Musketeer costume for a boy with his own hands -as? Simple patterns musketeer costumes for the boy with his ownby hands

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A distinctive feature of this musketeer costume
is the presence of a special capes, hats and swords. Make them
своими by hands не составит труда даже самой неопытной

Костюм мушкетера для мальчика своими by hands: накидка

In order to make a cape you need the following
materials: fabric of two colors (better if it is satin), lace
or wide satin ribbon. The width of the satin ribbon should not be
less than 4 cm, and the length is not less than 5 meters, as required
a small piece of a hat. In terms of color material should be
blue or blue, and be combined in this range of shades. So,
For example, the raincoat will be blue, and the cross on it and blue pants.
At the same time, the edging and collar should be made of white fabric or
light blue color.

The cross here is an ornament – a symbol of the order of musketeers,
It can be made from white fabric. Another beautiful combination
colors can be dark blue cape, white cross, white collar
and white lace edging on the edge of the entire cloak.

Stage 1

Take your measurements with your boy. For sewing you need to know
the following values: the height of the product (the distance from the shoulder to the
lower point of the cape), the circumference of the gate and the length of the arm. So how are u
the cape will not be marked shoulder, then the measurement of the length of the arm here will be
distance from the gate to the elbow or the middle of the forearm.

Stage 2

Lay a piece of blue or blue cloth on a flat surface.
colors for a cape cut. Transfer to her size and draw
contour patterns.

Two choices are available for selection with a cross and one
version of the cloak-raincoat.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

The third option, if desired, can be freely combined with the second
option. It will be a convenient composition, as in the second version
capes are not provided sleeves.

Stage 3

Cut out the shape of the cape you chose for sewing
your costume. Separately from white fabric or lighter tone,
than the cape itself is carved collar and cross.

Stage 4

At this stage, a cap edging is sewn, which will
either made of light lace or satin ribbon.

If your choice fell on lace, then tuck and sew
cut edge around the entire part. Since the fabric is satin,
the turn is better to do double.

If you have good sewing skills, you can simultaneously
tuck the fabric and underlay the lace. And if in doubt
your ability, then first tuck and stitch the fabric, and
Second stitch over the first stitch lace. In this case, the edge
the lace that is attached to the fabric hides behind the fabric and not
vice versa.

If a satin ribbon is used as a border,
It is not necessary to turn the fabric. The tape just goes around the cut.
the edge on both sides and is attached along the entire perimeter

Stage 5

Just as the cape was trimmed, sheathe the collar.
Прострочите воротник к горловине capes. To do this, turn out
cape and place face down on a flat surface.
On top, place the collar part face down.
Align the neckline of the collar and cap and stitch it over
the entire circumference, departing from the edge of no more than 1 cm.

Remove the cape on the front side and remove through the neck
collar to the fore. Straighten it and iron it so that
no creases left on the fabric.

Stage 6

A cross is sewn on the center of the front side of the cape. For this
tuck the edges of the cross and brush it by hand. Look, exactly
whether the cross is located, and only then attach it to
sewing machine, departing from the edge of less than 0.5 cm.

Before you start scribing, for the pomp of the decoration
Lace can be laid between the fabrics around the perimeter of the cross. It
will make the image bigger. And if you lay the lace
even folds and stitch, this will be the peak of craftsmanship
and very beautiful.

Костюм мушкетера для мальчика своими by hands: брюки

For this костюма подойдут as брюки, так и бриджи. Let’s call all
one word “pants”, and their length you will choose for your suit
yourself. They can be either brown or black or blue.

Sewing requires not only fabric, but also a wide elastic band.

Stage 1

First, take your measurements from the child. Need to know the length
pants (the distance from the belt to the bottom of the pants), hips and
leg girth.

Stage 2

Transfer the dimensions to the fabric and draw a pattern. Simplest
option is perfect for breeches.

You can offer just such a pattern of average complexity.

Stage 3

Cut and sew the parts together. Insert the gum in the belt.
If desired, the gum can be inserted into both legs above the cut off
The edges and then you get a panty bottom pants, or by yourself
to the edge, in this version they will narrow towards the bottom, as shown in
picture below.

Костюм мушкетера для мальчика своими by hands: шляпа

For a dark blue cape with a blue cross on the chest can be done
as dark blue hat, and blue in combination with the color of the cross.
Also, the color of the hat can be in the same color scheme with black or
brown pants.

The hat can be made of cardboard, and then pasted over suede or
satin fabric.

Stage 1

Cut out the details of the cardboard: the field, the crown, or the height and bottom of the hat.
Width of the crown is 10-15 cm. Plus 4 cm for the fold.

Stage 2

Fold the crown of 2 cm above and below and coat tucked
edge glue. Make cuts on the long side of the cut edge.
to the gate. Connect opposite narrow edges of the crown and twist
in a circle or tube and fix them with glue or
stapler. It is necessary that she remain in this position and not

Stage 3

Glue the bottom of the hat and field to the crown. Wait for the glue
will dry out.

Stage 4

At this stage, the hat can be decorated with a cloth, a belt and

Cut out from fabric exactly the same parts from which it was going
cardboard hat. Only fabric parts should be more so
as желательно обклеивать не только внешнюю, но и внутреннюю
side of the hat. Coat the cardboard construction with glue and glue it.

Wait until the glue is completely dry.

Stage 5

Along the outer edge of the margins, lay the edging in the form of a strip of
satin ribbon. Fold the tape in half lengthwise and glue with
bend on the bottom and on the upper side of the brim of the hat.

Wrap the bottom of the crown with a wide satin ribbon. Slip under it and
glue the pen. It is better if the feather is natural, but its
can also be made from paper.

Cut out the pen shape on the white sheet of paper and over the entire length.
make frequent cuts from edge to center. You can do the same
the most with two or three sheets of paper, and then glue them along
center along the entire length. In this embodiment, the pen will turn out in two or three
times more magnificent than if it were only from one layer

Костюм мушкетера для мальчика своими by hands: шпага

In order to make a sword you need cardboard, scissors,
marker and foil.

Stage 1

Cut the cardboard guard, handle and blade out of cardboard. For blade cardboard
carved into the shape of an elongated rectangle. For pen cardboard
cut in the shape of a small rectangle of 6? 15 cm.

Stage 2

Twist the blade part into the tube. Detail cut for
handle around a blade-shaped cardboard tube from the bottom
wide margin. All this is inserted into the hole of the guard.

Stage 3

Make a pattern on the garda marker.

For greater realism, if you wish, you can wrap the blade
swords foil. So it will be more like a metal
product. Even if the blade is left in a non-wrapped version,
the sword will still be like a sword anyway.

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