Michael Jackson’s children don’t want to live with theirmother

Sat, Apr 19, 2014

Since the death of Michael Jackson, five years have passed, and the scandals
around his name is still not subside. In particular, the brothers
Jackson does not want to give the children to his ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

According to Debbie herself, the singer’s relatives do not want to give her
custody of children, because they are afraid of losing a benefit of 50 thousand
dollars which they receive monthly from the remaining inheritance
Jackson For their part, Michael’s relatives declare that in due time
Rowe completely refused custody of the children in return for paying her 10
million dollars.

The widow herself claims that despite the fact that she did not take
active in raising children, Jackson was always with her on
communication and consulted about their common offspring.

As for the children themselves, they are not seeking to reunite with
mother, которой столько лет не было рядом с ними.

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