian pepper grind bars.
Potatoes cut into slices. Lob garlic skipped through the press.
Tomatoes cut into small cubes. Greens and basil finely

3. Open the lid and add carrots, onions and lamb to the lamb
Bell pepper. Stir and cook for seven minutes. Now add
chopped tomatoes and basil. We salt.

4. Fill the contents of the bowl with the required amount of water. We put
potatoes, tomato paste and garlic. We switch the device to mode
�”soup”. We lower the lid and cook for an hour. Hot soup
spill in plates, put a pinch of greens and a spoon in each
sour cream.

Рецепт 3. Баранина тушеная в мультиварке in beer


  • kg of lamb tenderloin;

  • salt;

  • 50 g of fat-tailed fat;

  • 20 g greenery;

  • a glass of light beer;

  • Bay leaf;

  • onion head;

  • turmeric;

  • three tomatoes;

  • 5 g sumac;

  • eight cloves of garlic;

  • 5 g hops-suneli;

  • pod of red pepper hot.

Cooking method

1. We wash the lamb in warm water, cut off excess fat, films
and tendons. Cut the meat into portions.

2. Crush fat cubes, centimeter thick. Onion and garlic
clean from the husk and wash. Rinse and wipe the tomatoes
a napkin. Onions and tomatoes cut into chunks. Чеснок мелко crumble

3. We put на дно кусочки сала, сверху укладываем баранину и
run the program “meat”. The valve is moved to the “closed” position.
and cook 20 minutes. Then let off the steam and open the lid.
Season the meat with salt and spices. Add chopped vegetables and
whole pod of hot peppers. Fill all with beer, lower the lid and
We include the program of suppression for an hour and forty minutes.

4. Take out the ready-made lamb stew in a slow cooker, separate
meat from the bones, spread on a plate and pour the sauce.

Recipe 4. Mutton in a slow cooker with prunes


  • kg of lamb;

  • sunflower oil;

  • 200 g of prunes;

  • поваренная salt;

  • five plums;

  • black pepper;

  • 70 g raisins;

  • ground cinnamon;

  • two onions;

  • 10 g ground ginger;

  • 300 ml of chicken broth;

  • 80 ml of orange juice.

Cooking method

1. We wash the raisins in warm water and soak it in the juice
orange for ten minutes. My prunes Heat chicken
broth until warm and fill them with prunes.

2. Wash the lamb, dry it with napkins and chop

3. Чистим лук и шинкуем мелкими slices. Wash plums,
wipe with napkins, break in half and take out the bones.
Put the flesh in the blender tank and smash to the state
mashed potatoes.

4. Pour sunflower oil into the bowl of the device. Run the mode
�“Frying” and warming it up. We put кусочки баранины и обжариваем до
easy ruddy. Now add нашинкованный лук и продолжаем
stir-fry for about seven minutes.

5. Drain the broth from the prunes and dry it. Then cut
each in half and add dried fruits to the lamb. Here also
we send plum puree, raisins with juice and broth. Seasoned
all spices, mix, lower the lid and run the program
�”Quenching”. Cooking meat for about an hour. Served with a side dish of vegetables or

Recipe 5. A ram with potatoes in a slow cooker


  • half a kilo of lamb;

  • spices;

  • 700 grams of potatoes;

  • 200 grams of beans;

  • 100 g carrots;

  • 200 g onions.

Cooking method

1. Wash the lamb in warm water, cut off the film and excess fat.
Drain the meat with napkins and cut into small slices.

2. In a slow cooker, heat the sunflower oil and put in it
lamb slices. Cook in frying mode, stirring constantly,
until the meat is browned.

3. Peel the onions and crumble enough large chunks.
Clean the carrot with a special knife, wash and cut thin
by circles. Beans preferably soak in the evening. Then drain the water.
Peel potatoes, wash and slice.

4. Transfer the vegetables and beans to the lamb, mix and
fry for about ten minutes. Then fill the contents with potable water.
to the top mark. Season with salt and spices. Translate
the device in quenching mode and cook for an hour. Serve
lamb with potatoes in a slow cooker, adding to it ketchup or soy

Recipe 6. Mutton with vegetables in a slow cooker


  • 800 g of lamb ribs;

  • olive oil;

  • five potatoes;

  • свежая greenery;

  • two pods of Bulgarian pepper;

  • spices for pilaf;

  • zucchini;

  • salt;

  • small eggplant;

  • half a liter of drinking water;

  • 150 grams of green beans;

  • 80 g of tomato paste;

  • carrot;

  • seven cloves of garlic;

  • three tomatoes;

  • onion head.

Cooking method

1. Peel the potatoes, wash and chop them thoroughly.
slices. Cut a stem from a bell pepper, peel it off
seed, rinse and chop bars. Eggplant chop
layers, cover with salt and leave for half an hour. Then rinse
Well squeeze and chop straws. Zucchini clean and chop
dice. Wash green beans, cut into three pieces
centimeter. Grate the cleaned carrots. Tomatoes
rinse, wipe and slice. Peeled Garlic Slices
chop up as small as possible.

2. Wash the lamb, dip it in napkins and cut one by one

3. Разогреть в мультиварке оливковое масло в режиме �”Frying”.
Spread ribs and fry until golden. Then add to lamb
onions and carrots and continue to fry, stirring, for about ten minutes.

4. Now lay down the rest of the vegetables, add drinking water and
run the extinguishing program for an hour. Serve as independent
dish, decorated with greens, hot.

Lamb in a multivariate – tips and tricks

  • Do not fry the meat for too long to keep it dry.

  • Lamb will be perfect if cooked in a slow cooker
    in foil or sleeve.

  • It is advisable to leave the lamb for a couple of hours before cooking.
    in a marinade based on red wine, yogurt or olive

  • Add garlic to the marinade, it will add some flavor to the lamb and
    will relieve from a specific smell.

  • Serve the lamb hot, so that the fat does not have time to harden.

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