Mel Gibson’s scandalous reputation prevented himget a movie role

Wed, Aug 13, 2014

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson became famous for shooting in
1979 movie “Mad Max”, directed by
George Miller. Now that we are talking about the sequel to the film, Miller
decided not to invite Gibson to participate in the picture. Name of mela not
will be in the credits. The main role in the film will play the English actor
Tom hardy

The 69-year-old director explained his decision by saying that he does not want
deal with an actor whose reputation is so stained. More
Moreover, Hardy was a great fit for this role and his participation only
decorate the picture.

The behavior of Mel Gibson can really be called scandalous.
He was detained for driving while drunk; in addition,
he is seen in racist statements. The personal life of the actor is also
everyone is heard. First, he left his wife, with whom he lived a lot
years and gave birth to six children, for the sake of Russian pianist Oksana
Grigorieva. Then I found out for a long time with her public relations,
trying to share money and common child.

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