Milk thistle slimming

rastoropsha-dlya-pohudeniyaMilk thistle is a medicinal
grass that has been used for centuries as
folk remedy for the treatment of diseases of the liver and gall
the bubble.

Modern scientific research has found that milk thistle does not
only effectively fights these diseases, but in conditions
laboratory studies and human clinical trials
found that milk thistle can also be a useful tool
for weight loss.

Milk thistle is from the Mediterranean and belongs to the same
the plant family as chamomile.


Thistle benefits for weight loss

1. Milk thistle защищает печень от токсинов и повышает ее
functionality. It restores and promotes
regeneration of new liver cells.

2. Milk thistle стимулирует выделение желчи и предотвращает
gallstones formation.

3. Предотвращает развитие заболеваний, связанных с
alcohol intake. When a person drinks a large amount
liquor, his liver is overloaded, which can lead to serious
diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver. Milk thistle
performs intoxication of the body caused by alcohol consumption,
and prevents or minimizes the risk of

4. Благодаря наличию мощного антиоксиданта – силимарина –
milk thistle protects the cells of the body from the damaging effects
free radicals and speeds up the metabolism.

5. У некоторых людей увеличение веса происходит из-за
not enough good digestive system. Therefore,
improving and enhancing the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract,
milk thistle is an important element in the fight against
kilograms. 6. Лабораторные исследования показывают, что
The active compound silymarin brings success in combating various
types of cancer, including cervical and breast cancer,
limiting the growth of cancer cells and enhancing the positive effect of
chemotherapy. But this is the direction of the fight against cancer.
disease is promising and not good enough

7. Усиливает иммунный ответ организма. Since the liver
plays a key role in fighting infections, therefore
taking milk thistle boosts immunity.

8. Неприятный запах изо рта, зуд, сыпь на коже, запах
body acne and other problems occur due to poor performance
the liver. Using milk thistle will relieve you of most of these.
external manifestations.

9. Помогает подтянуть кожу. Free radicals
contribute to the acceleration of the aging process, therefore milk thistle
due to its antioxidant properties, gives you the opportunity
longer look young.

10. Содействует сбалансированной выработке гормонов.

The recommended dosage for milk thistle

To determine your optimal dosage, it is always better
consult with a qualified professional, especially
если у вас есть серьезное заболевание the liver. Convenient solution
will receive milk thistle for weight loss in the form of dry extract (with
standard content of silymarin 70-80%).

For adults, the average recommended daily dose is 280
up to 450 mg in divided doses.

Another way of taking milk thistle is to
the use of its seeds, ground in a coffee grinder. Take on
one teaspoon of the powder obtained before each meal,
washing it down with a little water. For more powerful herbal
liver support some experts recommend in conjunction with
milk thistle to use dandelion root. Dandelion does not have
known drug interactions and generally recognized
safe, although some caution is worth keeping to people with
reduced bile duct patency.

Like milk thistle, dandelion root is part of
traditional Chinese medical treatment to cleanse the liver and
желчного the bubble.

Side effects of taking milk thistle for weight loss

Thistle mild side effects include: upset
stomach, bloating, possible headaches and skin reactions,
and may occur in cases of exceeding your dosage over

Take thistle for weight loss is not desirable for pregnant women
and nursing women, with cancer. Milk thistle
may also interact with other medications such as
neuroleptics, sedatives, blood thinners, against
allergies and used in anticancer therapy.

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