Meet the spring: how to arrange a house in the spring?5 simple steps to update the interior, how to make the house freshof spring

Пт, 02 мар 2018 Автор: Анастасия Супонина

Springtime – the time of the sun, colors and bright colors.
If you want to feel this atmosphere fully – start with
own home. To make it look like spring, you will need
quite a bit of time and effort.

First step

First get rid of heavy blankets, fluffy carpets and soft
blankets, replacing them with light light-colored bedspreads, pillows and wicker
light colored rugs.

Spring brings with it ease, so the interior should be
the same: gentle and full of light.

Attention to the windows

The next stage of giving the interior a spring mood – change

Heavy and dense curtains should be removed, and in their place – hang
flying curtains of translucent fabrics through which will
penetrate warm sunshine.

And do not forget to wash the windows well.

Кухня тоже хочет of spring!

Feel the spring in your house will help you new decorations on
the kitchen.

Pot holders with floral prints, bright stickers and magnets on
refrigerator, dishes with pictures of flowers and plants …

There are lots of options.

For completeness, you can hang panels on the kitchen wall or
A picture with a spring landscape or an image of a blooming bouquet.

If everything is serious

Тем людям, кто хочет с приходом of spring кардинально обновить
дизайн своего дома, можно посоветовать начать с покраски
в салатовый, светло-голубой, бирюзовый или коралловый

If you want to see how sunbeams are fun dancing on
wooden floor, choose to finish the floorboard gold or
red tone. From accessories it is best to choose vases, tablecloths
and napkins with a small pattern of flowers, beautiful ornaments or
simple geometric lines.

Will look great in the spring interior braided rug
or mat.

Living green – the best spring decoration

Be sure to buy or start growing in spring
комнатные растения. Green leaves, first buds
и аромат мокрой земли придадут дому то самое дыхание of spring.

If you do not want or can not care for plants and
цветами, то можно просто ароматизировать дом эфирными

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