Modern moms: what are they?

Thu, Mar 20, 2014

Life is different for everyone in different ways, but whatever the ups and
falls have fallen to our lot, in the soul of a woman lives the dream of giving birth
happy and healthy baby from a loved one. At the same time each
The epoch has its own ideological features. How does it look
Collective portrait of the mother of the beginning of the XXI century?

1. Современные женщины задают вопросы

Fighters for the rights of women can be proud of the work done, because
our contemporaries began to critically consider gender roles and
stereotypes. If in previous centuries the “purpose” of a woman
was predetermined, then in our time a representative of the beautiful
sexes can choose their life path from a variety of options.
The extensive pathway is sometimes fraught with danger, since many
women deliberately set aside or completely abandon
childbearing According to statistics, the percentage of childless white women grew by
80% compared with the 1970s. and amounted to 18% in Europe and

2. Современные мамы стали старше

Worldwide average age at first birth steadily
increases in recent decades: in Russia and the USA it has reached 25
years, and in prosperous Germany, Norway and Japan overstepped the mark
in 30 years. Today, women pay more attention to health and
proper lifestyle, so a young mother and at 35 years old can
be as active as in 25. But one should not forget that
that at an older age increases the risk of diseases like a woman in labor,
and the fetus.

3. Современные мамы используют технологические

Studies by American experts have shown that progress
eased women’s housework about 11 hours a week by
compared to 1965! Scientific advances rush to help young
moms and their beloved children, satisfying all needs and eliminating
obstacles in their way. In modern society, a woman with a child
not afraid to travel, because ramps are provided for them,
changing tables, child seats and more. The newest
educational methods and interactive programs also help
Babies develop quickly physiologically and psychologically.

4. Современные мамы пытаются достичь баланса в карьере
and personal life

Maternity leave does not turn into a working mom
in premature retirement. Many women decide to return
in operation and continue the assault career ladder. This choice means
strict obedience to the strictest daily routine, comparable to
discipline in the military barracks. But the reward for dedication
high: a woman gets the possibility of harmonious realization and how
mother, and as an individual. The tough demands of the business world are sometimes not
give young mothers a chance for success in work, but even here women have found
decision. Many people choose activities in freelance, start-ups,
advertising campaigns and other non-rigorous areas
work schedule.

5. Современные мамы распределяют обязанности

Increasingly, the dad has an equally significant role in raising
and child care, like mom. Position “This is not a man’s case!”
does not find widespread support in modern society,
oriented to western standards. Young couples are clearer
are aware that the decision to have a child is mutual, and therefore
responsibility for it lies on both parents equally.

6. Современные мамы испытывают чувство вины

Ideal today is the woman who is always
everywhere has time and deals with domestic and work duties
with a smile on his face. But like any other sample of excellence, this
standard is hardly achievable. Nevertheless, it causes increasing
anxiety of many young moms, because they so want to be the most
the best in the world. An endless stream of requirements for
to yourself, can cause real depression. Recent
polls by British researchers have shown menacing
numbers: about 87% of mothers feel guilty for their children
its imaginary “nonideality”.

7. Современные мамы не хотят терять себя

Our contemporary does not want to consider motherhood as a form.
imprisonment within four walls. Having its own interests
living life to the fullest and finally just a happy woman gives
your child has much more love and warmth than the exhausted life
victim. Mom should not strive to be perfect in everything, but to be
interesting interlocutor and friend for her child, she just
obliged to.

Text: Tatyana Isaeva

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