�”Mosaic” – a manicure that stimulates imagination andingenuity

Mosaic manicure is often considered a geometric or
abstract drawing. Indeed, in this design there are elements and
of both. But this does not detract from the beauty and dignity of the Mosaic.
It does not matter what type of manicure to include, the main thing
that he is very attractive and handsome.

This type of pattern is considered relevant this season, but you can
It is safe to say that he will be in fashion for a very long time. It’s related
with the versatility of geometric shapes and patterns, as well as the fact that
This type of pattern fits any shape and size of nails, and
also to face women of different age groups.

Plain and manicure mosaic: similarities and differences

Classic mosaic is a decorating method
surfaces by sticking or plunging into them
decorative elements: glass, precious stone, wood, metal,
porcelain and so on.

In the case of a manicure in a mosaic style, the role of decorative
inserts play varnishes of different textures and colors. Transparent colors
help imitate stained glass, and more dense enamel make nails
precious decorations.

Usually on the nails in the technique of mosaic paint abstract or
geometric patterns, but if desired, the presence of talent and a huge
diligence is quite possible to depict these mosaic pictures.

To make the manicure look like a real mosaic, the drawing
applied in the form of clear geometric shapes or abstract spots,
between which there is always an edge separating the color spots
from each other. This outline may be light, as in the present
mosaic, metallic to give more glamor or
black. The latter option makes the manicure clearer, bright and

How to make a spectacular “Mosaic” at home

There are a lot of Mosaic options, therefore,
experimenting a little, every girl can find for herself
optimal method:

  • For work it is better to take not too many colors – from 2 to 6. This
    will help to get a harmonious pattern.
  • In the creation of “Mosaic” you can use several
    shades of one color. This will give the opportunity to create a bright, but not
    colorful, and very harmonious design.
  • White, black, flesh is used to stroke color spots.
    or metallic lacquer (gold, silver, bronze,
  • Stroke paint with a thin brush, special tool –
    dotsom, or varnish in the form of a liner (this is the easiest).
  • To simplify and speed up the work, you can use
    suitable for stamping, and free spaces
    paint with colored varnishes.

It is not necessary to fill the entire plane of the nail with mosaics. For example,
with very long nails, you can make a variation on
french manicure. For this line of smile make mosaic, and
the nail itself is either left “bare” or covered with delicate nude
tinted varnish. You can do otherwise, covering the entire nail plate
pattern, and draw a smile line with traditional white. In this case
best of all the space between the color spots to make white too
или же для контраста закрасить black.

It is not necessary to carefully encircle the pieces of color “Mosaic” when
help fine brush. This time-consuming work can be significantly
simplify and speed up if black is used as a substrate
varnish But in this case, colored mosaic paint should be
dense opaque so that the dark does not shine through them

In fact, all the methods of “Mosaic” design can be reduced to two

  • First, apply a “frame” or “mesh” under the future pattern,
    dry it well and then fill the resulting cells
    matching varnishes.
  • Apply colored to the prepared and covered with base nail
    patterns, and then carefully and carefully outline their contours when
    Dots or thin brush.
  • You can complicate the work a bit by covering the still wet lacquer frames
    acrylic powder or simply having executed a pattern with a special sand varnish.
    This will add textures and make the pattern voluminous, much more similar.
    on a real mosaic.

A large variety of options and the ability to
Easy and fast enough to get a stylish and trendy manicure
�”Mosaic” popular and popular way of decorating
nail plates. Another important feature of this option
Manicure is the presence of many of its varieties. In drawing
You can apply different colors and tones, which allows you to successfully
choose a manicure for the color of clothes and even the mood.

It is only once to try to make such a manicure as
hands again and again to reach for this option. is he
versatile, beautiful and all-season. This is exactly what attracts in
him women.

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