Meningitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Mar 30, 2016

Менингит — заболевание, связанное с воспалением
shells of the brain and spinal cord. Source of the disease
are viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Medicine distinguishes leptomeningitis – inflammation of the arachnoid and mild
brain membranes and pachymeningitis – inflammation of solid brain
shells. The disease arises and develops as an independent
or is a consequence of the inflammatory process caused by another
a disease.

Meningitis – causes

In most cases, meningitis causes 3 types
bacteria: meningococcus, hemophilus bacillus and pneumococcus. Data
bacteria can be present in the upper respiratory tract healthy
human and without causing any negative effects.
But sometimes microorganisms without any apparent reason infect the head.

Sometimes meningitis occurs due to injury or general weakening.
the human immune system as a result of the transfer of various
diseases. Quite often, people who are abusing
alcoholic drinks that have had spleen removal or
pneumococcal infection, as well as having various inflammatory
diseases of the nose and ear.

In rare cases, intestinal infections can be the causative agents of meningitis.
wand or klebsiella. The diseases caused by the listed
bacteria usually develop after spinal or brain injury
brain, as well as the result of blood infection.

Meningitis – symptoms

Meningitis often begins acutely. Manifestation of the disease
preceded by fever, muscle pain, weakness, and
also characteristic features specific to the pathogen:
with pneumococcus – runny nose and pneumonia, with meningococcus – rash, with
enterovirus infection – intestinal disorders, with parotitis –
violation of the salivary glands.

Headache is one of the most prominent symptoms of meningitis. how
the pain usually increases quickly and reaches that level
the intensity that children begin to cry or cry, and adults
groan. After a while, nausea starts.
vomiting, sometimes multiple. When you change the position of the body, when
visual or sound stimuli pain increases.

One day after the first symptoms of meningitis
condition worsens, confusion appears,
irritability, drowsiness, which can go into stupor or into
to whom The disease leads to swelling of the brain tissue, impede
bloodstream, causing symptoms that are close to the symptoms of stroke.
Death is possible.

Meningitis – diagnosis

For the diagnosis of “meningitis” using a general blood test
and spinal puncture. The causative agent of the disease is determined by
characteristic signs of spinal puncture.

Менингит – treatment и профилактика

Treatment of meningitis is carried out only in a hospital

First of all, urgent medical care is needed because
bacterial meningitis can cause death within
a few hours. In the treatment of the disease using drugs
that improve cerebral blood flow, antihypoxants, antioxidants,
nootropics (nootropil, piracetam, cinnarizine). Unfortunately, even in
том случае, если treatment начато немедленно, бактериальный менингит
leads to death in 10% of cases.

After discontinuation of inpatient treatment, patients
controlled by a neurologist. Going on the amendment
excessive physical and psychoemotional load is contraindicated,
long stay in direct sunlight. Besides,
eliminated the increased use of salt, liquid, is contraindicated
alcohol in any dosage.

As a prevention of meningitis, vaccination is used against
specific pathogen.

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