Moscow Zoo asks to help acorns

Mon, Sep 26, 2016

Employees of the Moscow Zoo appealed to the residents
and guests of the metropolitan area, it was published on the official
website organization on the Internet. In appeal to Muscovites
it says that the end of September is the perfect time to collect acorns,
which are essential for exotic insects.

Those wishing to help the zoo should know which acorns are
best quality and suitable for further germination in
conditions of the zoo.

Acorns should be harvested mostly under large oaks, as
the rule is that in such a case the fruits showered from the trees are dense
carpet and much time for their collection is required.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the acorns were
large, solid and without damage. If the fruits are collected under
sick tree, there is no guarantee that even in whole acorns will not
larvae of harmful insects.

It is important to know that acorns cannot be stored in cellophane for a long time.
packages, as they will quickly rot and become unusable.
subsequent landing within the zoo. Available fruits
Oak desirable to quickly take and pass to the zoo.

Acorns are taken daily from 11 to 17 hours in the pavilion “Fauna
Indonesia “at the exhibition” Insectopia “(with the exception of Monday and
tuesday) You can also leave the “help” to employees of the zoo
service entrance from the Zoological street.

Young trees germinated from acorns will be beautiful
food for the inhabitants of terrariums already this winter. See how
insects absorb oak leaves, it will be possible at the exhibition

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